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Uncategorized Election night results -- and parties

Election night results — and parties


Where to watch the returns come in, and drink to celebrate (or talk about next year)

I suspect you may see Sup. Campos at the Yes on I party
I suspect you may see Sup. Campos at the Yes on I party

By Tim Redmond

NOVEMBER 3, 2015 — Election Day and evening are party times in this city, and the most fun of the whole fall can be watching the returns come in with the candidates and ballot measure advocates, who will be celebrating or drinking to another day.

Since Willie Brown has already invited to whole city to a lunchtime party at John’s Grill, I suspect that event will be a bit crowded, but what the hell, you have to check out the scene: Offer free lunch and wine to anyone who shows up at Market and Ellis, and let’s see what happens.

And after your afternoon nap, you can get ready for the results, which will appear here.

John Arntz, the elections director, says that the first results will be available at about 8:45. That’s typical, and it will reflect the vote-by-mail ballots that have already been turned in. The early results tend to skew conservative – the percentage of Republicans who have turned in their ballots is higher than the percentage of Democrats. But we will get a sense of where things are going.

Over the next couple of hours, results will come in fast and furious – although the close races (think D3) won’t be decided formally until all the final votes are cast, including the absentee ballots turned in on Election Day, and that could take until the end of the week.

Still: Excitement, drama, drinks, joy, sadness, political arguments and debates … it’s all happening Tuesday night, and here are some of the places to go.

(Note: I haven’t heard from every campaign. If you have new information and want to update me, let me know and I will add more).

The Aaron Peskin for Supervisor Campaign will be at Club Fugazi, where they usually do Beach Blanket Babylon. 678 Green St. So will the Yes on F campaign.

Julie Christensen for Supervisor is at Monroe, 473 Broadway.

Yes on Prop. I will be at the Mission Neighborhood Centers, 362 Capp St.

Tom Temprano for Community College Board, along with the League of Pissed Off Voters, will be at Virgil’s and next door at El Rio, where I think a lot of the rest of the progressives who aren’t at the Prop. I party or at Peskin’s will hang out, and where a lot of people will end up later in the evening.

Yes on Prop A is, interestingly, combined with the Ed Lee party. It’s at Social Hall, 1270 Sutter, 8pm-11pm.

You can find more parties here.

Let’s hope we have something to celebrate.

Tim Redmond
Tim Redmond has been a political and investigative reporter in San Francisco for more than 30 years. He spent much of that time as executive editor of the Bay Guardian. He is the founder of 48hills.


  1. God, you are so stupid you don’t even realize when I am agreeing with you.

    That said, Americans want neither socialism nor communism. But don’t let that stop you.

  2. You idiot.

    Socialism means “From each according to ability, to each according to work.”

    Communism means “From each according to ability, to each according to need.”

    Where is the sloth in that, troll?

  3. I have several classes (and certificates too) in Social Media under my belt, and my colleagues would be the intended (and very interested) audience. The stuff we read would be really boring to most.

    I don’t know that I’ve been anything but civil to Iang. Maybe you misunderstood my comments that have to do with your ever-changing identities.

    Sibyl was a fictional character, supposedly based upon a true story, who had multiple personalities.

  4. From 8 to 11 p.m. sheriff candidate Vicki Hennessy will be at South of Market Mexican restaurant Don Ramon’s, located at 225 11th Street.

    City College board member Alex Randolph will be joining Mayor Ed Lee and the backers of Proposition A at events space Social Hall, in the lower level of Regency Hall, located at 1270 Sutter Street. Doors open at 8 p.m.

  5. Democracy is about voting and not trying to skew the system. You criticize the role of money in elections, but then you use your own resources to try and skew elections, for instance by donating to Campos’ ill-fated campaign last year

  6. I have noticed that your attitude changes as soon as you realize it is “Sam”. For example, for the last couple of weeks I used a couple of other handles that you didn’t figure out. You were fairly civil.

    As you were with “Iang” until you decided that “Iang” was “Sam” whereupon you retreated to your normal stalking persona.

    I happen to think that whoever out’ed you was wrong. But your own behavior hardly gives you the moral high ground.

    Essay, my ass.. Who would read it?

  7. Matt Gonzalez. Matt.

    It has nothing to do with Democracy… it’s people who want to self congratulate themselves, desperate to find community, while real San Franciscans entire lives hinge on these issues.

    …but hey, party until the results come in….who has better things to do this week or next?

  8. Copying and pasting totally selfish, ridiculous, mean or worse comments for later use is not stalking. I’ve done it for years getting content from several blogs and I hope to write an essay about my macro-level ‘findings.’ Your comments are just a few of many.

    I’ve never sought your ‘true’ identity, nor have I followed/engaged you on other blogs (that I know of, given your abundance of identities).

  9. I don’t see anything crass about it. You work hard to elect someone, do your duty as a citizen and get involved, then go celebrate the fruits of your labor (or commiserate). It’s what democracy is all about.

    …Then go to your opponents’ parties and eat their food.

    PS, who is Mark Gonzalez?

  10. If you think that a registered Democrat who voted twice for Obama (me) is “rabid” than that says far more about your left-wing extremism than it does about your political instincts.

    I have no idea if Peskin will win. But I also have no idea why you think that will make much difference to anything.

  11. Something crass about a party schedule. That kind of DC, careerist, social life meets politics is not what San Francisco needs more of. Gathering with like minded people to watch results come in as elections get decided with a neat bow? On what planet.

    This is pretty far removed from when Mark Gonzalez ran the illusion of a grassroots campaign, and urged supporters to come to a bar he’d been using as a headquarters, because he hung out there anyway.

  12. I don’t know if I agree with the premise. I’m not sure if even this country is as rabid as you, certainly not the rest of the civilized world. But that wasn’t even the point. My instincts are good in terms of being able to predict outcomes, and Peskin is looking like a comfortable win to me in spite of polls that may say it’s close or Christensen slightly ahead. I don’t often make a prediction counter to what the polling shows, but in this case I think it’s warranted.

  13. I want prop I to lose just to stick it in the face of the NIMBY’s, negativists and nattering nabobs.

    Ditto F to lose to stick it to the nevy merchants who hate any success or enterprise.

    Peskin comes and Peskin goes, but he isn’t the socialist messiah that you appear to think he is. He will be more like the unpredicatable Mar, Kim and Yee than the kneejerk Campos and Avalos votes/

    As long as Lee can veto, so what?

  14. You want to see the Mission Moratorium defeated more than you care if the board majority changes? I don’t find that credible. Especially since you’ve previously said that no one outside the Mission cares about it.

    And yes, my political instincts are good.

  15. marcos, you don’t understand. True socialists would never work because that is accepting the man and the primacy of the capitalist system.

    You must be unemployed and unemployable, contributing nothing to society and attending every protest and demonstration regardless of the issue.

    And still find time for a nap, natch.

  16. You know the result already? Wow, you are good.

    As it happens, the D3 race if about 5th on my priority list.

    Ed Lee is the big one of course, and he is walking it

    Mirk losing is a bonus but he has been a lame duck since BitchSlapGate anyway

    F and I must lose, and A losing would be good too.

    I want all those more than Peskin losing. As long as Lee can veto 6 progressives on the BofS, it’s no biggie. And of course not all “progressive” supervisors always vote progressive anyway.

  17. Sam told me he will let me know later which progressive party he will be attending. I will pass that on here.

    Meanwhile he reminds everyone to vote YES on Prop D, NO on all the other props. And to re-elect Ed Lee and send Mirk back to afternoon naps with his trophy wife.

  18. And after your afternoon nap

    Yeah, in Tim’s progressive San Francisco, everyone takes an afternoon nap.

    You can stop the power of the people because the power of the people is taking a nap.

  19. Hi Tim and all my friends who love SF! I too am looking forward to
    the reasons to celebrate, as well as the celebrations themselves.
    I’ve been thinking about the upcoming election a lot recently, and jotted down some thoughts about it.

    SF Mayor Cajoled by Feds into Willing Tool
    by Herb “Gonzo” Kane

    On Election Day Eve,I usually feel excited and am looking forward to the coming day with anticipation. I’m looking forward to how all our hard
    work will pay off, and which of our deserving candidates and propositions will win the day.

    But tonight it’s a little different. Tonight I’m still looking forward to winning tomorrow; but I am also filled with an unfamiliar doubt and

    Why worry, you ask? Thank you friend! Your concern offers me succor. I would usually say, no worry at all, the world is
    ours, and our fortunes are the product of our actions – so we right-minded actors on the world stage have nothing to worry about, nothing at all!

    At least, not usually. But now, I have more to worry about. For example, I worry about the track record of our incumbent mayor, Ed Lee, and the
    demonstrably catastrophic results his mayoralty has had so far on our city.

    He’s helped propel thousands of people out of their homes by supporting the basest of evictions, and he has opposed the moratorium on luxury housing
    whichwould have kept several thousands more in their homes.

    Not only that, but it’s probable, in spite of a spirited campaign by the 1-2-3 candidates Amy Farah Weiss, Francisco Herrera, and Stuart
    Schuffman, that Lee will win re-election tomorrow.

    By any decent standard, he shouldn’t. More evictions and Ellis Act notices have
    been served to San Francisco tenants during Lee’s time in office,
    than at any other time.

    But these details pale before the reality that Lee himself faces charges of
    corruption and influence peddling. Not capital charges or Third Strike
    Charges, but just the kind of 5 to 10 year charge that some
    of our more infamous Law Enforcement Agencies like to use as leverage
    when sweating a guy to turn over for them.

    So I was a little worried before, but now I’m even more worried now that
    it’s clear Lee, trailing his charges behind him on a chain like Marley’s
    Ghost, could become a willing pawn in the hands of right wing entities like
    the FBI.

    The charges he faces look pretty serious. The FBI could offer him a way out
    that looks relatively painless to him, but which means ever more
    suffering and depredations against the people of San Francisco. He’d just have to do them a few favors, is all.

    And once he is their tool, what might they demand of him?

    There are a great many possibilities indeed. Probably, they’d make him
    promise to attack more pro-immigrant activists, and to keep outrageously
    supporting the economic criminals and tax-cheats like Twitter.

    And of course, they’ll demand he continue offering inadequate solutions
    to housing, and allowing more luxury building and Airbnb-type business
    to keep ripping off the city.

    But what about other stuff? Controlling a mayor could give them the chance to cross off a whole
    laundry list of To-Dos they’ve been eager to get at since at least the 1960s.

    Given so much talk about socialism in the media concerning Bernie Sanders’
    campaign, they might demand that he help start another Red Scare,
    beginning right here in SF. It would be ironic that they did this in our
    city, the city that kicked HUAC out of City Hall back in 1960.

    There is indeed more about socialism in the US media today, and the FBI for one is sick of it. It might easily figure that Lee is just the kind of guy they
    need to help them fix things.

    The FBI is lying in wait for an opportunity to beat down the socialist hopefuls, using as many of their Main Man J. Edgar Hoover’s Boots as
    they can pull out of storage.

    The Mayor of SF is a huge boot indeed, but when wielded by knowing FBI handlers, it makes a great many futures foreseeable.

    It was in SF that we made the first blow against McCarthyism back in 1960,
    with the occupation of SF City Hall by students opposed to the HUAC
    hearings that were being conducted there at that time. It isn’t hard to see
    that the FBI might be interested in a way to turn the clock back, and
    to do it in the very city that humiliated the right wing McCarthyites
    so resoundingly 55 years ago.

    The students were attacked with water hoses by the SF Fire Department to kick them out
    of City Hall. Dramatic videos from the time show students being
    propelled down the enormous City Hall Rotunda steps, and nearly out
    of the building itself, by the force of the water cannons being used
    against them. Water cannons are very powerful, I might add, so they
    are being subjected to a very dangerous and potentially harmful
    anti-crowd tactic.

    This protest and its videos put HUAC on the American People’s Radar as the ignorant and
    vicious threat that it was.

    The students were swept out of City Hall, of course; but HUAC died soon after, and
    shortly after that SDS was born.

    The city that helped give birth to the Civil Rights and Anti-War movements? The FBI wants
    to pay us all back for that with interest. And now they have a spineless
    coward as SF Mayor to help them do it.

    One possible future might be Ed insisting that we accuse certain activists
    of subversion for protesting and stopping traffic, and insisting that
    candidates that support certain reforms (like affordable housing) are actually
    “socialistic.” No one would believe him, but red-baiting works by
    using high volumes and catch-words to drive people mad with fear and
    hysteria, and not by the accuracy of its terms.

    The FBI might just choose to get as direct as possible and tell Lee to
    start calling out the large assortment of SF activists for what they are
    – commies! Commies trying to build affordable housing! Commies trying to fix the
    infrastructure! Commies trying to tax the rich corporations whose
    leaders never do a lick of work!

    And pressure people to deny them work, education, etc., because they are commies –
    exactly like the FBI used to do “back in the day.”

    Rose Pak’s public abandonment of Lee proves he has no scruples at all, and
    that he is unacceptable to be around personally. I love and respect Rose
    a lot, so it hurts me that he is such a tool and a boor. But it’s not easy
    to find other words that describe precisely why he’s is so

    This is just the kind of public official that the FBI would target to further its own
    political agenda.

    This is a right-wing agenda, highlighted by its constant resort to brutality, subversion and
    outright murder when dealing with activists, going back to COINTELPRO and continuing
    right up through today.

    I grow ever more disillusioned over the possibility that Lee will become FBI’s

    But as you know, he’s already received some charges of corruption.

    These charges will probably help the FBI, far more than they will ever hurt Lee..

    The FBI can use them as leverage to get what it really wants: more concessions for Right
    Wing Fat Cats from the Mayor of San Francisco.

    I’m hoping Ross Mirkarimi wins his campaign for re-election as Sheriff. He is one of
    those who has directly suffered the brunt of Ed’s misguided political
    theater. And Ross’ wife Eliana has been made to suffer through this
    charade as well.

    We are all Elianas, in the FBI’s eyes. They don’t care about us, but the suffering they
    and their cronies inflict on us and our families makes for good
    media, like when they can force show trials like they handed to Ross,
    and which might score the Mayor some votes.

    When Lee ordered charges be brought against Ross, he proved he doesn’t care about
    prosecuting real criminals, or even about the seriousness of Domestic
    Violence itself. He proved these serious issues were just fodder for
    his own insider games. The DA dropped the charges against Ross, which
    was the only thing he could do given their insubstantial nature. But
    Ed still doesn’t want to let it go.

    Ross’ resistance to the depredations of the media-mad mayor is inspiring, and has proven
    he deserves to win the Sheriff’s race.

    But who knows what harm that pesky Lee’s lies and phony endorsements will cause?

    This goes for Aaron Peskin’s District 3 race, too.

    When Lee endorsed the empty shill Julie Christensen’s campaign, this only exposed his
    own moral bankruptcy even more.

    The Chinatown community is suffering a crisis. It is afflicted with poverty, but
    also with violence and a racist federal police force who attacks its
    most effective leaders with politically motivated entrapment schemes,
    and leaves its most beloved, fallen leaders, like Alan Leung, dead in
    their graves with no real justice.

    The people of Chinatown, and this city, need jobs. They need to be free of the fear
    of eviction. They could get these things under Aaron Peskin — but
    they will never get them under Ed’s toady Julie Christensen.

    The realities have grown ever more glaringly clear to me, and now on the Election Eve I
    don’t know with whom to share them.

    So I’ve chosen you, whom I know to be firmly engaged in the Good Fight, to hear my
    thoughts about this situation.

    If you share them with other trusted friends, it’s not a guarantee that we will defeat
    all these evils tomorrow.

    But it offers the certainty that we are not alone in our fight.


    Herb “Gonzo” Kane

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