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Friday, June 21, 2024

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Arts + CultureCulturePuff: Placing stars on trees with our holiday cannabis...

Puff: Placing stars on trees with our holiday cannabis gift guide

The best in bongs, coolest cones, and super sativas for your loved ones this December.

Looking for last-minute gift ideas for the stoners in your life … or even yourself? Cannabis makes a beautiful and useful stocking stuffer. It can add fun to a party, chill you out for a cozy afternoon by the fire, make food tastier, or sedate you enough to deal with relatives and a busy holiday schedule.

Here are some items that could help with all that! Most of these will be available at your local dispensary. If you’re have trouble finding something, there is a handy store locator on almost all the brands’ websites.

There it is, adorning my table for the holidays. It’s green and round and has lights strung around it. I’m sure you are visualizing a lovely holiday wreath which will bring cheer to all, but you would be mistaken. I am celebrating the holiday season with a holiday wreath BONG from Hemper, which will supply smoky hits to all At 10 inches high and seven inches across, with a cute peppermint swirl bowl, it will give any stoner a lovely centerpiece for the table. It hits very nicely and is easy to carry since it has a hole in the middle. It’s something you would want to bring out every year to enjoy with your friends or smoke it every day for a cool Yule remembrance.

It is currently on sale for $99 from $199 for the bong alone or $250 for the XL box with all the extra stuff like cleaners, rolling trays, cones, carb caps, and gadgets that are always cool and very useful.

And now on to weed!

I am so excited to announce the new Kwik Ease infused joints from Manzanita Naturals! I’ve been enjoying Manzanita’s infused sodas, Fizzes, and Kwik Ease 100mg drinks for years. I was very interested to try their new pre-rolls, and I was not disappointed. I sampled their Kushberry Indica, which is infused with diamonds and kief and Pineapple Express Hybrid infused with live rosin. There is also a Strawberry Haze Sativa. The Kushberry has a nice fruity smell, while the Pineapple Express hits all those grassy and piney notes. Both smoked well and there was no canoeing.

Definition of Canoeing: This occurs when only one side of the joint burns. This can be caused by poor rolling or if your joint contains concentrate, it resettling during shipping. When this happens, simply snip the canoeing part of the joint into the bowl of a bong or pipe, and finish it off there. Relight your joint and carry on.)

I am a big fan of Country Cannabis. They started out with Light Cannabis for those who do not like strong weed, which I find nice whenever I am out with friends and I want to get high but not “stare off into space at another galaxy” high. That’s for later! These range from 15-18% THC with plenty of CBD to balance out that high including a Jack Herer & ACDC 1:1 blend, a Watermelon Rancher & Pineapple Tonic 1:2 blend, a Lemon OG & Half Moon 1:1 blend, and a Durban & Tsunami 1:3 blend.

Now, Country Cannabis has full-strength blends as well, clocking in at 27%-32% THC. I tried Strawberry Lemonade, a sativa at 28% THC with a dash of CBD and Banana Cream Pie clocking in at 32% THC with no CBD. They all smoked well. I especially liked the Jack Herer & ACDC sativa for day usage. I am always down for anything Jack! The Banana Cream Pie is perfect for later in the day winding down with a movie or hanging out with buddies.

Upnorth from Humboldt always has quality product. Their GMO is a cross of the Cookies and Chemdawg strains, which are two of my favorites. It clocks in at 44% THC with sweet grassy notes and a light diesel smell with nice crystals. The high is superb. Their Strawberry Cough runs at 31% THC and is a mix of the Strawberry Fields and Haze strains. It has an earthy and musky smell with some nice frosty bits. It smoked well and gave a very nice, strong sativa high.

22Red is making nice ice water hash infused pre-rolls. I tried their Z Crasher Indica one-gram roll, and it burned well, tasted great, and got me very high. Bravo!

Crescendo, the new sativa from THC Design, is a very nice sativa high coming in at 38% THC. It has a fruity, peppery, and spicy aroma with nice red hairs and frosting. It burns quite well and tastes amazing. It hits all my weed buttons.

One of my favorite infused pre-rolls that always makes a good stocking stuffer or party favor is the Presidential MoonRock Blunts and Pre-rolls. These babies are top-notch flower sprayed with distillate and rolled in kief to mirror a moonrock (a nug rolled in cannabis oil and then hash or kief.) I have a major love for the Waui strain, but recently tried their Gorilla Goo and Pink Cookies. They were yummy and super strong! If you are not used to smoking infused joints, it is always best to take a few puffs and wait a bit to see how it will make you feel.

Wow! It took this long for a cannabis company to release a variety pack of joints. Claybourne Co did just that with their new line of Flight Packs. It includes two .5 gram joints of each strain, for a total of six joints. I bought the Face Melters Indica pack (naturally!) which featured Hashburger (35% THC), Platinum OG (33% THC), and Mule Fuel (36% THC). They also have the Bake Sale Dessert flight with Gush Mints, Banana Sherbet, and Wedding Cake and the Fast Lane Sativa flight with Durban Poison, Strawberry C.R.E.A.M., and Jack Herer. This will make an idea present or stocking stuffer. I love a variety pack!

One of the great deals at the dispensary these days are the Sunset Connect 1 gram pre-rolls. I love them because they are from San Francisco, model their packaging after old SF Muni passes, and cost around $5 each. Now that is a fantastic deal on a nice big joint. I go by and pick up a handful weekly. They are great to take out to a bar or a party to share with your friends.

Cann released their annual holiday flavor Cranberry Sage, and I am hooked. It has a bubbly tart cranberry flavor with the nice dash of sage flavoring. I am drinking it on ice as I write this. It offers a 2mg THC/4mg CBD slight kick that gives you a bubbly, light feeling. I love them. They are perfect for new cannabis users. They would make excellent mocktails as well! Just add some lemon and lime slices or pineapple chunks. Maybe a dash of kombucha or ginger ale?

Roadies are small half ounce packets of social tonic with mg THC and 4mg CBD from Cann. These can fit in the breast pocket of a coat, backpack, small purse—anywhere, really. There are three flavors, Blood Orange Cardamom, Lemon Lavender, and Grapefruit Rosemary. Mix them with another drink or slurp them down by themselves. It’s an easy way to get high on the go. They come in 12, 24, and 36-count packs.

One of the tastiest infused bites I have had this year are Gelato’s Last Bite cannabis infused chocolate filled mini sugar cones. Eat them alone or with little scoops of ice cream. They are delicious, and deadly if you do not watch your intake at 10mg THC per cone. I tried the Milk Chocolate Caramel flavor but they also carry Cookies and Cream White Chocolate and Strawberry Chocolate.

Other fun gifts!

I love this heavy, magnetic, multi-level grinder from Flower by Edie Parker. It is nice and hefty, and effortlessly grinds your flower with a nice tray to catch all the crystals that fall off the weed. It comes in various colors and would also make an ideal paperweight.

Paper Planes Extracts (@paperplanes.extracts on IG) has a nice new Palm Pilot battery/vape cartridge case that is easy to install, charge, and use. It fits nicely in my pocket, and can be easily palmed for a quick hit that no one will notice. I really like their Cherry Pie cartridge as well. Check them out.

Day Savers has a fun Holiday Bundle currently on sale for $25! It’s perfect for any stoner, because it supplies you with a fun assortment of empty tubes and cones to fill with your favorite weed. There are spiral-tip pre-roll tubes, Fill-A-Blunt empty tubes with various tips (glass, spiral and wood), empty cones, a super neat Cross Cone, and The Perfect Pack machine, which packs tubes and cones.

I tried the Perfect Pack machine and was surprised that I was immediately able to figure it out and fill the tubes and cones easily with freshly ground flower. How cool is that!

Keep in mind that this gift is also something you can send to weedy friends who are in states where cannabis is still illegal.

Another great stocking stuffer idea is a pack of Terpene Flashcards. These colorful and informative cards help you learn all about terpenes, what they are, and where they can be found. These are ideal for a budtender or even a novice fan who wants to learn more about the flavors of the flower.

A fantastic cannabis cookbook for the holidays is The Weed Gummies Cookbook by Monica Lo, which features amazing recipes like Sour Green Apple Gummies, Miso Butterscotch Caramels, Honeycomb Brittle with Almonds & Sesame Seeds, Bubble Tea, and Chocolate Turtles, just to name a few. Lo takes you through all the steps of infusing ingredients and making these simple and tasty recipes. I say, buy one for a friend as a gift and be their test audience when they get into the kitchen!

Timeless Vapes has a new limited edition flip case and battery combo for the holidays. Pick it up with one of Timeless’ wonderful vape cartridges. (I like their Noir Indica.) The flip case is a great and fashionable way to protect your battery and cartridge.

Green Bee Botanicals always makes a nice gift. They have high quality cannabis-infused skin products that garnered won several awards, with good reason. I love their Quench Moisturizer, Fresh Face Toner, and the Deep Calm Massage Oil. You can’t go wrong with any of their products.

For the stoner with a green thumb, I recommend the A Pot For Pot grow kit, which contains everything you need to grow a cannabis plant from seed to harvest. There are several sizes to choose from. This is a fantastic, quality product that will keep you busy for a few months raising your darling little pot plant. What a fun adventure! The cannabis seed is sold separately, so these can also be sent to weed lovers in states where cannabis is not legal.

I hope you have found some new items to explore in this year’s list of exciting cannabis products. We are coming off a tough year for the cannabis industry. Taxes, fees, and the inability to get trustworthy banking are strangling a still-burgeoning industry. Show your favorite brands and dispensaries some love, and go out and buy cannabis for the holidays. Also, reach out to them on Instagram or online to let them know you are a fan of their product.

For extra cannabis holiday fun, be sure and check out my BONG-O BINGO’s Dankmas Celebration at the Mission Cannabis Club on December 23 from 6-9pm. There will be cannabis prizes with every round of bingo hosted by Thee Pristine Condition, Brandelicious, and myself. Expect mocktails, smokeables, and special guests as well!

I hope you have a happy, safe, and high holiday celebration!

Now it’s time to light up.

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Dan Karkoska
Dan Karkoska
Dan Karkoska is an independent producer, promoter, film critic, and DJ on the San Francisco scene. He also works with Maria Konner at Under the Golden Gate and is currently producing and hosting PUFF, the first queer marijuana rock-and-roll drag party every first Thursday at The Stud. He is a big stoner. Photo by Sari Staver.

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