Police responded to an apparent officer-involved shooting in the Oceanview neighbourhood late Tuesday afternoon. A Highway Patrol officer has been injured in the incident while the suspect is in series condition after being shot.  

Earlier reports said that the officers were at Capital Avenue and Montana Street to respond to a “critical” situation as reported by The Examiner.  Only a few details have been released about the events that led up to the shooting, Police has so far said that a multiagency task force that focuses on stolen vehicles pursued the suspect from San Mateo County into the city.

Facebook Live Video from Gregory Elarms II from the crime scene. 

Witnesses said there was some kind of crash on the scene where the shooting unfolded. NBC Bay area has aerial footage of the scene that shows two cars – a four-door Honda sedan and a black SUV – and a pick-up truck rammed into each other outside a two-story house on Montana Street. The sedan appeared to have crashed into the garage. 

Gregory Elarms II, who says he was a friend of the man who was shot posted Facebook Live videos from the scene, including police officers on the ground talking to people. Elarms can be heard telling a little boy: “He was my friend.” Elarms’ Facebook post says: “Police tries to kill an unarmed man…And he was unarmed.”

Another Facebook Live video shows Elarms being approached by a Police officer who inquires about the suspects wife, the camera then shows a women wearing a white top crying on the stairs outside a home as Elarms can be heard saying: “She’s on the stairs of my home crying,” Elarms claims to be an eyewitness identifying the man as his friend Notorious who had allegedly just left his house: “First they said it was high speed chase, but it can’t be high speed chase as he just left the house… then they said he ran police officer over, but how can he do that right outside the house,” he says. 

The man’s identity hasn’t been officially confirmed by the authorities. Friends and family identified him as Notorious or Toe who had moved to and is living in Kansas and was apparently back for a visit. 

San Mateo Co Vehicle Theft Task Force  says they were pursuing a stolen vehicle when officer involved shooting happened.  

Update:The suspect who was reported critical is now declared series as his condition improved overnight. The Highway Patrol officer officer sustained abrasions and a minor head injury and is in fair condition. 

This is a developing story and we will continue to update it


  • Kraus

    Seriously — “in series condition”?

  • Porfirio666

    “This one in Oceanside”
    I’m confused. Was the shooting in “Oceanside” (Orange County), as the headline states, or in “the Oceanview neighbourhood” (love the British spelling here) of San Francisco, as appears in the text of the article?

    • Do Something Nice

      To further muddle things, the linked article says “The chase ended at Montana Street and Capitol Avenue in the Oceanview neighborhood, which is just across the San Francisco County line.”

      And Oceanside is in San Diego County, not Orange County.

      • Porfirio666

        Thanks for that. You learn something every day.

  • OpenFullHeart

    This story deserves better reporting and actual copy editing. It is an important story, cops shooting people.