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Tuesday, September 21, 2021

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ElectionsCampaign TrailBig Money's racist attacks in D7

Big Money’s racist attacks in D7

Plus: School Board members of color get threatening online messages. Is this really San Francisco in 2020?


The overt racism emerging in the fall supes campaign and the discussion around admissions changes at Lowell has reached a level I honestly didn’t expect to see in San Francisco in 2020.

Among the attacks on Vilsaka Nguyen, a candidate in D7, funded by real-estate and GOP interests, is a mailer that depicts him as a jungle animal.

That’s alarming: Racists for years (in what we think of as much worse times) has depicted immigrants and people of color as animals. It’s hard to imagine anyone would do that in San Francisco today.

But there it is:

The mailer was funded by the same group of big real-estate interests and GOP donors that have been attacking progressives in the past few weeks. It’s primary source of information is Lou Barberini, a writer for the Marina Times, who’s recent stories include totally inaccurate information.

Meanwhile, two School Board members have been hit with racist online attacks over their position on admission to Lowell. The board voted unanimously in favor of the changes. The only ones so far facing these attacks are two women of color.

The attacks on Gabriela Lopez and Alison Collins have been traced to one young man – but even if he’s acting alone, it’s scary.

The attacks on Nguyen are part of a coordinated campaign that is also attacking Sup. Dean Preston, John Avalos, and Nguyen.

It’s shocking, and every local elected official ought to be denouncing the GOP-backed committee that is doing this.

Myrna Melgar, who is running in D7, told me the attack is “offensive and embarassing.”

Joel Engardio, who is also running against Nguyen in D7, told me:

I denounce the PAC ads against Vilaska Nguyen. The Lion King reference is problematic and inappropriate.

Since the committee funding this is attacking all of the candidates opposed by the mayor, I await her comments.

Tim Redmond
Tim Redmond has been a political and investigative reporter in San Francisco for more than 30 years. He spent much of that time as executive editor of the Bay Guardian. He is the founder of 48hills.
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  1. This is incredibly racist. Everyone who isn’t a Democrat is horribly racist. We need to expand the definition of racism to include people we don’t agree with. For example, my father thinks we need to be fiscally responsible. I think government should tax and spend. My father is a horrible racist and I shall never speak to him again.

  2. Maybe if Vilaska were Black, but he’s not. Urge you to avoid the race-baiting — as a white man Tim, it’s a bad look.

  3. Campers,

    A little distraction …

    Do y’all realize that over the last couple of weeks that LA won two World Titles?

    Basketball and now, the hated Dodgers are ignoring the Pandemic to cheer.

    Back to Hell …

    Shahid Buttar for Congress!

    Gascon for DA in LA!

    Chan in District 1!

    Peskin in D-3!

    Preston in D-5!

    Nguyen in D-7!

    Ronen for Mayor!

    Avalos in D-11!

    As for all of the lies, it’s the new (hopefully short-lived) era.

    Matt Taibi, I think was the one who labelled it:

    ‘Post Truth’

    For those of you in SF, enjoy this magnificent dany.

    Go Niners!


  4. Tim, this is just plain childish stupidity if you think it has anything to do with race. I know you are smarter than that, so I believe you are just pretending to be offended. No rational person can think this is racist. It’s articles like this that got Trump elected.

  5. Much ado about nothing — and Connie Chan is hardly progressive.

    Chan is merely a continuance of the reactionary/NIMBY policies of Fewer (and the failure of Mar & McGoldrick before her) — which is exactly the opposite of what we need in District 1.

    Less Fewer and More Marjan!


  6. Speaking as an actual Chinese American, this photo doesn’t seem racist to me…It’s just a cartoony joke. I think Vilaska is really grasping for straws here.

  7. These Big Money attacks are also occurring out here in D1, in the form of horrible racist lies and corporate/real estate interest attacks against the progressive candidate Connie Chan. The money is backing Mayor Breed’s and NextDoor elitist’s chosen candidate, Marjan Philhour. Please be sure to include Connie Chan in your reporting about the horrible attacks which are dominating this election cycle.

  8. Tim,

    This ole dawg thinks these ads will backfire.

    People in the districts know the character of individual candidates.

    Keep em coming.

    They only help Progressive candidates.

    How about those Niners yesterday?’

    The players get bigger and stronger and there are more injuries.

    Could be Lynch & Shanahan’s philosophy of building ‘deep’ teams
    is correct as more people are gonna get hurt more and more.

    Looking forward to see what other genius staff in town …

    That would be the Warriors.

    How this new team comes out of the gate.

    Go Giants!


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