In a statement released by San Francisco International Airport on Sunday morning, the airport said it stands against Trump’s executive order and in support of protesters.

The statement shares “the concerns deeply” of the protesters who are again today coming together at the Arrivals Terminal to call on those who’ve been detained to be let free. SFO doesn’t have the authority to allow passengers through immigration — the Customs and Border Protection Agency holds this responsibility — but the airport has requested a “full briefing” to “ensure our customers remain the top priority.”

Going a step further, the airport is actively providing supplies and to travelers and members of the public (the protestors). The statement reads: “We are also making supplies available to travelers affected by this Executive Order, as well as to members of the public who have so bravely taken a stand against this action by speaking publicly in our facilities.”

Read the full statement here:

At the airport confusion reigns, with protestors and lawyers trying to get information about who has been detained and for what reason. Despite the confusion, more and more people are joining the protest, including Rep. Eric Swalwell, from California’s 15th District.