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Uncategorized GOP chair says Christensen agrees with Republicans

GOP chair says Christensen agrees with Republicans


In mailer, local party head says incumbent “agrees with us on 67 percent of races” and that Peskin votes against the GOP


By Tim Redmond

NOVEMBER 2, 2015 – A new mailer going out to District Three residents carries a message from the chair of the Republican Party: Sup. Julie Christensen is good on GOP issues.

Christensen, who has been touting her endorsement by the Sf Democratic Party, also apparently appeals to Republicans. The letter from GOP Chair Christen Hughes notes:

“While the Republican Party hasn’t taken an official position on the District Three supervisors race, we have done our research,” a letter from the chair of the GOP states. “Supervisor Christensen agrees with us on 67 percent of the races appearing on the November ballot … In sharp contrast, Mr. Peskin has opposed our party 82 percent of the time.”

A Democrat, opposing Republican policies? Imagine that. (Peskin also served as chair of the Democratic County Central Committee, back in the days before the local party was taken over by real-estate interests.)

What’s more remarkable is that the official candidate of the Democratic Party so often agrees with Republicans on the key local issues (short-term rentals and housing in the Mission, for example) that the chair of the local GOP feels it important to send out a personal appeal for her election.

Christensen hasn’t been responding to my calls and texts, but I got Peskin on the phone. “I think that message speaks for itself,” he said.

It’s also something of a remarkable statement about the state of the San Francisco Democratic Party that on the key issues, the Democrats and Republicans seem to be on the same page.

That’s what happens when the chief lobbyist for the Board of Realtors becomes chair of the local party.

Tim Redmond
Tim Redmond has been a political and investigative reporter in San Francisco for more than 30 years. He spent much of that time as executive editor of the Bay Guardian. He is the founder of 48hills.


  1. Believe it or not Republicans do live in the City and in D3. It’s a close race both sides need the red votes.

  2. Actually, the San Francisco Democratic Party has endorsed Christensen. Also, rent control is the cause of the housing shortage. I would hope all San Franciscans would want to reform rent control.

  3. Of course they count. And they counted for Gavin -he owes them his entire career. But if the candidate agrees with the far-right lunatic fringe, then the other 90% should know about it.

  4. Yeah, Bob, I find Greg’s obsession with Peskin a little weird. Perhaps he feels that that is the only thing he is going to be on the winning side tonight on, and that may explain part of it.

    But what we really have with Peskin is a volatile, divisive, polarizing figure who has been involved in shady RE deals, who has verbally abused and harassed others, and whose political career has gone nowhere since he left the BofS.

    If Greg is relying on Peskin for his great socialist revolution in SF, I fear he may be disappointed.

  5. Ever hear the phrase “open secret”? Welcome to SF politics.

    Peskin’s reputation is of a masterful politician who plays dirty.

    Not sure why they didn’t cover both bases in case Christensen won (not that she’s ever won an election before), but it was Peskin and Kim who got taken care of for the Flower Mart.

  6. A better question is why you care?

    But I am flattered that you have followed Sam’s strategy of changing your handle

  7. If you re-read what I wrote, I clearly stated that folderpete is not you (Sam). And I knew that Bob wasn’t you (Sam) either.

  8. Yes, they do. Gavin Newsom owes his entire career to their votes. If he ever becomes Governor, he should send a thank you note to them for their support in 2003.

    But they’re still a fringe, and Christensen still agrees with that fringe most of the time.

    Your comments are better directed to the poster who dismissed them as insignificant.

  9. No Sam, it is you and a quick analysis of your writing style prove it. Shouldn’t you be working on your ‘overseas’ website?

    Oh and learn to count.

  10. Greg, 10% of SF voters are registered Republicans.

    Not a huge number, perhaps, but hardly “so tiny”. In fact they often decide close elections

  11. I can tell you for a fact that three of the people you claim are Sam, are not.

    Do you really believe that there is only one moderate in SF?

  12. Are you familiar with the phrase cognitive dissonance?
    Peskin was outspending Christensen at one point.
    Word is around the Flower Mart is Peskin already got paid off via a PAC donation.

    He’s staked his career on taking in donations from people like Shorenstein and Bart Murphy, various Rent Board Commisioners, a who’s who of Downtown interests, and oh yeah, like the last time this came up, he also has power players like Rose Pak, and Jon Gollinger in his corner…and that’s just what’s above ground that we know of.

  13. What Peskin supporters are similar to Ron Conway who has given at least $148,000 or Tom Coates who has given at least $125,000 (as well as a million to try and kill rent control) or all the VCs Ron Conway recruited most giving just below $20,000 for some reason?

  14. And Republican support elected Gavin Newsom in 2003. As Tim wrote:

    And indeed, if you look at the totals, it’s likely the Republicans, not the Democrats, put Newsom over the top. There are about 58,000 registered Republicans in San Francisco, and Chris Bowman, a GOP political analyst, estimates that about 34,000 of them voted. Of those, he told the Bay Guardian, probably 80 percent supported Newsom. That amounts to 27,200 votes – or a differential in the Republican vote of 20,400 – and Newsom won the election by just 15,000 votes.

    “It certainly was a major factor,” Bowman said.

    Mike DeNunzio, chair of the San Francisco Republican party, told the Bay Guardian it was the GOP vote that made the difference for Newsom. “The Republicans bonded with him back in the Care Not Cash signature-gathering days,” he said. “I think he won at least 85 percent of the Republican vote, and there’s almost no question that we put him over the top.”

  15. It is called journalism. When you write a story on a politician, you ask them to comment. And if they don’t respond, you include that.

  16. I didn’t respond to Tim, nor am I politician. Also, it’s just fun to get a rise out of you guys. Instead of actually defending that 48 Hills is a legit and unbiased news source, you came after the messenger. Mission accomplished.


  17. For what it’s worth, I don’t think folderpete is Spam. Folderpete’s been around for a while, and once upon a time he was one of the more sane right wing posters.

  18. Spam has been posting as “folderpete” lately, though he’s probably changing identity this very moment.

  19. Take your pills, grandpa. I was correcting what danimalssf. It isn’t a flyer. It wasn’t a hit piece.

    And Republican support sank one candidate in SF: Anne Marie Conroy.

  20. It means that Christensen agrees with the right wing fringe of San Francisco 67% of the time, a fringe so tiny and so far right that even you agree they’re meaningless. You’re right about that last part, though.

  21. I’m not Sam, macgyver. Dont give up your dayjob to go into computer forensics. The “another person is typing” notice is not like an imessage bubble.

  22. a chair of the San Francisco republican party. Which is like being the chair of the committee to save the unicorn. It means less than nothing.

  23. No but their San Francisco party organ does.

    btw… it took you like 5 minutes to come up with that? I’m sitting here thinking, OK, Sam, finish your screed already, After it said “one other person is typing” like forever. And all you can come up with is THAT? Weak.

  24. I am sure that Trump, Cruz and Huckabee have any fuck!ng idea who Christensen is. A district supervisor in a city of significantly less than one million people. Yeah.

  25. Gotta love that vacuous smile and those deer-in-the-headlights eyes…
    “Delta Delta Delta, Can I Help you Help you Help you?”

  26. “Wow. Tim sounds like a spurned lover. That crazy ex who just couldn’t take a hint.”

    Except that as of tomorrow, Julie Christensen will be the spurned one, as San Francisco files for divorce from her.

  27. Not such a leap… the party of Trump, Cruz, and Huckabee linked THEMSELVES to her, based on her record of agreeing with their issues.

  28. so why are you responding to Tim; in your perspective, why not set a “good example” as David Chiu and just not respond?

  29. How much does it cost to keep this blog going and is that being claimed as an expenditure for Peskin. This blog clearly gets its info from the Peskin campaign which is being funded mostly by Clint Reilly who by no coincidence is a large real estate investor.

  30. I’m more disappointed by the squandered opportunity to get a quote from Peskin about how outraged and disgusted he is about the tv campaign teaming him with Ed Lee…. or you know, the real scoop on his TIC residence.

  31. What does this flyer even mean? JC agrees with the SF Republican party on 67% of the races? They’ve only endorsed 2 candidates: Hennessy and Cisneros. “Peskin has opposed our party 82% of the time since 2000.” And?
    They aren’t even comparing apples-to-apples. It is a dumb flyer that doesn’t prove anything, but I guess at this point, Tim will throw anything against the wall in the hopes that it sticks.

  32. “But I got peskin on the phone” – does it count if it was during one of his evening drunk dials? The ones where he tells you what to right about?

  33. David Chiu set a good example by declaring he just wasn’t going to respond to Redmond anymore.

    Politicians should respond to the press, but 48 Hills is not a legit news outlet. I mean, why talk to a “reporter” who goes in with such a clearly hostile agenda.

  34. “Christensen didn’t respond to my calls or texts…”

    Wow. Tim sounds like a spurned lover. That crazy ex who just couldn’t take a hint.

    This blog post is so over the top and blatant Peskin propaganda, it isn’t even funny. At what point do these blog entries count as a political expenditure?

  35. You could always start your own blog and write the things you consider meaningful. Or just stop reading this one. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  36. What GOP and Republican policies? They barely exist in this city. Using them as a barometer for liberal credibility would suggest you think readers are stupid.

    While we’re at it, just as Progressives are screaming “build, baby, build!”, the Board of Realtors is historically at their weakest point in SF. It’s role reversal, but don’t let facts get in the way of a good narrative.

  37. No surprise here. Lifelong Republican Ron Conway recently changed is party affiliation to ‘decline to state’ because he is a chickenshit, afraid that this truth will hurt his investments. But then he partied with Jeb Bush when he was in town a few months ago, so he can try to hide, but it won’t help. And Conway is pushing for a Christensen win.

    Thomas Coates, who has been characterized as a ‘Republican extremist’, is also supporting Christensen, with a $100k+ donation.

    If you want the party of hate, the party of Trump, Cruz, Huckabee and the rest of those clowns to speak for you via your district 3 representative, vote for Christensen.

    If you want the man who wants to kill rent control to speak for you via your district 3 representative, vote for Christensen.

  38. oh FFS. I heard that this person said that this other person said that her friend said that Peskin is mean! Give it up!!! I get you have a personal vendetta against Christensen because Napoleon orders you to, but you might want to spend a little bit more time writing about things that ARE ACTUALLY MEANINGFUL.

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