Stories about CBD

Giving your pet some CBD love

Treating your furry friend's anxiety or pain with cannabinoids is becoming more popular: Here are a couple recommendations.

At Emerald Cup, the art of dabbing

Sampling our way through the Big Kahuna of marijuana events -- with stops at Deviant Dabs, Positive Roots Garden and more.

Puff: Coming out to Dad (about topicals)

A senior discovers the effectiveness of cannabis-derived topicals for pain relief.

Puff: The might of microdosing

Gummies, cookies, breath spray, mints... Easy relief can come in small packages

How to keep saving the planet

Tips to help avoid an environmental Trumpocalypse.

Tom’s Town: Back on the Chain Game

By Tom Temprano We’re back on the chain/not-chain game of AIDS Healthcare Foundation’s attempted pharmacy on Castro Street. I wrote about the controversy in detail...