The San Francisco Press Club has announced the finalists for its Greater Bay Area Journalism Awards. Winners will be announced Thu/15—but the press club has already announced that 48hills founder Tim Redmond will receive top Lifetime Achievement Award honors. 

Says Redmond, “It’s a great honor, and I’m too young for it!”

Redmond noted that his first journalism award came from the SF Press Club back in 1984, for a story exposing Pacific Gas and Electric Company’s efforts to seize control of publicly owned hydropower dams. “So I started off with an SF Press Club Award, and that has always been important to me, and I’m thrilled that more than 30 years later the Press Club is recognizing me for this tremendous honor.”

The SF Press Club will award its honorees at a special dinner Thu/15 at 6pm at the Hilton San Francisco Airport Hotel in Burlingame. More info here. Citation from the SF Press Club below: 

We’re delighted to honor Tim Redmond with a San Francisco Press Club Lifetime Achievement Award. Tim has been a political reporter and editor in San Francisco for more than 35 years. He started as a reporter at the Bay Guardian, and over the years served as city editor, managing editor, and executive editor. Five years ago, he founded, the city’s independent, progressive digital daily newspaper. He has taught at the University of San Francisco (where he currently teaches journalism) and San Francisco City College. Tim also is the co-author (with Marc Mowrey) of Not in Our Back Yard: The People and Events that Shaped America’s Modern Environmental Movement (William Morrow, 1993). He has won more than 30 national and local journalism awards.

You can check out the full finalists list here. The SF Peninsula Press Club “was founded in 1963 to provide a forum for the interchange of ideas and opinions between professionals in the various news and public relations media, to provide an organization in which to share fellowship, to promote professional competence and knowledge, to encourage students entering journalism by offering scholarships, and to increase public knowledge of the media through workshops and other exchanges of information.”