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Monday, May 20, 2024

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Arts + CultureMusicLive Shots: BABYMETAL powered up with Dethklok and DragonForce...

Live Shots: BABYMETAL powered up with Dethklok and DragonForce at Masonic

'San Francisco, help me shine a light on this dark, dark world' shouted Su-metal above the kawaii-metal onslaught

The first night at the Masonic of this eagerly awaited combination tour of metal, animation, video games, and Japanese kawaii cuteness gave fans all the spectacle they desired. DragonForce opened the night on a gamer-inspired stage with huge versions of Galaga and Rampage consoles on either side. “Legend of Zelda”-esque song “Power of the Triforce,” from latest album Warp Speed Warriors played fast and loud, as did their biggest song “Through the Fire and Flames,” as they threw out a celebratory chicken into the crowd.

Dethklok came directly from Adult Swim cartoon “Metalocalypse” to rock. The cartoon was co-created by stand-up comedian, writer, director, producer, and musician Brendon Small, who performs the music on the show. The live musicians in the band from the cartoon at the Masonic were silhouetted against the screen behind them playing scenes from “Metalocalypse,” which caused a certain pop culture giddiness.

BABYMETAL was the big star of the night, of course, fronted by three Japanese women with endless energy and a love of metal with a touch of J-pop. At one point, Su-Metal said “San Francisco, help me shine a light on this dark, dark world” and everyone took out their cell phones to light up venue.

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