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Saturday, June 3, 2023

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News + PoliticsIntroducing our new publisher, Imelda Carrasco

Introducing our new publisher, Imelda Carrasco

48hills is expanding with your help. Please welcome our latest addition to the team!


Executive Editor Tim Redmond and Publisher/Arts Editor Marke B. are thrilled to welcome Imelda Carrasco to the 48hills family as our new publisher. Over the next few months, Imelda will be taking over the publisher role (basically, the CEO) of 48hills while Marke B. stays on as Arts and Culture Editor. She’ll be overseeing such things as advertising, fundraising, event production, marketing and branding, accounting and budgeting, networking, and other vital components of our operation, to help us keep expanding and growing as San Francisco’s number one daily independent news site.

Imelda Carrasco

48hills founder Tim Redmond says of Imelda joining the team: “I started 48hills with the dream of keeping independent local media alive in an environment dominated by out-of-town chains and conservative billionaires. With our readers’ support, we have delivered crucial reporting, supported local arts, and amplified marginalized voices for almost a decade, growing into the major independent daily news and culture site in San Francisco.

“It’s more important than ever today to challenge the dominant media narrative, and I’m delighted we are taking the next step by welcoming Imelda Carrasco as our new publisher. Her experience and vision, and her deep connections to the progressive community, will help us grow even more while putting us on a stable path during these rocky times for local media.” 

We asked Imelda a few questions to introduce herself to you. Read on to find out more, and please continue to support us as we take 48hills to the next level. You can reach her at imelda@48hills.org.

Welcome, Imelda! Tell us a little about yourself and your professional background.

Hi there, my name is Imelda Carrasco and I am the proud daughter of Mexican immigrants. I’m a first-generation Mexican American queer-identifying woman whose pronouns are she/her/ella. My family first immigrated to San Francisco in the 1970s and the people of this city provided them with invaluable opportunities and a supportive community both in the TL and Mission district. I am committed to paying forward these opportunities by working towards creating a more equitable San francisco.

As an alumna of both CCSF and SFSU, I was successful in revolving most of my studies around issues in San Francisco. I have been an active organizer since the high school walkout of 2006 against anti-immigrant legislation and the Bush administration. Recently, I had the opportunity of running Proposition G, the Student Success Fund, which was successfully passed by voters in November 2022. During my time working on this proposition, I was able to build strong coalitions with San Francisco residents, ensuring that public school students have access to the financial resources necessary to succeed both academically and emotionally.

I am a proud member of several organizations, including the San Francisco Berniecrats, Democratic Socialists of America, and, formerly, the LatinX Democratic Club, where I served as an executive board member. My dedication to volunteering my time to organizations that fight for immigration reform, economic equity, and criminal justice reform has allowed me to meet like-minded San Franciscans and work together towards a shared goal of creating a better San Francisco for ALL communities.

What does stepping into the role of publisher mean to you?

It’s a true dream to have been selected to come on board by the 48hills team, as 48hills is unafraid to speak truth to power and prioritize the voices of marginalized communities. As an activist who has long fought for social justice and economic equity, I’m eager to be joining this team of fellow activists. Through my role at 48hills, I am excited to contribute to the critical work of our mission, ”to amplify marginalized Bay Area community voices, uplift local arts and culture, employ local writers and editors, and deliver in-depth reporting, breaking news, and analysis of city issues from a non-corporate, hyperlocal angle.”

I am inspired by the commitment of my team members who have done so much work for San Francisco and am eager to contribute to the continued growth and success of 48hills. The opportunity to uplift 48hills and be part of the next level is exciting and I look forward to what we are gearing up to bring to San Franciscans this year.

We love how much you will be utilizing your community background in the role.

Community activism to me is at the heart of genuine systemic change. Building relationships with members from all communities who share the common goal of achieving true equity in our society is something that really fills my bucket. Nothing compares to the fulfillment of protesting, rallying, and organizing with my community for the betterment of our city, and observing our ongoing efforts to create a San Francisco that upholds all of us.

While the road to real systemic change can be exhausting at times, it is the relentless support of my community and team members that motivates me to keep going. I am tremendously excited to contribute to the efforts of my team at 48hills, and to receive their support as we continue our work towards social justice.

48 Hills welcomes comments in the form of letters to the editor, which you can submit here. We also invite you to join the conversation on our FacebookTwitter, and Instagram

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