SF city attorney is taking Trump to court over immigration policy 

Case challenges Muslim ban and seeks protection for sanctuary cities

City Attorney Dennis Herrera today filed a federal lawsuit against President Trump and his administration over Trump’s executive order directing enforcement action against sanctuary cities. 

City attorney Dennis Herrera and Mayor Ed Lee announce a lawsuit against President Trump
City attorney Dennis Herrera and Mayor Ed Lee announce a lawsuit against President Trump

Herrera’s office claims that the order is unconstitutional and exceeds the president’s power. 

“The president’s executive order is not only unconstitutional, it’s un-American,” said Herrera.  “The president can’t turn city authorities into the deportation arm of the state,” he said. 

The lawsuit challenges the constitutionality of the executive order and a related federal statute. It requests a finding that San Francisco complies with applicable federal law and seeks to prevent the federal government from cutting funds to San Francisco.

Herrera insisted that the city is willing to and has complied with warrants for criminals but strongly opposed the notion that sanctuary cities protect criminals: “I think there’s a misnomer out there that sanctuary cities protect criminals but in fact that is not the case we respect criminal warrants authorized by a judge,” he said. 

Mayor Ed Lee spoke in strong support of the lawsuit reaffirming his support for future actions: “The president’s executive orders make our city less safe and as I said we will fight back and today we fight back,” Lee said.

Herrera said his message to President Trump is: “You’re not an emperor who rules by fiat. Abide by the law, respect the law and live by it,” he said.


  1. Okay, let’s cut to the chase…. Exactly when, and how, has San Francisco violated any Federal law? Please be specific.

  2. I have negotiated and monitored federal grants and contracts. Their are boilerplates for all grants where the grantee agrees to follow federal law, and a law requiring the federal agency to take action if the grantee does not. If the grantee violates the agreement the funding stops. State and local governments are not required to apply for or accept grants.

  3. A president who ignores a federal court order would be in contempt, and could be arrested and even impeached. If Trump keeps acting the fool, the Republican leadership will act before he costs them their majorities in both houses.

  4. He argued the Federal government’s immigration policy supersedes state’s rights in the placement of refugees. Now he is saying immigration policy does not?

    What federal law says the Feds must give money to San Francisco? If there is one it should be easy enough to revise that law.

  5. It’s best to keep acting under the rule of law. History will be the judge of who has violated our Constitution.

  6. Trump’s administration is already ignoring court orders on the ban. What makes anyone think more court orders are the solution to stop this madness?

  7. It’s not like the women of Germany or France or Sweden would want this ban….oh wait….& Marine LePen is leading in France. I would vote for her.

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