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News + Politics OPINION: Closed doors at City Hall

OPINION: Closed doors at City Hall


An open letter to the mayor on free speech, evictions — and why only the rich seem to get access to Room 200

The Mayor's Office doors are closed and guarded by sheriff's deputies as protesters gather in front
The Mayor’s Office doors are closed and guarded by sheriff’s deputies as protesters gather in front

by Tommi Avicolli Mecca

MAY 14, 2015 — Dear Mayor Ed Lee:

What happens when 1,000 San Franciscans come to City Hall, as they did on May 8, to see their so-called representatives and to demand that their government declare a state of housing emergency during one of the city’s worst housing crises ever?

They are met with barricades, locked doors, and sheriffs who confiscate their banners and tell them they can’t distribute leaflets in City Hall, the seat of their government. Republican Ron Conway, your Silicon Valley investor friend, wouldn’t be treated the way we the people were. Your door is always open to him and his buddies with the big bucks. I’m sure if he dropped in on you unexpectedly, the red carpet would be rolled out for him.

It’s one of the reasons so many people in this city are pissed off at you. We are losing the very heart and soul of our city, and you can’t even make an effort to speak to us about our concerns. You must have known we were coming. Certainly the police and the sheriff did. They were out in full force to limit our freedom of assembly, speech, and expression.

At least one member of the coalition organizing the action was told by a sheriff that he couldn’t bring leaflets into City Hall. Our banners were taken from us after we hung them over the railings above the stairs. We weren’t destroying property. We didn’t attach them in any way. We were holding them.

A sheriff told me it was against building policy to have banners in City Hall. Yet that same afternoon, as I was leaving, I saw a banner displaying the names of corporate sponsors hung on the wall for an event that was being set up in the same space we had occupied. One policy for activists, another for corporations?

Don’t you get that we the people are hurting? More than 8,000 Latino families have been displaced from the Mission since 2000. African Americans are barely 7% of the city now. LGBT youth make up about 40% of homeless youth. More than 3,000 children are living in vans and in church basements with their families. Almost 7,000 people are homeless. Evictions are at the highest they’ve been in years. Neighborhoods that once were home to working-class immigrants, artists and queers, such as Valencia Street, feature $4 slices of toast and apartments for $4,000 or more.

We are fighting for our families, our friends, our artists, our communities of color, our LGBT community, our working-class communities, ourselves. We are fighting so that San Francisco remains the city we’ve all come to love. For many of us, it’s a city of refuge, a place where immigrants and queers and those who don’t fit in anywhere else can live in relative safety.

We will not let you rest, Mayor Lee. We will give you no peace until you give us what we want: an end to the evictions, the displacement, the gentrification. Enough affordable housing for all those who need it, including the homeless. And no more luxury pied-à-terres for the rich.

If you can’t deliver these things, then step down and let someone else occupy room 200.

Tommi Avicolli Mecca is a longtime housing activist

Tim Redmond
Tim Redmond has been a political and investigative reporter in San Francisco for more than 30 years. He spent much of that time as executive editor of the Bay Guardian. He is the founder of 48hills.


  1. The nonprofiteers are paid to not only avoid heavy lifts, they are paid to ensure that nobody else can execute the heavy lifts.

    This is why they baited an outraged community with promises of a moratorium and switched that to be okay with $50m in a housing bond that might get spent in the Mission if there are parcels to be had after the land ruse accelerates in earnest after Campos’ high profile swing and miss.

    But it is okay, comrade, their intent is good, their language is earnest and pure, so, according to Hegel’s iron laws of history, the working class proletarians will prevail over the capitalist oppressors!

  2. People are getting to paid by the government to represent a community and that community is being lost while they’re getting paid by the government. I am not getting paid by the government, therefore my paid work is not an issue now. I am paying taxes to the government that ends up in the pockets of folks who work at non-profits such as the Housing RIghts Committee. So the government pays these people to pretend to go to the government and seek consideration. But when it comes time to actually DO anything about it, ballot measure for instance, they are nowhere to be found.

  3. “The progressive narrative in this case follows the Hegelian notion of iron laws of history. ”

    Are you sure you’re not the one consuming ergot?

    Words are written. People read them. Things happen.

    Not sure what heavy lifts you are doing. But you are possibly doing it wrong.

  4. “The left” as you imagine it hasn’t existed for a very very long time. Maybe the late 80s?

    The kids today automatically “accept” all the “won” victories of the “left” / progressive movement e.g. recycling! compost bins! conserving water!
    battery powered cars (thanks elon musk!) single payer health care (thanks obama!) rescinding the war on drugs! social services! increased spending and involvement in the plight of immigrants and the elderly!

    You might want to look at new forms of cultural and moral opposition and outrage?

    I’ve even heard in some European countries they’re giving people the right to die?!

  5. You are incorrect here. Language is protest.

    That is the point.

    Are you polite and contrite and apologetic?

  6. What would make you think that? Because I hold the people getting paid to represent the weak, most of whom BART in from the East Bay daily to represent “the weak” accountable for the rapidly deteriorating circumstances of the weak?

  7. “The left” is comatose, it is politically, culturally and socially irrelevant today as it has been subsumed in academia and poverty social services agencies. You’ve been coopted!

  8. For what it’s worth

    “Get up your slacker leftist asses and do what it takes to magnetize San Franciscans to your side politically instead of writing the same damn open letter over and over again, guilt trip appeals to shame the shameless.”

    I believe the polite answer to this would be “don’t have a heart attack”?!

  9. I was here for the last tech boom and the effect on the city was very much the same, so I don’t know what else to blame it on. It doesn’t really matter if the jobs are tech or finance or fishermen. If it brings more people to the city than there is room for, then housing will by necessity become more expensive which in turn will bring out the buzzards in real estate speculation and development.

  10. I doubt there’s anyway anyone can “quantify” most of us. No one I know wanted them, and I know lots of people that have been in San Francisco for generations. As for the effectiveness, they have effectively created a housing crisis and wiped the city clean of it’s culture.

  11. Why are your knickers in a twist about other people getting their knickers in a twist when somehow you don’t get your knickers in a twist about actual political collapse and the consequences of that?

  12. It seems that there is a plentiful fountain of cash for the right wing nut trolls.

    But as the crises covered on this site continue to ravage San Francisco without any significant contest, it is the nonprofits which should be concerned about losing their sinecures.

  13. The continuous whining by the #paidwingnuttrolls just shows how they can’t counter anyone with a brain who points out how their whining is full of bought-and-paid-for bullshit. Keep cashing those checks, kids – while you can! At least it’s good for a laugh…

  14. Who is talking about mass? Did your host get contaminated with ergot which caused you to commence hallucination?

    The progressive narrative in this case follows the Hegelian notion of iron laws of history. It is just a matter of time, the story goes, until The Truth dawns on the evildoers and they realize the errors of their ways and Do The Right Thing.

    Steven’s piece on Pearce and Tommi’s open letter follow this model, that shaming the shameless will simply bring on the day of emancipation WITHOUT HAVING TO DO ANY POLITICAL HEAVY LIFTS.

  15. The strategy has to be to figure out what is not working, stop doing that and figure out what has worked and do more of that.

    That would not punish the weak and powerless as much as the commuter advocate corps who pretends to advocate on their behalf but on whose watch the weak and powerless are being displaced.

    Only once the impediments towards community empowerment are marginalized might San Francisco’s communities have a chance of organizing to stop the corruption and its abuses of us.

    You err in conflating criticism of faulty action–an open letter to the mayor–with criticism of the underlying policy recommendations in that letter.

    If I thought that an open letter to the mayor would deliver those policies, then I’d say nothing. But when was the last time that Tommi’s writing caused corporate power to do what he asked?

    If there are no policy changes from the Mayor when consulted with an open letter that telegraphs political weakness and helplessness, then how would you think that hardened political hacks would react? Would they wring their hands in guilt or would they respond as right wing trolls do here, laugh their asses off at the self-important leftist ideologues who are at wits end politically? That is the power dynamic that an open letter telegraphs.

    But the left likes to lose, it has no place for winning or success, empowerment is a dirty word, weakness is strength, peace is war, freedom is dependency.

    Get up your slacker leftist asses and do what it takes to magnetize San Franciscans to your side politically instead of writing the same damn open letter over and over again, guilt trip appeals to shame the shameless.

    If you pathologize strategic and tactical political differences, if you conflate criticism of strategy and tactics with opposition to the underlying policy goals in politics, then it might be you who are in need of professional help.

  16. I think you lost yourself linguistically in an attempt to be sarcastic by adding paragraphs 2 and 3.

    Essentially you echoed what the post said.

    Is it really worth getting your knickers in a such a twist over a blog post?

  17. Ugh.

    So your “strategy” is to punish the weak and powerless?

    You want to wait upon some sort of “demise” of the poor and needy? And thereby the structures that support them?

    And the when they no longer pose a problem for your “vision” which somehow includes exclusive knowledge of how the mayor and his staff react to publications on local blogs?

    You, sir or madam, are living in the wrong time and in the wrong city and most certainly are on the wrong side of history.

    PS the city provides excellent mental health counseling should you need it. It seems like you might.

  18. What on earth are you babbling on about?

    What is written on 48hills is a poor reflection of what is being said and preached on a Sunday at mass in SF and honestly in a much more forgiving tone.

    The greater conversation that happens after mass is rarely written down. It carries over to the kids’ soccer, the dim sum, the pub etc

  19. Haha “A success”???

    Next you’re going to tell us how Amos Brown was a great community leader and how the SFHA didn’t fuck over the African American community.

  20. um… that’s an extremely vague definition of “most of us” and… thereby success and efficacy.

  21. It is not the progressives who get elected and implement progressive policies over the objections of the populace. You’ve proven that progressives cannot run candidates citywide.

    When ballot measures are put on the ballot, historically the people have sided with the progressives on many key issues quite often. Your quibble, as usual, Sam, is with the voters, not the progressive shibboleth.

  22. Continue to defend the ineffective and to assume that anyone who challenges any of you in any way is automatically your opponent. There is no inevitable, but all things being equal, it is the constituencies that the progressive nonprofits depend on whose demise appears inevitable. And when those communities disappear, the nonprofits will soon follow. Nothing is inevitable, when strategy and tactics change, outcomes can change too. But continue to defend the indefensible. Write more strongly worded letters. Speak your truth into existence, that’s all you have to do, no hard work required. That is why Tommi has to write plaintive letters highlighting popular weakness and disempowerment to a Mayor and staff who reads these things and laughs their asses off.

  23. I’m not sure if you were high when you wrote that first line or if there are just a couple of grammatical errors mucking up the meaning, but regardless of your ‘philosophy of truth’ there, I’ll just restate the inevitable…again, you guys will leave, and the City and its cultural residents will still be here.

  24. As you would expect, it has been a mix. The BofS has often been leftish and moderate mayors have kept their worst excesses in check.

    But rent control is a progressive policy and it has failed

  25. It may exist. It’s just that you do not have any hard evidence or numbers either way.

    I am also not sure why you think only Hispanics matter

  26. You can’t seriously claim that the inability to measure a phenomenon due to lack of hard data means that the phenomenon does not exist?

  27. No, I am suggesting that you have no way of measuring the extent of the alleged problem that you claim is “significant”.

  28. So you agree that families are being torn up due to displacement, you only quibble around the margins as to the extent of the damage done. Thanks.

  29. So you do agree that it has been the conservative pro-corporate corruption regime of Brown and Kawa that has been calling the policy shots for the past 20 years, not “the progressives.” Thanks.

  30. Yet apparently “the voters” have been hoodwinked by “the progressives” to pass radical land use restrictions for the past several decades. Ed Lee is a neoliberal libertarian corporate Democrat. Pro-same sex marriage gives him cover to carry water for neoliberals and libertarians like Ron Conway.

  31. Are you suggesting that qualitative analysis is irrelevant, that only quantitative analysis matters?

  32. The voters said they wanted more jobs for SF

    Most of us did push for the Twitter tax breaks, which have proven very successful and effective

  33. “In September 2000, tech jobs accounted for 21 percent of the total workforce in the Bay Area, and as of September of this year, that share had dwindled to 19 percent. Computer and electronics manufacturing used to account for 7 percent of the Bay Area workforce, and now it represents 4 percent.”

    It sure is nice to paint tech jobs as the reason for all that ills SF and the bay area, in the same way the everything wrong with SF is Ed Lees fault. The only problem is that the numbers dont add up.

  34. Yeah, either you give Ron Conway what he wants or you are a “wild-eyed extremist ideologue.”

  35. When it comes to “the people” who speak for “the people,” it turns out that some of “the people” are more equal than others of “the people.”

  36. Using language is not protesting, it is not organizing, it is not taking direct action, it is not running candidates nor ballot measures, it is just making statements and appeals to guilt.

  37. We didn’t push for tax breaks for Twitter either but somehow we got stuck with them. Sure we could build more, but the tech companies could also be steered south where they belong. We have never hurt for jobs in this town.

  38. Ah, the inevitable vice from the far left saying that protesters are not radical enough. But never giving suggestions as to what they should do instead.

  39. Queens “Was not invented for everybody else.” Everybody else had long lived in Manhatten, Brooklyn, etc, until pushed out. Queens was less desirable because of the limited subway service, so poor people lived there. They report that it dosn’t feel much like living in New York.

  40. Don’t forget that Willie & Frank before him tried to play the same game. Their legacies are questionable at best. Different times now obviously.

    Ed is still under Rose’s petticoats but who knows? There are some new influencers in Chinatown.

    Warrior’s stadium imho will only succeed if they can convincingly mitigate the UCSF ER access issue.

    Tearing down 280 is not going to help that scenario.

  41. I understand that after Tom Ammiano read Tommi’s letter and that it moved him to outrage to the extent that he was threatening to run for mayor, that Ed Lee got wind of this and has called a news conference for tomorrow morning to announce that Tommi is, of course, correct, and Ed Lee regrets his sins but has now Come to Jesus and sees the light, and that his administration is going to do everything that Tommi asked for in his letter.

  42. You can’t seriously be suggesting that no Latino families with children were displaced against their will?

  43. Need it be quantified if it is evidently significant? Some significant percentage of the thousands of Latinos were displaced, some significant percentage of them were kids.

  44. Corruption is endemic so opposing it says little. Whoever has power will be corrupt. Power always corrupts which is why we should always restrain government.

  45. Mary, the individuals and groups who Tim carries water for on these important issues are the ones who are paid to ensure that “the people” never get organized. Richmond California has empowered residents. But the only thing that San Franciscoi’s professional progressives get exercised about is out-flanking any competition from the grass roots.

  46. There is a majority against corruption, there is a minority in support of politics constricted to the needs of “the most vulnerable.”

  47. In my opinion the fact that 500 or 1000 or even 100 people would show up at a City Hall in this country to protest anything is amazing in this day and age. The attitude is “nobody cares, the politicians care even less so why bother”. Do you have to have police brutality to the point of death to get any civic action in this country?

  48. Mary, I have been investing in real estate here for nearly 20 years. I haven’t taken the money and ran. I have stayed here. I have provided housing to over 100 people. And I have raised children here.

    And yes, I have made some good scratch. But your categorization of that as evil and transitionary is not backed up by the facts.

    Anyway, the issue in this article is the Mayor not agreeing to meet with a mob who showed up at City Hall. I don’t blame him. If he had met with them it would have sent the message that all you have to do is recruit a small mob and descend on City Hall and you will get special treatment. How about special treatment for the 99.9% of people in SF who don’t do that?

  49. Exactly. And as a family grows, they more than likely need more space. A one bedroom flat ain’t gonna cut it.

  50. Gay people may actually be more in demand in some areas – straight people aren’t getting married anymore, who is going to keep the divorce lawyers in business?

  51. It seems to me that both the bleeding heart old guard liberals and nouveau riche yuppies who can’t stand to look at anyone who is dirty or poor might have it wrong. The type of people who have been buying houses in SF to evict people and charge more rent are not the type of people who are interested in the long term prosperity of the city. They are Carpet bagger speculators who want to milk the market while its hot. This type of speculation in property is always bad news and can leave a path of destruction. The phenomenon of extraordinary volatility in rent prices and the disparity between rising rent and rising property values (property values have risen but not as much as rents) may actually be suppressing property values by creating social instability. So everyone loses unless the city and state can find some way to accommodate the demand for luxury housing without completely displacing the working class people every urban area needs.

  52. Don’t misunderestimate how many people would prefer an ageing bumbling city adminstrator to the kind of wild-eyed extremist ideologue whom you would seek to impose on us if only the majority wont let you

  53. Since you admit it is a minority, then it is right that they not get their way, because the majority oppose them.

  54. Ed Lee isn’t popular. He is uninspiring. He’s done little to show leadership on housing, transit, infrastructure, or anything else, really. Much as Generic Republican would have beat Obama and Generic Democrat would have beat Bush, Ed Lee could be defeated by Generic Ed Lee Alternative, who conveniently represents the opposite of everything you, personally, don’t like about Ed Lee.

    Unfortunately, he has to run against an actual human being. One with well thought out policies, the ability to negotiate, the capacity to govern a city with conflicting interests and constituencies, the capacity for smart compromise, and the ability to articulate ideas and to sell them to people other than said candidate’s immediate friends and constituencies.

    And SF progressives – for whom the world is never going to be anything more than the sharp division of “My People” and “Evil Techie Landlord Developer Scum And Their Soulless Alien Shills” with no gray area whatsoever – are really, really, _really_ bad at that.

    SF loves Generic Ed Lee Alternative. What a great candidate Generic Ed Lee Alternative is! Let’s get behind that one! They just don’t like _you_ enough. Sorry.

  55. That is what we really needed. A penetrating critical analysis that dispassionately considers both sides of the debate and draws an informed balanced conclusion.

    Well done!

  56. Speaking the truth to power that willfully makes that truth and knows that truth full well because it intentionally makes it accomplishes what again?

  57. I’m not at all surprised by the callousness displayed in the comments. These are all similar to comments found on every article about the City’s displacement problem…yeah, yeah, I know…you guys don’t see a problem with displacing trashy punks, shitty minorities, lame-ass poor people…blah…blah…blah…Ron Conway is cleaning up the dirty streets and Ed Lee is ushering in a clean, spankin’ new population to brighten up the place…like splashing new white paint on the torn up, dingy wall of an old warehouse to create a brand-new, $4000/month condo in the up-and-coming ‘artist’ community in the Dog Patch…thing is, kiddos, this shit is old news. This is a pattern, history repeats itself, and all that…eventually, this new tide of speculators, cash hounds, and money hoarders ebbs, and people like me will still be here, representing and rebuilding the culture and creativity until the City is ours again. It does no good to tell any of you how wrong you are…you come, you go…I’ll still be here when you’re all gone.

  58. Oh give me a break, we have an Aryan yelling at someone else for being in the Klan. What a joke of a thread.

  59. Or perhaps out of the “displaced” there were some actual “successes” like people who moved because their parents got better jobs elsewhere; or is it your contention that the entire Latino population in Mission cannot succeed elsewhere?

  60. Yes, there have been multiple polls showing Lee with a very high approval rating, but they don’t count because they showed Lee with a very high approval rating.

  61. Some families actually find that a back yard and traffic free streets boost their children’s happiness when compared to a rent controlled apartment. Or so I’ve heard.

    But if you think that the best option for every family is to raise their kids in a Mission apartment then….who am I to try and dissuade.

  62. Don’t misunderestimate the extent to which “progressive” politics is ethically conflicted, controlled by mayoral purse strings.

  63. Many are forced to sever ties completely, but I am sure that you get off on punishing children for their parents’ “failures.” Perhaps you should become a political consultant?

  64. If Lee is as unpopular as you claim AND he is still heading for an easy victory, then that is even more impressive.

  65. I provide material content. I only respond personally when someone personally attacks me first rather than try and counter my points.

    Intolerant name-callers like Gary do your cause no good at all.

  66. Many people who are “displaced” move just a few miles away where housing is considerably cheaper.

  67. marcos, speaking as someone who outbid people of color to buy a Mission district condo, I am surprised that you do not choke on those words

  68. Yes, it is very healthy for families to pick up and leave due to economic reasons because kids don’t need any sort of social stability in order to thrive, especially if their parents are failures who cannot afford as much.

  69. No doubt, raising a family in a major city is a daunting financial task. In New York the only families in Manhattan are either very rich or very poor. And that’s why Queens was invented for everyone else.

    Also, its one thing for a single family or even a couple to take a chance on rent control to keep their city home. It’s another thing to bet an entire family’s welfare on it instead of exploring affordable options outside of the city.

  70. Except when the simplest explanation is that high rents and speculation overpowered them and forced them out.

  71. Another deceptive practice is to describe every one of the 8,000 Latino families as ‘displaced’.

    People do move voluntarily. Any demographer will tell you that immigrant families will live in a suitable community for awhile and then move on once they get settled.

  72. At some point, if one is a longtime housing activist in San Francisco, and the circumstances for housing in San Francisco have come to this, then it might be time to step aside and allow for others to take the lead.

  73. I’ve seen the cross tabs. In no district does Ed Lee enjoy majority support for job performance.

  74. On the SFBG web page Tim’s pal Steve Jones would bemoan “the mob” that would show up to Mission neighborhood parking meter everywhere public hearings. That these people swayed the city away from further tormenting of the citizens made Jones and the SFBG crowd furious.

    Now it seems that an actual mob showing up unplanned should be listened to.

  75. Another clue. Saying “nonsense” doesn’t win any debate any more than mindless knejerk allegations of racism.

    It just shows that you do not have an effective counter

  76. I think you mean “disapproval” rating. Every poll I see has Lee’s approval around 60%-65% – the same as his 60-40 drubbing of Avalos last time.

    When Avalos, Campos, Ammiano, Daly, Mirk, Agnos and Leno are all scared to run against an incumbent, then we know the incumbent is popular.

  77. It’s a reliable rule of thumb. The playing of a race card is usually the earliest indication I get that my opponent knows he is losing the debate.

  78. “The first person to bring up race is always the racist. That was you.”

    Did you learn that at a Klan meeting? I’m sure they teach you well there. How about this: The first person to bring up crime is always the criminal. The first person to bring up blight is always the cause of blight. Grow up, pathetic human.

  79. The first person to bring up race is always the racist. That was you.

    I don’t like slums, blught and crime regardless of race.

  80. To non-racists, the Fillmore redevelopment project is a textbook case of how not to do redevelopment.

    To racists like you, it was a successful, racist project that uprooted people of color from their longtime homes.

    Aren’t you late for a Klan meeting or something?

  81. It’s the other way about. There is no challenger to Lee because it is obvious that Lee will win, and no progressive wants to be branded a loser.

  82. Tommi has been taking lessons from the Tim Redmond school of journalistic exaggeration.

    And again, this idea that somehow some races and sexual orientations are inherently more desirable than others, and so quotas must be preserved – always distasteful

  83. “And Lee has to be concerned with his legacy.”

    Bullshit. His legacy will be coupon clipping for services rendered.

  84. “More than 8,000 Latino families have been displaced from the Mission since 2000. African Americans are barely 7% of the city now. LGBT youth make up about 40% of homeless youth. More than 3,000 children are living in vans and in church basements with their families. Almost 7,000 people are homeless. ”

    I was not aware that Ed Lee had been mayor for 15 years.
    Why is it completely impossible for professional progressives to connect these consequences with decades of land use decisions that they pushed for.
    Look within your own rank and file and the people who have been saying no for decades. You cant have your cake and eat it too.

  85. Tommi, if you want to meet with our leaders then make an appointment like the rest of us do. You don’t just rudely and intrusively show up in a mob of 400 people (it was nowhere near 1,000) and expect total and complete access.

    IOW, learn how to behave properly and doors will open for you. Act like an entitled ass and you will be treated like one.

    Ed Lee is cruising to an easy re-election victory. You can do nothing about that. Grow up and be an adult.

  86. I’ve been polled via telephone a few times, and the way the questions are worded makes me believe that Ed Lee, Conway and company are concerned. While there is little doubt that Lee will be the next mayor; but if he loses popular support and his ability to con San Franciscans, those who finance him and make handsome profits will lose their traction.

    And Lee has to be concerned with his legacy. He’s making the Fillmore redevelopment project look like a success. And while I do support the Warrior’s sports/entertainment complex – only IF the transit infrastructure is sufficiently beefed-up before it is built – NOBODY believes that tearing down 280 is going to do anything but make transit worse for everyone, and it will be aptly be portrayed as a raw land grab to benefit Lee’s friends.

    He can only get away with ridiculous lies for so long.

  87. Well…. That’s what the surge in California “imagrants” did to Seattle…priced it out of this world. I AM sad that San Fransisco is looseing it’s flavor. But, Seattle lost it over ten years ago. Sad but true..

  88. Agreed, they’re overreaching, but absent a coherent challenger who can appeal across that yawning divide and build a citywide coalition…In any event, if a strongly worded open letter to Ed Lee would have done the trick, then we’d not be having this conversation now.

  89. eh.. you never know..

    he’s pissing off close to the ‘right’ amount of people.. there’s not a good word about him at mass in SF right now…

    When you lose the catholics & the gays you lose sf

  90. Admittedly, I wasn’t there. But from the pix I’ve seen, there were abt 200-300 folks there. Not Tim’s 500. And not TAMs ten hundred.

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