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Monday, March 8, 2021
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Housing Homelessness Supes to push measure keeping homeless hotels open

Supes to push measure keeping homeless hotels open

Proposal would set up another confrontation with the Mayor's Office over keeping unhoused safe during COVID.


Four supervisors are introducing legislation to keep open the Shelter-In-Place hotels, setting up another confrontation with the Mayor’s Office, which despite the rising COVID numbers and the onset of rain and cold weather is insisting on moving people out of the rooms.

Sup. Matt Haney is the primary sponsor of the legislation, which also has the support of Sups. Shamann Walton, Hillary Ronen and Dean Preston.

Sup. Matt Haney is pushing to keep the hotels open.

The details of the legislation aren’t clear yet, but Haney’s Office said the plan is to “counter the Department of Homelessness and Supportive Housing’s plan to shut down SIP hotels, and instead keep the hotels open for vulnerable unhoused populations during the COVID-19 pandemic.”

In fact, I am told, the bill will mandate that anyone moved out of a hotel have a lease on a new permanent place to live and a specific plan to exit homelessness.

And the Mayor’s Office would have to inform the supes of where each person was going.

It will also seek to move existing homeless people into any rooms that are vacated by people who have other housing solutions.

In other words, the supes want to keep the 2,400 rooms that are now under city leases open at least until the COVID crisis has passed.

That would also give the city the ability to move to buy these hotels if there’s money under the new administration.

The Mayor’s Office has in the past complained that the supes mandated hotel rooms without allocating money for them – although the vast, vast majority of the money for this program comes from the federal government. The entire cost to the city is around $3 million – to house 2,400 people.

But the supes could in theory allocate money to fund the program for the next few months. The mayor could then decline to spend it.

The voters made pretty clear in the November election that they sided with the progressives on the board. And right now, there are literally thousands of lives at stake.

Tim Redmond
Tim Redmond has been a political and investigative reporter in San Francisco for more than 30 years. He spent much of that time as executive editor of the Bay Guardian. He is the founder of 48hills.


  1. And no Gorn, I am simply pointing out the one thing you have no use for…reality. I am excusing nothing. You are trying to deflect from Breeds abuses, and denigrate the BoS, which is standing up to her. I explained quite a bit of political reality to you in the past, and your consistent response was to try to goad progressives into handing our corrupt mayor a political advantage. Things don’t move according to your time table, or what the mayor might wish for. Too hasty, or the wrong timing, and Breed would win. Money needs to be raised, and distractions need to not be an issue. So, please, stop your silly taunts, and get yourself a Trumpy bear, and one for Breed, so you have something to comfort you when reality hits.

  2. Gorn, I have not declared ANYONE to be a non-human. I merely commented on your chosen username. If you are too ignorant to understand that, and that I was mocking you, then you need to work on your rhetorical skills. Well, you definitely need to do that.

  3. Ah, Gorn, again you shill for the mayor. And why would anyone reveal plans that Breed would love to know? Oh, wait, that is exactly what you hope to obtain.

  4. And this piece is little more than a faithful, uncritical reprint of Haney and Ronen’s press release.

    An investigative journalist would has asked the sponsors if they had a plan to avoid the demise of their previous similar effort.

    A propagandist promotes allied politicians’ posturing and calls it reporting.

  5. Geeklet, you declaring someone an unperson has no bearing on the fact that “progressives” are owned by London Breed. They work for her. She sets the tone. The supes just react, ineffectively, mostly.

    When Breed declines to enforce this law like she declined to enforce the previous hotel law, you’ll be right here excusifying for the progs as helpless, hapless political potted plants.

  6. Gorn, you are a proven liar. And interesting name. Gorn was a particularly interesting character from Star Trek. Seems to fit you perfectly. And my user name is geekgirl, not “Geekling,” or Geekazoid,” or other assorted insults. It is well established that you shill for Breed. You have been exposed as trying to deceive activists. You are pwned. Give it up. Or keep going until you lose control and get banned…again.

  7. Didn’t the Mayor just ignore the Board the last time they performed compassion for homeless people by legislating them into hotels early on in the pandemic? And didn’t the Board refuse to sue to compel performance? And didn’t the Board then decline to put a measure on the ballot to fix that imbalance in the checks in the City charter?

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