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Wednesday, September 22, 2021

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UncategorizedJoin us for the 48 Hills First Anniversary Gala!

Join us for the 48 Hills First Anniversary Gala!

April 23rd fundraiser brings music, comedy, drinks, and fun to the Verdi Club.

48galalogoJoin 48 Hills founders Tim Redmond and Marke B and the whole crew, celebrity guest hosts, and the cream of the Bay Area arts and activist communities for a gala first anniversary celebration of San Francisco’s biggest nonprofit, completely independent news and culture resource. It’ll be swell!

We’ll have food and drinks (complimentary beer and wine 6-8pm) with music from pianist Marc Capelle, comedy with Tom Ammiano and Dhaya Lakshminarayanan, entertainment and sparkling personalities. More exciting details and guests to be announced shortly.

This is the progressive social event of the season and our biggest fundraiser — we hope to see you there. Help us take 48 Hills to the next level, and keep Bay Area independent media alive.

All tickets and additional donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent of current tax laws. If you can’t come, please consider a contribution. It’s only because of you that 48hills exists and thrives. Thanks for all of your support.

48 Hills Gala First Anniversary Celebration
April 23, 6-9pm at the Verdi Club
2424 Mariposa, SF.

Anniversary Gala tickets:

Event $50
Friend $100
Sponsor $250
Patron $500
Benefactor $1,000

We are expecting a substantial “match pledge” from some of our most generous donors, so every dollar you give counts twice. And every dollar helps us meet our goal of raising enough money to move 48hills to the next level, including a full redesign and expansion of our coverage. Patrons and Benefactors will have their names listed on the event program.

To reserve your ticket at the door, please send check to

176 Winfield St., San Francisco CA 94110

Or donate the appropriate ticket amount here: www.48hills.org/donate/

There will be tickets available at the door as well, although purchasing early will guarantee a match donation!


A little more than a year ago, we started 48hills.org with the idea that San Francisco needed, and could support, an independent alternative online daily newspaper. And in 2015, we are proud to say we have demonstrated that our model works.

48 Hills has become a must-read part of the local media scene. We are regularly breaking big investigative stories. We are covering issues, activism, ideas, events, and communities that nobody else covers, and we’re offering unique analysis of the events shaping San Francisco.
We are doing it every single day, often beating the Chronicle and Examiner, with a staff that’s only a tiny fraction of what the other daily papers have.

Now we’re ready to grow – to bring on some more writers, to offer an expanded and improved website and interface, to expand our arts and culture coverage and build our readership.

And we need your help. 48hills is a nonprofit venture; we depend on direct community support for the vast majority of our income. Please donate what you can to help keep bay Area media alive.

Marke B.
Marke Bieschke is the publisher and arts and culture editor of 48 Hills. He co-owns the Stud bar in SoMa. Reach him at marke (at) 48hills.org, follow @supermarke on Twitter.
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  1. It’s not “racist” to oppose the politicization of discussions about art.

    Nor is it “racist” to argue that we are no longer “plagued” by racism.

  2. OK, just wanted to make sure you were the racist troll I thought you were. Thanks

    You do know that it makes sense to talk about race and diversity in a society still plagued by racism right and that therein is the relevance…. and that it isn’t a political issue, it’s a race issue

  3. No, I was identifying the gratuitous injection of an ideologically loaded concept like “diversity” into an ostensibly non-political article about the “arts” as potentially invalidating the characterization of it as non-political.

    SFBG used to do this a lot, both on Tim’s watch and after it. Emma Silvers (fired from SFBG; then fired again from SFWeekly) was notorious for doing that, peppering her music show reviews with gems like “the crowd was surprisingly animated, considering they were mostly white”.

    Julia “I’m only half Asian but it’s the better half” Wong is another one who rarely misses the opportunity to slyly slip a race card into her princessy prognostications regardless of relevance.

  4. You’re identifying diversity as a political issue that can be nailed down to one candidate or another? Can you talk a little more about that?

  5. I said nothing to indicate that I despise Tim or his blog. That is simply not a true statement about me – I can’t speak for the other two commentators.

    I merely raised some questions about the claimed tax status of 48Hills.

  6. That’s a question a lot of us have! Sitting at a computer, obsessively monitoring a series of chat rooms and comments sections… what a way to spend your life.

    Good luck with the fundraiser, Tim!

  7. You have no credibility. From your blog:

    “My new camera was ready for use in the second floor men’s room at City Hall on Friday afternoon when I walked in. Scott Wiener was standing at the urinal and had just started to tinkle as I entered and the camera took 4-6 seconds to focus, enough time for him to put away his wiener and zipper up.”


    While I dislike Wiener, you (Petrelis) are an unhinged nutcase.

    For those who do not know, a restraining order was issued:

    “”Michael Petrelis stalked Supervisor Wiener in a restroom and attempted to photograph the Supervisor while he was using a urinal. As a result of this behavior, Petrelis was charged with a crime, pled guilty, and has a restraining order against him.
    Unfortunately, this kind of behavior by Petrelis isn’t isolated. Petrelis has a long history of threatening behavior toward public servants, HIV/AIDS advocates, and reporters. He has been convicted of making criminal threats, spent time in jail, and been the subject of various restraining orders.”


    Please go away.

  8. First five comments, by three posters, bright and early in the morning, who all took time and effort to tell the guy running the blog how much they despise him, his activities, and this blog.

    Don’t y’all have anything better to do? Like, can’t you get on a chess blog to comment about how they’re all a bunch of nerds?

  9. “We are regularly breaking big investigative stories.”

    What a bunch of size queens! I must have missed those huge stories of in-depth reporting. Sorry, another piece by Steven E.G.O. Jones about Burning Man doesn’t count.

    How about a small investigative story by the dudes running this dude site about that Campos dude’s promise to draft legislation about a market rate housing moratorium in the Mission? He’s still working on it, right? Maybe Tim can tell what happened to Campos’ hot-air promise to investigate possibly writing legislation to mail every voter an absentee ballot.

    Just think that if you don’t get enough of the Tim, Tom and Marke echo chamber here, you can experience it at the fundraiser!

  10. I imagine that Tim will find 101 ways of promoting support for a candidate without uttering the magic word “endorse”.

    The recent spate of unintelligible “arts” articles by Marke may perhaps be seen as an attempt to push the non-political content of 48Hills over 80%. Although Marke might be well advised to lighten up on his tendency to insert sanctimonious bleating about diversity as that comes close to crossing the political line.

  11. 501(c)3 can spend 20% of their time doing non-candidate political work and contributions to them are tax deductible.

    501(c)4 can endorse candidates but donations to them are not tax deductible.

    So long as a 501(c)3 does not utter the magic words “we endorse candidate X” or “vote for candidate X” they are okay by the IRS and contributions to them are tax deductible.

    Of course 501(c)3 that receive city funding and have staff employees provide labor for candidate campaigns all of the time but do not utter the magic words.

    48hills, on the other hand, has no staff to speak of and will probably find few who would stoop down to such the level of lickspittle to losers, so that kind of toeing the legal line is not really an issue here.

  12. I’m interested in your claim that donations are tax-deductible. My understanding is that a not-for-profit entity can only establish a charitable status with the IRS if it avoids political activity.

    So for instance, donations to the SF tenants union are not tax deductible because, as well as their counselling activities, they also engage in political actions and lobbying.

    It seems to me that you are skirting the gray area between a genuine charitable non-profit and a political activist organization. Please clarify.

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