Stories about Leland Yee

Review: A marvelous Chinatown ride in ‘King of the Yees’

From a Sichuan Face Changer to an onstage 'Shrimp Boy,' Lauren Yee's play is a hilarious, thought-provoking experience.

Playwright Lauren Yee’s tribute to China Town community comes home to SF

'King of Yees' is a tribute to her father, community leader Larry Yee

The Agenda: Rose Pak, the devastation of the Eastern Neighborhoods ….

... and a major D5 debate: We look at the week ahead (and complain a little about the week behind)

The forgotten legacy of Keith Jackson

He was the swing vote to keep a military recruitment program in the SF schools

Can SF stop the “climate of corruption?”

A rally calls for outside investigators -- while campaign filings show that much of the tech and developer domination is perfectly legal SEPTEMBER 9, 2015...

Ed Lee and the FBI corruption charges

Raymond Chow's lawyers haven't proven that the mayor is involved in anything illegal. But damn, this doesn't look good By Tim Redmond AUGUST 4, 2015 –...

Why consumers – and tenants – should be happy about the Leno cell-phone bill victory

State Sen. Mark Leno's cell phone bill could be a sign that Ellis Act reform is also possible. By Tim Redmond MAY 12, 2014 – The...

Tracking the oil money (and sleaze) in Sacramento

By Tim Redmond The three Democrats in the state Senate who are now on forcible leave and under legal clouds all took substantial amounts of...

The Leland Yee-Willie Brown connection and the culture of corruption

By Tim Redmond One of the most interesting bits of information in the massive affidavit that let to Sen. Leland Yee's arrest is a short...

Tom’s Town: Support for sex workers and ending the War on Drugs

By Tom Temprano This week SF Weekly ran a cover story on now defunct sex-worker serving organization Solace SF. The gist of the story is...