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Monday, October 25, 2021

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News + PoliticsLGBTQ progressives heading for key roles in Democratic Party

LGBTQ progressives heading for key roles in Democratic Party

David Campos and Honey Mahogany set to take leading positions in SF and state party at a critical time for local politics.


San Francisco progressives have one victory and one likely victory for key Democratic Party posts.

David Campos, former supervisor and now chief of staff to District Attorney Chesa Boudin, has just been elected vice-chair of the state party. That’s a huge step and a sizable role for someone who represents the left wing of the party.

Honey Mahogany announces her candidacy for local party chair.

That means he’s stepping down as chair of the local party – and Honey Mahogany, a trans activist and staffer to Sup. Matt Haney, just announced she’s running to replace him.

At this point, it appears nobody has stepped forward to challenge her. At any rate, the progressives have the votes to put her in office.

Mahogany, who would be the first transgender person to head any Democratic Party in any big city in the country, would also be the first Black person in memory to lead the local party.

At a lively kickoff rally this afternoon, Sup. Hillary Ronen said Mahogany is the perfect person to lead “the Democratic Party that is slowly but surely getting back to its roots, fighting for people who were left behind.”

David Campos, at the Mahogany event, is about to take office as the state party vice-chair.

Mahogany is a former president of the Harvey Milk LGBT Club and the co-founder of the Transgender Cultural District.

She’s also a local nightlife icon. From her press statement:

Mahogany began making a name for herself as a drag performer and singer in San Francisco’s nightlife during the late 2000’s. She garnered international attention in 2013 when she became the first drag performer from San Francisco to compete on RuPaul’s Drag Race. “Drag Race was a great learning experience for me,” said Mahogany. “Having to work all day in heels, perform, be funny, be fierce, and face challenges all while being cut down by other queens… it’s basically San Francisco politics.”

A lively crowd at the kickoff event.

All of this is happening in the context of what could be a brutal couple of years in local Democratic Party politics. If Mayor London Breed – as many expect – names Assemblymember David Chiu as the next city attorney, that Assembly seat will open up.

If Breed appoints a less prominent and politically strong city attorney, then there will likely be a progressive challenger for that job either this fall or next spring.

If House Speaker Nancy Pelosi decides not to run for another term (and she promised before this term that it would be her last as speaker), then one of the most coveted Congressional seats in the nation will open up.

All of these races will involve Democrats challenging other Democrats – and the Democratic County Central Committee, chaired by Mahogany, will be a huge focus of political action.

It’s not surprising that neither Chiu nor state Sen. Scott Wiener supported Campos for party vice-chair. But right now, it looks as if Mahogany will get the local job without opposition.

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  1. If the winds look like they’re blowing against Boudin, then Campos will throw Chesa under the bus so fast you’ll not notice David running the bus back and forth to ensure Chesa’s demise.

    Internecine Democrat Party politics at the state and local level grind on their fetid peristalsis and no matter who gets to sit in the fancy chair, year after year, decade after decade, neoliberal corporate dominance rampages on.

    If Ronen and Campos, two of the Board’s least productive back benchers, are in support of something, then that is a good indication that not only will the people get screwed by it, that the back benchers will be appropriately “compensated” for their service.

  2. Campos will be able to use this position to play defense for Chesa, to whom he owes his $200K+ Salary as paid mouthpiece. This is part of his job.

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LGBTQ progressives heading for key roles in Democratic Party

David Campos and Honey Mahogany set to take leading positions in SF and state party at a critical time for local politics.
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