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Mayor Lee faces questions on police violence — and has no real answers

Mayor has nothing but carefully prepared remarks that avoid responsibility for the crisis in his police department

The sick politics of the Farrell-Wiener anti-homeless measures

Once again, SF politicians demonize homeless people for their own gain

Wiener’s big money from bad agents

There's outside money for both candidates in the state Senate race -- but there's really no comparison

What the police won’t tell you about the Amilcar Lopez killing

Will DA Gascon decide to hold the cops accountable? We'll know soon

SFO: UPDATE: Reunited with his family and allowed to stay. Iranian man being deported as family remains in limbo

Update: He was released after family was initially informed that he'd been detained. The family is reuniting after six years: "I'm so happy my...

Strange rumblings in local news media

SFist bought by right-wing billionaire. Examiner editor goes to work for Breed. What's it all mean?

How to prevent fraudulent owner move-in evictions

Tenant groups call on supes to enact much stronger rules against common eviction scam

Caltrans strands bicyclists on the Bay Bridge

Cyclists get caught behind a locked gate on the new bridge bike path -- a serious safety issue

Bayview tenants get eviction reprieve

Planning Commission delays action on demolition of rental housing units

Oscar Acosta, Chicano revolutionary, finally gets his historical due

Documentary takes a serious look at a brilliant, troubled leader who has been largely eclipsed by his friendship with Hunter Thompson