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Uncategorized Campos-Chiu contribution data shows real-estate, tech influences

Campos-Chiu contribution data shows real-estate, tech influences


David Chiu’s donations total $822,000 so far

By Tim Redmond

The Anti-eviction Mapping Project has completed an analysis of campaign contributions to Assembly candidates David Campos and David Chiu, and some interesting, if not terribly surprising, trends emerge.

For starters, Chiu has way more money going into the June 3 primary: $822,000 for Chiu, $425,000 for Campos. That’s almost a 2-1 advantage – and doesn’t count the $200,000 or more that two tech titans are spending on an independent expenditure campaign against Campos.

Both candidates are taking money from real-estate interests – not surprising, since real estate is one of the major players in local politics. But according to the analysis, 26 percent of Chiu’s contributions come from major real-estate developers, large outfits that are building luxury housing projects in the city. Campos is getting the same percentage from real-estate – 26 percent – but it’s mostly from smaller operations and their employees, the project analysis shows.

Among the tech donors to Chiu are employees of

Google, Cisco, Uber, Oracle, LinkedIn, Twitter, Salesforce, Path Inc, Craigslist, Innobridge, Social Studio, Dingware, Silicone Valley Leadership, Rocketspace, Ameritech Company, The Hatch Agency, Mocana, Tagged Inc, Greylock, Riverbed Technology, Gemshare, Scoot Networks, Accela, VMWare, Watersmart Software, Flatiron Foundation, LSI, Acorn Campus Venture, Sidecare Technologies, Micro-Precision Technologies, Quizlet, Zerodivide, Nexrep, Complete Society Consulting, Splunk, Silicon Counsel LLP, and more.

The second-highest category of donations to Campos is organized labor. He has very little cash from the tech community.

Along with real-estate, tech and health-care are the biggest Chiu donors.

You can see the pie charts for Chiu here and Campos here.

Tim Redmond
Tim Redmond has been a political and investigative reporter in San Francisco for more than 30 years. He spent much of that time as executive editor of the Bay Guardian. He is the founder of 48hills.


  1. Sorry, no scandal there. Chiu and Airbnb lobbyists collaborating on legislation to benefit the latter? Now that some donor allegiance.

  2. As you fall over yourself to endorse Campos – not a word on his annexation blunder of Precita Park to the Mission CALLE 24 – this move shows his allegiances.
    Dump Campos!!!

  3. We have the best political system money can buy! They’re both crooks in my book,
    tomorrows headlines “lesser of two evils wins election” (again)

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