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Friday, January 15, 2021
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Arts + Culture Art Drawing the Crisis: Georgia Chouteau and Trevi Alohilani Pendro...

Drawing the Crisis: Georgia Chouteau and Trevi Alohilani Pendro on the eviction epidemic


CCA Comics students draw stories from the housing crisis. A 48 Hills exclusive series.

48 Hills: Drawing the Crisis

ART LOOKS The Engage: Comics class at the California College of the Arts is comprised of a diverse collection of students from various majors passionate about making comics that engage the world around them.

This year, they teamed with 48Hills.org and housing activists from the Anti-Eviction Mapping Project and the Housing Rights Committee to create comics from first person accounts of San Francisco’s housing crisis.

The students met with and interviewed people who are struggling or have struggled to remain in their homes, and then turned these stories into compelling visual narratives. Justin Hall was the professor of the Engage: Comics class, and Peter Glanting was the Teaching Assistant. 

The following comic is by CCA students Georgia Chouteau and Trevi Alohilani Pendro. Click on each image to enlarge! (You might have to click twice). See the whole series here.

48 Hills: Drawing the Crisis

48 Hills: Drawing the Crisis

48 Hills: Drawing the Crisis

48 Hills: Drawing the Crisis

Georgia Chouteau is a Bay Area illustrator and concept artist who feeds on an amalgamation of fantasy adventures, role playing games, and cartoon fight scenes. While usually they make fantasy illustrations, they plan to make comics part of the drawing repertoire. Georgia can often be found tabling at local artist alleys or hosting impromptu drawing parties in downtown Berkeley.

Trevi Alohilani Pendro is a fine artist living in Oakland, CA. She is in her senior year as a candidate for her BFA in Jewelry/Metal Arts with a minor in Writing & Literature. As a jeweler, her work creates space for the tension of processing and releasing emotion, encouraging conversations about death and mourning. Her writing practice focuses on analysis through different lenses based in philosophy and psychology, often influencing her metalwork. With a background in printmaking, Trevi was drawn to making comics to explore the text-image relationship that is not as present in her other artistic mediums.

Marke B.
Marke Bieschke is the publisher and arts and culture editor of 48 Hills. He co-owns the Stud bar in SoMa. Reach him at marke (at) 48hills.org, follow @supermarke on Twitter.


  1. Gentrification of course helps everyone – lower crime, better cultural and other amenities, higher property values, more and better jobs, higher salaries and bonuses, improved schools and services, etc. are all great benefits. By the way, it is natives and long-term residents, almost all of whom are homeowners, who are the most ebullient about our improving City. You can look on almost any block in the City and compare the quality of homes – owner-occupied homes are in better condition than renter-occupied homes and market-rate rented homes are much better than rent-control/squatter occupied homes. Yes, San Francisco is doing much better than before and San Franciscans are extremely happy about it.

  2. ” So, we really should be encouraging more evictions to improve our City
    as they inevitably lead to better homes, residents, and neighborhoods'”

    In who’s eyes? Everything was worse before? That’s often the way that gentrifiers dismiss neighborhoods – and their communities – before they arrived.The arrogance and elitism of the gentrifying class echoes back to our 19th century ancestors and their love for Manifest Destiny.

    It’s an attitude that their culture is more sophisticated than the “natives” they are replacing. The unicorns are dying and the other tech companies are laying off workers. Surging rents, skyrocketing real-estate prices and booming tech companies. Sounds like San Francisco in 2015, right? It also describes the city just before the tech bust of 2000, according to a recent report.

    John Burns Real Estate Consulting of Irvine, Calif., and Pacific Union, a
    San Francisco real-estate brokerage, say that based on the appreciation
    (and apparent correlation) of venture capital deals and rent prices,
    the rise in the Bay Area’s rapid real estate and rent price appreciation
    today is looking more like a repeat of the dot-com bust of 2000. http://www.marketwatch.com/story/san-francisco-real-estate-looking-like-it-did-before-dotcom-crash-in-2000-2015-11-20

  3. Evictions generally occur when a) A homeowner is moving into his home, b) a renter is damaging the landlord’s home or otherwise violating the terms of the lease, c) a renter is paying an unfairly low rent that endangers the homeowner’s ability to maintain his home, or d) a homeowner is improving a home (and hence the neighborhood and City). In all of these cases, the eviction is an unquestionably positive development. So, we really should be encouraging more evictions to improve our City as they inevitably lead to better homes, residents, and neighborhoods.

  4. i’m loving loving LOVING this series. thank you for this. i’ve been wondering WHERE in the hell all the screams are. this is deadly like katrina. but a quiet and secret man-made hell.

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