Stories about DACA

Gay Chadian immigrant detained by ICE caught in asylum limbo

Chad just criminalized homosexuality—will US send Oumar, who has lived and worked here for a decade, into danger?

UPDATED: Resolution on undocumented participation derailed — then finally passed — at Dem Convention

Despite support, SF Latino Democratic Club proposal gets caught up in Party Rules -- but DREAMer author refuses to give up and finally prevails.

Campos appoints DREAMer to DCCC

Sarah Souza makes history as the first DACA recipient to hold any elective post in the Democratic Party.

Ron Conway money helps GOP effort to keep control of Congress

SF powerbroker, who is attacking Leno and Kim, gave the maximum contribution to a Republican in a key swing district that could determine if the Democrats retake the House

The Tom and Tim Show: Climate change, renaming public places ….

... Sacramento may be backing down on immigrant protection, and more: We review the week

The Dreamers were betrayed

They are Americans as much as any of us -- and Trump is trying to take away their hope

Killing the American Dream

Will Trump's DACA "cruel, heartless, mean" decision be a turning point in his administration?

Undocumented youth under immense stress, study finds

Fear of law enforcement creates mental-health issues, UCLA researchers report By Viji Sundaram APRIL 27, 2015 -- Fear followed Alberto Velazquez every time he left the apartment...

A chance for undocumented Californians to get health care coverage

SB 4 would expand Medi-Cal to all residents, including those who are left out of Obamacare By Viji Sundaram APRIL 22, 2015 – Painful ulcers on his...

Immigrants depend on luck for health care

New study shows 'how unjust and unethical the system is' By Viji Sundaram MARCH 24, 2015  – Undocumented immigrants’ ability to stay healthy might come down...