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Saturday, June 15, 2024

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Home Elections Campaign Trail D4 supervisors race is now wide open

D4 supervisors race is now wide open

Anointed front-runner Jessica Ho now has some serious competition -- and this seat could be in play for progressives

Gordon Mar with Sups. Hillary Ronen and Sandra Lee Fewer

The race for District Four supervisor is suddenly wide open – and there’s a real chance the progressives, who have been shut out in the Sunset since the return to district elections, could be competitive in November.

Gordon Mar, longtime labor and community activist and twin brother of former Sup. Eric Mar, filed papers Monday morning.

Gordon Mar with Sups. Hillary Ronen and Sandra Lee Fewer

A few hours later, Li Miao Lovett, a city college counselor who is active with the CCSF teachers’ union, filed her paperwork to run.

That immediately puts a district long represented by moderates into play; Mar will be a strong candidate who will have significant backing from labor in a district with a sizable population of union members. Lovett also has labor connections.

Both Mar and Lovett have lived in the district for years (mar 13, Lovett 3).

The presumed front-runner is Jessica Ho, legislative aide to Sup. Katy Tang, who startled the local political world when she decided at the last minute not to run for re-election.

Ho’s grandparents live in D4, but she only recently moved into the district. According to voter registration records, the only Jessica Ho living in D4 first registered in the district March 27, 2018.

Messages left at all of the contacts listed on her campaign filings were not returned. I got one email from a campaign staffer saying that “your message has been forwarded to the committee.”

Mar was surrounded by a large group of supporters, including Sups. Hillary Ronen and Sandra Lee Fewer. “We are partners in justice,” Ronen said. “He is a strong leader who is practical but has a passion for making sure working families, people of color, and immigrants are able to stay in this city.”

Fewer gave incumbent Sup. Katy Tang credit for not resigning mid-term, which would give the mayor an appointment. “I am thrilled that there is an open election where the residents of D4 can speak to the needs of the district.” She noted that the demographics of the district are changing, young families are moving in, and “this is a race we should be able to win.”

Lovett, with a somewhat smaller group, said that “we are pushing back against all the corporate forces that are taking power away from working people.”

Li Miao Lovett filed this afternoon

Lovett was raised in Chinatown and lived in the Richmond before moving to the Sunset.

Trevor McNeil, a teacher and moderate post member of the Democratic County Central Committee, has also filed. There are a number of other candidates who probably will not play a major role in the race.