Early local results: A very mixed bag

Ronen, Yee are solid; Alvarenga, Preston behind. Fewer is close

You can’t stipulate anything with the election, since it’s so odd and frankly fucking scary. But it we assume that the early absentees in San Francisco are typically conservative, there are a few things we can say about the first results:

Jane Kim is behind, but that race will quickly tighten up.

It's all blue feelings at the Democratic Party party tonight
It’s all blue feelings at the Democratic Party party tonight

Marjan Philhour is narrowly ahead in D1, but Sandy Fewer will close that gap pretty easily.

London Breed is solidly ahead in D5, and it will take a huge election-day turnout by Dean Preston to win.

Norman Yee is going to get re-elected in D7. Not even close.

Hillary Ronen is going to win in D9, pretty easily.

Ahsha Safai is ahead, but the gap may not be insurmountable.

Still: Not looking good for the progressives to hold six votes on the BOS.


School Board and Community College Board are way too early to call.


The school bonds will pass. The City College parcel tax will pass. It looks like the stupid laws to criminalize the homeless will pass, but the stupid laws to attack affordable housing will fail. More to come.


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