Monday, June 14, 2021

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UncategorizedWhere's Mel? Murphy a no-show at Port Commission

Where’s Mel? Murphy a no-show at Port Commission

The embattled port commission isn’t showing up for meetings

An empty seat at the Port Commission
An empty seat at the Port Commission

APRIL 16, 2015 – Where’s Mel?

The Port Commission member, who has refused the mayor’s demand that he resign, didn’t show up for this week’s commission meeting – possibly because he didn’t want to take questions from reporters.

I asked his lawyer, Andrew Zachs, whether Murphy would be attending future commission meetings, and what his immediate plans were, but I have received no response.

Murphy was once one of the mayor’s faves – Ed Lee referred to him as a friend, and he contributed $20,000 to retire the debts of the “Run Ed Run” campaign. He gave the maximum $500 to the campaigns of Supervisors Mark Farrell, Malia Cohen, Katy Tang, David Campos, London Breed, and Eric Mar.

But now Dennis Herrerra has exposed him as someone with a very dubious record – and even the mayor knows he has to go.

So I guess the game is on. Has anyone seen this guy?

Tim Redmond
Tim Redmond has been a political and investigative reporter in San Francisco for more than 30 years. He spent much of that time as executive editor of the Bay Guardian. He is the founder of 48hills.


  1. San Francisco: a Sight for Sour Eyes

    The generational migration of cranes appears
    sensationally from off-shore the central waterfront:

    Downtown the condos rise, obscuring the hills,
    their self-absorbed glass superfice
    Fed by the long-necked trestle cranes;

    While nearer, here along the water–
    where the eight hour day
    Was won in sometimes bloody fashion
    by men quite conscious of class divide
    (Though they still blinded by color)
    ready to fight with fists for equality–
    Here along the waterfront the stout
    burly cranes of stevedores
    Rust in silence, slowly unpeeling,
    bringing back the melt of land into sea
    That frames the hills:
    Potrero, Bernal, Twin Peaks, Candlestick Point.

  2. If you think Mel is bad you should meet the folks behind the Art Academy. His offenses pale in comparison to theirs. How many attorneys would the City have to hire to prosecute all the developers in SF who have flaunted the law?

  3. Of course, that’s why Campos lost, his electoral base saw through his shenanigans to the corrupt deal making with the condomongers..

  4. I agree with your comment about the Lee threat.

    This is the closest thing I’ve seen in a long time to a pay for play admission by a politician. In this case the pay is support for Christianson and opposition to Peskin and the play is favors from City Hall.

    It sullies Lee’s good guy reputation and raises more questions about ethics in city government, particularly those of other government officials who were in on the meeting.

  5. Why isn’t he in jail? That stunt of making the house fall down the hill so he could build whatever he wanted endangered the lives of many people.

    Of course, he was a crook long before that. BTW, why no insight about Lee’s threat regarding the election?

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