Stories about Lexington Club


Pink Block, Polka Dots, Hot Pants, Pullin' Pork, Fake & Gay, and more musts for this bonkers week.

Resistance Party! Ultimate Pride Guide 2017

Ronnie Spector, Derrick Carter, DJ Shiva, Gay Shame, Mighty Real, Juanita More! and basically 2000 other parties, marches, shows, and protests this week.

2016: Some very bright spots

Looking back at people, places, and performances that helped us survive a year of turmoil.

Ultimate Pride Guide 2016

From Horsemeat Disco and Pullin' Pork to Juanita More and Psychic TV: where to show your pink this year.

BIG WEEK: What to do Sept. 16-22, 2015

By Caitlin Donohue SF Punk Renaissance looks back, Lex Club documentary screening, Teengirl Fantasy, DJ Uniiqu3, Amy Winehouse art and more The Punk Rock Sewing Circle...
48 Hills Party Radar

PARTY RADAR: Francesca Lombardo, Kafana Balkan, Maxxi Soundsystem, Dickslap, Steam, more

Choice dance floor and nightlife affairs -- plus a little after-hours gossip -- for Thu/27-Sun/30. By Marke B. PARTY RADAR First things first: Party Radar is going on a...


All-night drag-a-thons, cheap disco man-a-thons, queer prom, neon fairies, a mustache party, Lexington Club and Cookie Dough tributes, Horsemeat Disco, Pound Puppy, Hard French,...

Party Radar: Lex closing parties, How Weird, Tornado Wallace, Omar S, International Order of Sodomites, more

Choice nightlife and dance floor affairs, April 23-26.  By Marke B. PARTY RADAR Are you looking for something Weird? How about something in fuzzy leggings, dancing to...

Grrrlz on film: ‘Shot for Shot’ fest fetes doomed Lexington Club

On eve of closure, legendary lesbian watering hole the Lexington Club comes alive onscreen at Roxie Cinema, on Sun. Jan. 25 By Marke B.  When word...

Tom’s Town: Crazy campaign mailers and endorsement

By Tom Temprano It seems as if entire forests worth of trees have sacrificed their lives to create all of the campaign literature that has...