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Thursday, July 29, 2021

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UncategorizedPeskin campaign pulls in $10K in one day

Peskin campaign pulls in $10K in one day

Former supe sees plenty of local support one day after announcing run

Peskin will clearly have enough money to make his case
Peskin will clearly have enough money to make his case

By Tim Redmond

MARCH 31, 2015 – It took former Sup. Aaron Peskin less than 24 hours to raise the first $10,000 for his challenge against Sup. Julie Christensen – and so far, nearly all of his money is local.

That’s a lot of cash to raise in the first day of a campaign for supervisor, and it’s a sign that he will be able to compete financially against a candidate who will be flooded with tech and developer money.

Peskin is planning to accept public financing, which means he’s eligible to get matching funds for local contributions – and he has to agree to limit his total campaign spending to $250,000.

Which is a lot of money for a district election – but it’s almost certain that Christensen will spend more. Retaining her on the board is a high priority for the mayor, who at this point doesn’t have to spend a lot of time raising money for his own re-election, since he has no major opponents.

And I would be shocked if Ron Conway, the mayor’s sugar daddy and the biggest power broker at City Hall these days, didn’t create his own independent expenditure committee to keep Peskin off the board.

Still, in a district where Peskin is well known, turnout is likely to be low (it’s an off-year election with at this point no contested mayoral race), and news media attention will be high, the race won’t necessarily go to the candidate with the most money.

As long as Peskin has enough to run a serious campaign and make his case – and it now appears that won’t be a problem – it won’t matter if he’s outspent.

The race could easily be determined by absentee voters – and that will be a matter more of organizing on the ground than an expensive mail and media campaign. Nate Allbee, who is running Peskin’s campaign, also managed the Assembly campaign of David Campos, and is acutely aware of the role absentee votes played in that contest.

I think it’s safe to say that Peskin will have plenty of volunteers. Not sure about Christensen – although the leader of SFBARF, the group that wants to build housing everywhere with no limits, is already posting on Reddit trying to line up help for Christensen.

Tim Redmond
Tim Redmond has been a political and investigative reporter in San Francisco for more than 30 years. He spent much of that time as executive editor of the Bay Guardian. He is the founder of 48hills.
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  1. Your comment is a personal attack, factually incorrect and erroneous. You’ve added nothing to the conversation.

  2. No, you live part of the time in Barcelona and part in SF. You’re wealthy and you don’t work. You’re part of the problem – not a solution to the problem.

  3. Good to see “Tiny” back in the fracas. There’s a lot of man packed into that 4’5″ body.

  4. Apt, since some might reasonably argue that Sue Bierman herself was “large and under-utilized”.

  5. I’m not a nearby millionaire and I have no view to block. I just want the waterfront free of highrises, like most San Franciscan voters. The open space/park would be nice, but given the proximity to the parks at Levi’s plaza, Walton Square and Sue Bierman park, it really isn’t necessary. Sue Bierman Park is across the street (Washington), large and under utilized.

  6. So Peskin’s sweetheart deal and illegal conversion was just business as usual for you old-timers?

  7. I guess they went with “No Wall on the Waterfront” because the more accurate “Marginally Shorter Wall on the Waterfront” just didn’t pack the same punch.

  8. Yeah, we know. We heard you the first 43 times.
    How about this:
    “Obviously the community wasn’t happy with the configuration of 8 Washington so I don’t believe that I would have supported it if I was the Supervisor at the time. However, I don’t feel that the existing usage is the best that we can do with such a valuable resource so I would have worked harder with all parties to try and come up with a solution that everyone could live with. And as for other waterfront issues, I plan to look at each one individually in order to get the best outcome for my district.”
    Now, she hasn’t said that, but it would be easy for her to do so.
    BTW, the 8 Washington site will eventually become a 7 story box without the public green space of the original project. But the nearby millionaires will not have their views blocked which I guess you will consider a victory?

  9. I too live in district 3. I’m waiting for Julie Christensen to stop evading questions about 8 Washington and prop b. I refuse to vote for a politician who thinks they can walk the fence on issues.

  10. Peskin held a leadership role in San Francisco for a decade and we only saw the Housing Crisis exacerbated, why should we expect him to do anything different this time.
    Also I would think Progressives would have moved on from these arrogant males, Peskin was known for making threatening calls, Daly was a bully, Mirkarimi shouted at his staff, lets not go back to the bad old days. He was an embarrassment to San Francisco we can do better than him.

  11. Aside from a few minutes under Moscone and Agnos, when has the moneyed class (not the mere bourgeoisie) not run San Francisco?

  12. Perhaps Rod_North i should have been clearer. “We the people” has a specific connotation to those of us who have lived in this city for a long time or from birth like myself. I am talking about the time when the working class, along with unions that supported us were a large part of the city. Peskin’s group was the tail end of this era. The demographics have changed and you would have to be totally cut off if you cannot see what class is ruling our City now. There mlight be a few progressives on the Bjoard but even they have moved to the right or cannot outvote the rest of the bourgeoisie on the Board.

  13. Living in D3, I’m trying to withhold judgment until I can make a fully informed choice, but Peskin seems to be an individual microcosm of what’s wrong with SF governance,

    1) self serving NIMBY’ism,
    2) Indignant self-righteousness (again self serving),
    3) Penchant for brow-beating and micromanaging SF civil servants.

    Not a recipe for robust housing growth and efficient, professional city services provided by dedicated, motivated personnel.

  14. Except that it was “we the people” who voted to get rid of “the old board”. For instance, we the people elected Breed to replace the more progressive Mirkarimi/Olague, and Kim over the more hardline left Daly/Walker.

    Wiener is to the right of his predecessor, as was Chiu and Tang.

    The BOS doesn’t move randomly or in isolation. It is a trailing indicator of how we the people are changing ourselves.

  15. Its interesting that the editor was saying that the present office holder was arrogent, now is fawning over Perkin.

    Also good to see the dilletante class get get fawning treatment.

    Occupy effete north beach.

  16. You absolutely need balanced growth. Unfortunately, that’s the last thing we have seen. The Bay Area has the second-worst ratio of permitted housing to population growth in the country the last couple years: http://zillow.mediaroom.com/2015-03-27-Low-Housing-Supply-Squeezes-Affordability

    In fiscal 2015, the rent board counted around 500 no-fault evictions: http://www.sfrb.org/modules/showdocument.aspx?documentid=2915

    Balance this against 40,000 new tenancies a year paying market rent.

    Lack of residential development is what’s destroying lives these days.

  17. My theory – one reason Pak is supporting Peskin: The tech-squeeze on commercial and residential property is now affecting Chinatown. The Empress of China closed because the building’s owners wanted to convert the building to tech offices, but they found out they can’t. These owners now refuse to give businesses in the building leases, only month-to-month rentals, so the Empress of China closed and a few other businesses have already moved out.


    Then things came to a head last week with the 21 eviction notices sent to residents on Emery Lane. Everyone noted that the building is on a ‘Google bus route.’


    It could be that Pak feels that Peskin would be a stronger advocate and more skilled and tenacious bureaucrat for keeping Chinatown from being the next neighborhood to be gentrified.

  18. Best news I’ve heard in a long time! The billionaire takeover of City Hall and the privatization of our parks has to be challenged with a voice as strong and clear as Aaron’s. Bravo Aaron!
    Most people I speak with, accept that the city must change, but they see City Hall cronyism and knee-jerk rubber stamping of any project that benefits billionaire “patrons”. What people want are thoughtful, fair changes that don’t break the backs of our most vulnerable citizens as has happened under Mayor Lee and his love of all development. You can have balanced growth, without harming and destroying people’s lives and Lee should know that better than most, given his roots.

  19. This is a very good sign. If unions like Seiu 1021 endorse him and there is an excellent chance they will if he approaches them, he has the edge on the one percent money baggers. He is part of the old BOS which was much more in touch with “we the people.”

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