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Friday, May 24, 2024

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Tagged with: The Gathering

Booker winner Anne Enright: ‘I don’t play hide-and-seek, I play hide-and-hide’

The Dublin author on new 'The Wren, The Wren,' which centers the women left behind by a garrulous poet

Just like a real family get-together, ‘Josephine’s Feast’ is both cringe and sweet

All-Black cast at Magic Theatre navigates generation gaps and gender roles around the table in Star Finch's latest

Protesters say city needs to keep SIP hotels open — and people in them

Members of the Prop. C oversight panel call for city money to buy hotels.

How did the Ocean Beach party happen—and can we prevent another incident?

Why didn't the police shut things down earlier? Sup. Stefani wants criminal investigation; Sup. Mandelman worries about Halloween

Springsteen meets surveillance state in ‘Born in East Berlin’

Rogelio Martinez likes a little chaos when he works. So one day he had his toddler daughter, Charlotte, on his lap watching videos while...

Our critic picks 2019’s Music of Note

There is no through-line to this 2019 Music of Note line-up. Just honest music that runs the gamut of progressive soul, breakbeat mayhem, a...

From legendary roots, a great new Afrobeat record

Every time Leon "Kaleta" Ligan-Majek—known as simply Kaleta—uses that Fela meets James Brown grunt, leaping from the breadbasket, that's a cultural signpost indicating "get...

Arts Forecast: Two-spirits celebrate 20 years of Bay community

The annual Bay Area American Indian Two-Spirits powwow marks a key gathering for the region's Native American community. From the gourd dance to the...

Political power — in San Francisco and Sacramento

It was a time to celebrate in San Francisco tonight. Progressive groups in Chinatown held a banquet for the new supervisors, who ran on...

Doormat Division: A huge upset …

MASSIVE UPSET: 49ERS 26, SEAHAGS 23 (OT) A monkey got off everybody's back in Santa Clara yesterday. The 49ers, against all expectations, finally beat the...