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Saturday, June 25, 2022

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News + PoliticsIdentity theft in San Francisco

Identity theft in San Francisco

Why take our hospital's name away and give it to Facebook and the banks?



San Francisco General nurses, to whom it may concern

Please answer several questions; I’d really like to learn

They’ve told you what to call it, though you make its mission real

This theft of its identity is a very rotten deal

Our hospital, a public place, now how can I explain?

The city took its name away and gave it a Facebook name

Mark Zuckerberg gave us money and for that we must give thanks

But why on earth take the name away and give it to him and the banks?

Wells Fargo foreclosed on houses and they profit from displacement

Your patients are discharged from here and have to sleep on pavement

Taxpayers bailed out Wells Fargo while you learn to be lean,

Does putting their name on a hospital seem just a little mean?

The Bank of America’s very name has a patriotic flair

But naming a unit after it could seem a bit unfair

Might some patients get afraid and not in a healing mood

When reminded that they can’t afford to pay for rent or food?

The banks don’t empty urinals, that’s far beneath their station

There is no app for passing meds, that’s not Facebook’s vocation

Back in the day, they used to say: beggars can’t be choosers

If health care is all pay-to-play must some then end up losers?

You’re nurses not economists and these are just the facts

But maybe we can keep our name and they can pay their tax?

You’re almost at the end of lunch, your patients all are sick

Let me ask you one more time, I’ll try to make it quick

Mark Zuckerberg gave us money

And for that we owe him thanks

But why on earth take the name away and give it to him and the banks?

Sasha Cuttler and Mary Magee are nurses.

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