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To our readers:

Today we launched an online GoFundMe fundraiser to help replace the revenue we’ve lost due to COVID. Please donate! (You can also donate here on the site by credit card, check, or PayPal).

Why are we asking for donations? Unfortunately, we’ve had to postpone our annual fundraising Spring Gala event and our advertising revenue has been severely slashed. All of our money goes to paying local journalists and keeping the site going. This is so we can concentrate on covering essential local stories that other outlets won’t or can’t—and we don’t have to fuss with corporate structures, billionaire owners, or out-of-town investors.

We are a small independent non-profit through and through, right down to working multiple jobs ourselves to keep the site going. We are hoping to raise enough to keep publishing for the next several months at least, and represent the true voice and concerns of San Francisco and the Bay Area.

Please contribute if you can, and spread the word! Thank you for your support.

PS: If you donate $100, you get a nifty t-shirt with our new logo, designed by artist Sirron Norris!