Mar pushes Breed on budget accountability

Plus: Yee puts progressives in control of key committees.

Sup. Gordon Mar made his first big statement today, demanding that Mayor London Breed open up the budget process to community advocates.

During Question Time, Mar asked Breed what she was going to do to include stakeholders who have been left out of the process in the past:“Our budget is a statement of our values, and as a Board, this is the single most important item we vote on,” said Mar. “Community members struggle for a seat at the table and an opportunity to express their priorities, which often only occur during the add-back process, if at all, when most of the budget has already been set.”

Mar has challenged Breed to open up the budget process

Breed said all the right things, promising that her staff will reach out to community-based organizations and hold “targeted meetings” in vulnerable communities.

That would be a big change from how mayors have crafted budgets in the past; we shall see if it actually happens.

Board President Norman Yee released his committee assignments today, and they reflect his promise that progressives will control the key policy bodies:

Budget & Finance Committee

Supervisor Sandra Lee Fewer, Chair

Supervisor Catherine Stefani, Vice Chair

Supervisor Rafael Mandelman, Member

Supervisor Hillary Ronen, Member*

Supervisor Norman Yee, Member*

Land Use & Transportation Committee

Supervisor Aaron Peskin, Chair

Supervisor Ahsha Safai, Vice Chair

Supervisor Matt Haney, Member

Rules Committee

Supervisor Hillary Ronen, Chair

Supervisor Shamann Walton, Vice Chair

Supervisor Gordon Mar, Member


Government Audit & Oversight Committee

Supervisor Gordon Mar, Chair

Supervisor Vallie Brown, Vice Chair

Supervisor Aaron Peskin, Member


Public Safety & Neighborhood Services Committee

Supervisor Rafael Mandelman, Chair

Supervisor Catherine Stefani, Vice Chair

Supervisor Shamann Walton, Member

*Pursuant to Section 3.25.1 of the Board of Supervisors’ Rules of Order, Supervisors Hillary Ronen and Norman Yee will join the Budget & Finance Committee on March 1, 2019.

Peskin and Fewer both supported Yee, and it’s no surprise that they are in charge of the two most influential committees. Peskin has more experience with land-use issues than anyone else on the board, by far, and Fewer will work with Mar on budget accountability.

Ronen, who was Yee’s opponent for board president, still winds up with a committee chair and a seat on Budget during the key time when the committee holds hearings and votes on the mayor’s proposal.