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Friday, October 22, 2021

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Uncategorized96 Hours of protests start with Black Lives Matter...

96 Hours of protests start with Black Lives Matter actions in SF, Oakland


By Julia Carrie Wong

JANUARY 16, 2015 — While protesters banged spoons on BART cars and shut down stations in San Francisco, another action was going on across the Bay.

About 15 protesters from communities of color chained themselves to the Clay Street entrance of Oakland’s Ronald V Dellums Federal Building at 6:30this morning as part of a planned 96 hours of protest in the Bay Area marking Martin Luther King Jr Day.

The protesters, behind a banner reading “Third World For Black Power,” planned to link “third world struggle with black resistance” and emphasize King’s legacy of opposition to US imperialism, including his opposition to the Vietnam War. About 15 more white protesters chained themselves to the Jefferson Street entrance of the Federal Building at the same time. About 100 more protesters gathered in front of the Federal Building, and a helium balloon lofted a giant banner reading “Black Power Matters” above the plaza.

Police did not immediately move to remove the protesters. Other entrances of the building remained unblocked, and police escorted workers into the building. Organizers stated their intention to remain in place for 4 hours and 28 minutes. Four hours symbolizes the amount of time Ferguson, MO police left Mike Brown’s body in the street after he was shot and killed by police last August. Twenty-eight  minutes symbolizes the fact that, according to a study by the Malcolm X Grassroots Movement, a Black person is killed by police, security guards, or vigilantes  every 28 hours in the United States.

The protest made visible the diversity of non-black people of color supporting the #BlackLivesMatter movement that has arisen in the wake of the police killings of Mike Brown, Eric Garner, and other unarmed black men and women. Protesters wore signs identifying themselves as Arab, Filipino, Latino, Korean, Chinese, Palestinian, South Asian, and other ethnicities “for black resistance.”

Rhonda Ramiro, a Filipina activist from Oakland, said that today’s protest shows the connection between the oppression of black people in the US and other people of color. “The wealth accumulated through the enslavement of Black people in the US enabled the US to go around the world and colonize countries like the Philippines,” she said. “We see our struggle for independence as linked 100 percent with the struggle for self-determination for black people.”

Protesters also emphasized the connection between US police tactics, which have the greatest impact on black communities, and the tactics used by police and military forces abroad. According to Ramiro, BART police recently returned to the US from helping to train the Philippine National Police in counter-terrorism. Reem Assil, one of the protesters locked to the building, said that the Israeli Defense Forces have trained US police departments. She linked the tactics used against Palestinians by Israel to the policing of black people in the US.

Assil also pointed to a nexus of solidarity between Muslim and black communities have faced in the US, saying, “As Arabs, we are no strangers to being surveilled and profiled in the post 9/11 world.”

Although it started in tense darkness, as the sun rose and the police declined to remove the protesters, a more festive atmosphere took hold at the Federal Building. Children lead chants, a group of indigenous people performed a spiritual ceremony and dance, and speakers took the mike to give speeches and cheer. Numerous other #BlackLivesMatter protests are planned for the rest of the weekend, culminating in a MLK Day march on Monday starting at the Fruitvale BART station at 11:00am.

At 11:06 AM protesters declared that 4 hours and 28 minutes had elapsed, removed their chains, and concluded the protest

Tim Redmond
Tim Redmond has been a political and investigative reporter in San Francisco for more than 30 years. He spent much of that time as executive editor of the Bay Guardian. He is the founder of 48hills.
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  1. Israel kills 100 civilians for every one Israeli. So it always is with the oppressor, whether we’re talking about Apartheid South Africa, Indonesia/East Timor, or Israel/Palestine. In the end, though, the oppressor always fails, superior weaponry and all. That’s because the oppressor creates 100 more enemies for every civilian it kills.

  2. marcos, the evidence of millions of people wishing to immigrate to the US is indicative of a widespread perception that the US is the envy of much of the world.

  3. Greg, it is clear that the protests were in favor of the type of free speech that Hebdo is engaged in, and against terrorism of course.

  4. In San Francisco, protests are usually a fringe group of a few dozen people. The majority disagree with them particularly when theprotesters target that silent majority as with the #blackcrimes matter protests.

  5. Of course protests work. If they didn’t, then those who oppose the change you’re trying to accomplish wouldn’t be spending so much time trying to convince you not to do it. What you are responding to is not apathy; it’s concern trolling. Beware of “friendly” advice on tactics from those who don’t support your goals to begin with.

  6. The Paris protests are not about free speech. France does not have a First Amendment as we know it. You can be sued or jailed for criticizing some religions, or even questioning accepted history in the form of the Holocaust, as it relates to Jews. Now before you accuse me of defending holocaust deniers, I’m not. I believe that the historical evidence is overwhelmingly against their point of view. But my point is that when you can be put in jail for merely questioning the accepted narrative, that is anything but free speech. And in the wake of the Charlie Hebdo shootings, French authorities have announced an even stronger crackdown against that kind of speech. So again, I don’t know what the protests are trying to preserve, but free speech ain’t it.

  7. I wouldn’t use that particular phraseology, but essentially yes. Saudi Arabia and governments like them deserve to be overthrown, and I hope their leaders are strung up (after a fair trial of course).

    But, as a progressive, I also firmly believe in the principle of self-determination. The people of those countries absolutely need to do it themselves. If regime change is imposed by foreign intervention, it’s not only immoral, but it never works out well in the end (see: Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, etc.). Fortunately, all that needs to be done in certain cases is for the United States to merely stop supporting these bloodthirsty regimes. If the US stops supporting its ally Saudi Arabia, the most repressive regime in the world, that awful regime which publicly beheads people for the slightest offenses will fall within a matter of weeks. In other cases it’s more complicated, but it’s not for us to decide when and how a people choose to end their own oppression.

  8. I won’t feed into your apathy. Protests indeed do work as they bring the issue to the public. I do think that some form of legal action if possible will result in more visible results. Some of this is just changing people’s minds.

  9. So presumably your principle of tolerance includes a deep loathing for the recent stoning of a woman by muslim fundamentalists for alleged infidelity?

    Yet somehow you ignored that.

  10. Greg, not all protests seek to achieve change. Some seek to preserve important national freedoms, like the Paris protest for free speech.

    And if your “arc” invariably tends towards “justice” (a relative terms since you and I probably define it differently) then why do some changes favor conservatives?

    The rest sounds a lot like sour grapes, to be honest. You seem to be saying either “I won” or “I will win”. But what if you lose?

  11. As Martin Luther King said, “The arc of history is long, but it bends toward justice.”

    At the same time, social change doesn’t happen without struggle. Governments don’t give something because you ask nicely. And with any social change, it’s always a minority who pushes the envelope first. That minority is known as “progressives.” Sometimes progressives succeed by convincing the majority first and politicians follow after the majority has already been convinced a long time ago (examples: marriage equality, marijuana legalization). Other times the minority is able to effect a change in the law to advance the cause of justice before the majority is on board, and the change itself becomes a catalyst for the majority to later accept it (examples: civil rights, abortion rights). But it always starts with a minority first.

    The protests in Paris… not sure exactly what change they’re demanding? No more religious violence? Well sure, I support that. Who doesn’t? I think the message is a bit confused though. I think western society needs to engage in a bit of introspection to understand what the root causes of the violence are before it can be stopped.

    In any case, the worldwide protests against the invasion of Iraq were much larger, yet you were dismissive of those. While it’s true that they didn’t stop the invasion, everything the protesters predicted has come to pass. And eventually, they too will prevail. Imperialism won’t last forever. It will collapse, and sooner than you think.

    The arc of history is long, but it bends toward justice.

    Of course, it won’t do so on its own. Imperialism will collapse, but only as a result of the fact that people here and around the world oppose it. Nothing happens without struggle.

  12. “For instance, because it hates Israel it has to hate Jews. and if that wasn’t bad enough that means they have to love Arab terrorists.”

    By that logic, you would also conclude that since I like tuna, then I must be a cat.

    “Which is why you saw Greg and Marcos here being careful not to actually state that they support the Hebdo attackers, while then explaining to us that they could ‘understand” it.”

    If you’re going to respond to what I said, then respond to what I said, not what you wish I said. I said what I said on that thread, and I stand by it.

    “The left ought in theory to be secular. And yet they hate religions based on the Judeo-Christian tradition while loving a religion they know nothing about except that they advocate violence, and love to stone people to death or behead themm” [sic]

    This is so superficial it could’ve been uttered by George Bush. I don’t support any religion, but as a progressive, I hold certain principles. That includes tolerance (the ability to accept even those whose religious views I disagree with), fact-based objectivity (the ability to understand that it isn’t Muslims committing most of the murder in this world), and yes, a certain sympathy for the weak and least powerful (unlike authoritarians who tend to sympathize with the wealthy and the powerful).

  13. “ttt”,
    If you’re not matlock, then you sound an awful lot like him. Same memes, same logical leaps, same awkward syntax. Same tendency to drop random obscure historical details that he believed made him sound educated, but which in reality had only a tenuous connection to the rest of his rant. Together it makes the details incomprehensible. But the gist is always the same -you hate the left and think they’re hypocrites.

    matlock tended to post his more incomprehensible ravings in the evening, unlike Sam who tends to be an early morning/day troll (perhaps due to the time difference). It sounded like he was drunk. He mostly disappeared toward the end. I hope he’s OK. He was irritating, but I hope he didn’t meet the same fate as his fellow right-wing troll Arthur Evans -alone on the floor of his apartment for several days before anyone discovered the body.

  14. Correct, Guest, I am the real marcos and I almost single-handedly engineered the great progressive victories of the early naughties. There was a time when Avalos, Ammiano, Gonzalez and Daly would never consider proposing an idea until I had vetted and ratified it.

    I was therefore a mix of quarter back and team coach. Yet never did I seek credit for this vital role. I guess that’s just the kind of modest, unassuming, self-effacing guy I am.

    But the fake marcos was right about one thing. The capitalists and developers have eaten our lunch and outwitted us. They play a long-term game, for keeps. While my so-called progressive colleagues sold out for a pittance of a handout from the mayor’s office for their ineffective non-profits.

    We lost, but not on my watch. My hands are clean.

  15. This must not be the real marcos. The marcos I know has done smashingly well in SF – $500,000 profit from a TIC/condo purchase; two well-paid incomes, no kids; lots of foreign travel; and he’s a star on the local progressive party circuit, whenever there’s a cool political function happening. Most of us fell far below the economic, social and political heights marcos achieved. Maybe try your troll posts somewhere else cause they won’t fly here.

  16. And yet Israel is no as strong as ever, and routinely kills 100 of their enemies for every one that they lose.

    Superior weaponry, smarts and culture all put to good effect.

  17. I can explain. Matlock was a skilled debater from the comment pages of SFBG (before they banned comments and then folded very soon afterwards).

    Matlock was one of a handful of posters there (Lucretia and Sam being two others) who would routinely defeat the “usual suspect” lefties who post on all the local politics blogs, like marcos and of course Greg.

    In particular, when Greg realized that he was losing the debate, he would accuse Matlock of being a drunkard. The same allegations were made about h. Brown who, although a leftie (and old) would knock spots off the usual suspect lelfties.

    Calling someone a lush to save face lacks honor, but on some level I can understand the desperation that it is predicated upon.

  18. Why do you say that sustained protests will be effective? A few might, of course. But most protests achieve nothing. We’re still fighting in Iraq, for instance, and have been for over twenty years, despite endless protests about it. Afghanistan has been going on for 12 years. More locally we continue to see foreclosures and evictions, and increase economic disparity, despite Occupy and demonstrations. Abortions continue despite the protests there

    Protests in fact rarely work, and usually happen just so the protesters can feel better about doing something. On the odd occasion when they do work, it is because a significant proportion of the people agree. That 1.5 million that marched in Paris last wee-end was more effective than any protest in SF I can ever recall, which typically have a few dozen of the same “activists” each time.

  19. I recall Sam telling us that he had sold most of the properties he has owned. I believe that he only owns a couple now, at least in the city.

  20. The left finds itself compelled to make some strange bedfellows. For instance, because it hates Israel it has to hate Jews. and if that wasn’t bad enough that means they have to love Arab terrorists.

    Which is why you saw Greg and Marcos here being careful not to actually state that they support the Hebdo attackers, while then explaining to us that they could ‘understand” it.

    The left ought in theory to be secular. And yet they hate religions based on the Judeo-Christian tradition while loving a religion they know nothing about except that they advocate violence, and love to stone people to death or behead themm

  21. Lefties don’t dislike Jews any more or less than other religions. Many lefties do have a problem with religious zealots of all faiths, especially those that use violence to further their cause. Many lefties also have a problem with Israel and other religious states, however, just as we had a problem with apartheid South Africa, the brutal dictators of some South American countries and other places in the world where government funded and sponsored violence and denial of basic human rights to some parts of the population exist. Israel consistently uses violence and intimidation to further political and economic gains. That’s not cool there or any other country.

    By the way 4th Gen, my understanding is that therapy can cure people with persecution complexes. You may want to try it.

  22. Greg claims his identity remains a secret, so he suffered no loss. You cannot stalk an avatar.

    Someone here mentioned his real surname the other day but I think you missed it. Too late now, sucker.

  23. Everything here is a puff piece, Guest. The battle for the soul of this city has been lost, and the Sams of the world have won.

    We are just fighting over scraps from his dinner table, hoping he tosses us some crumbs and morsels to sustain us and other proles..

    I admit it. He won and we lost.

  24. Greg, I’m glad that you see the humor in all this. I sometimes think people here take things way too seriously. In the end, we’re just discussing ideas and concepts. No real harm is done.

    You, me and Sam are all professional and successful knowledge workers who will flourish here whether our movement for social and economic justice succeeds or fails.

    So let’s just have some fun, yeah?

  25. Sam is a professional troll. He has made a career out of writing libertarian rants and trying to stir up political tension. For amusement, take a look at his posts–it’s an endless tirade of libertarian comments about progressives.

    The odd thing is that he is a member of a model minority, but writes like an oppressed black of a self-hating white liberal. Although he is only half landlord, so that might explain it.

    Anywah, he always writes libertarian-based puff pieces, so I wouldn’t take this too seriously.

  26. I would like nothing more than to retire owning Sam’s properties that I get in court or to relieve Redmond of all of those donations from the progressive faithful.

  27. marcos, the mistake you make in starting this imp’ing game is that you have a real-life identity and “reputation” that can be compromised by those who imp you.

    While Sam is a nom de plume that he can change in an iota, and has no fear of such attacks.

    So it was a dumb move on your part, because google searches of your name will now lead to posts that effectively undermine your credibility. He can hurt you but you cannot touch him.

    Those who live in glass houses and all that. Sam out-smarted you again

  28. HSH, I agree. Israel is always several steps ahead of their enemies. In fact, the US buys a lot of its advanced military software from my tribe, including avionics and missile technology.

    While Israel’s experience in deterring terror attacks, led by El Al innovative “active profiling system” at airports, is a pioneer that other airlines aspire to emulate..

    These rag-eared rabbles of rabid rag-headed revolutionaries will feel the steel of Zion and pay with their wretched lives.

    Israel uber alles.

  29. Hezbollah is an asymmetrical fighting force which simply wins by existing. That’s something new for Israel, which is used to fighting clear cut state-to-state conflict. But Hezbollah did not “kick the IDF’s ass” a couple of years ago – what they did was fire numerous rockets on Israeli cities and hunker down, hardly an “ass-kicking” of anyone. Iron Dome has negated that advantage. And now that Iran is close to singing a nuclear deal you’re going to see the Hezbollah-Iran-Syria axis completely collapse. Israel already has Hezbollah’s security operation riddled with spies. It’s just a matter of time until Nasrallah meets the same fate as the other snakes of Hezbollah.

  30. Yes, I agree. The right to hide behind a pseudonym to launch personal attacks against someone else is sacrosanct and anyone who would use imping to prevent someone from exercising that fundamental right is nothing short of vile.

  31. No we won’t Marcos. Now, from one of the tribe to another of the tribe, stop imitating Sam. BTW, tons of us in the tribe have left the left because the left hates us. Je suis Juif.

  32. Agreed. A lot of times it’s hard to gauge the real long-term effectiveness of a movement when you’re in the moment.

    I just heard an inspiring story about Women on Waves, an abortion rights groups that provided abortions on a ship in international waters for women who were citizens of countries where abortion was illegal.

    When they went to Poland, a nation that has really regressed in this area of human rights since the fall of Communism, they were met at the port by Christian protesters who prevented women from boarding the ship. In Portugal, the right wing defense minister sent warships to block them from even getting into the port. Failure? Short term, yes.

    But they succeeded in moving the debate. In Poland, support for abortion rights went from 44% to 56% in the wake of the attempt. In Portugal, they were even more effective. Abortion became a big campaign issue in the next election, the government fell, and the next government legalized abortion.

    So more power to these protesters, I say.

  33. Marcos, if it is indeed you who is posting under Sam’s name, please stop. Seriously. That is completely childish & honestly you are smarter and better than that. TY.

  34. I disagree with some of the tactics and statements but if they sustain the protests over time; it will prove effective. A dedicated group can bring change. These are people taking risks; that alone should be honored. peace.

  35. “I own many properties. My empire is vast. I am a proud, brave, and chivalrous knight.” – yeah, sounds like me.

  36. Sam, you correctly perceived my intent. By starting an imp’ing war here, my intent was to bring chaos and disorder to this site, so that Tim would feel compelled to either moderate comments, ban users or end all comments.

    It was a dirty trick, I know, but the left was losing too many debates here, so I needed to take charge

  37. Not to inject some seriousness or anything, but it’s ironic that Apartheid South Africa only had nukes because Apartheid Israel helped them. There was an article in the UK Guardian several years ago which went through the whole sordid history, including photos of Begin kissing the same right-wing South Africans who 30 years before had been standing on the docks vowing to block any Jewish refugees from Nazi Germany from disembarking on South African shores. The same anti-semites who spent time in a British internment camp for supporting the enemy (SA was a British colony, but many Boers supported Nazi Germany) were now kissing Menachem Begin, who was giving them nukes.

    Now if that isn’t the definition of a self-hating Jew, I don’t know what is!

  38. Yet Israel’s position continues to deteriorate and ICC jurisdiction is right around the corner. Hot white phosphorous against civilians is Mengele-like in its brutality.

  39. I think that we’ve proven that “Sam” is here merely to attack individuals. When the identity of the individual cannot be ascertained, “Sam” attacks everyone.

    Is Redmond going to put up with this shit, “Citizens United” concept of free speech? Of course he is, this is all that drives page hits.

  40. Yes, checking a Twitter account to gain context for a critique of a writer is exactly like stalking someone. She should take out a restraining order.

  41. I own many properties. My empire is vast. I am a proud, brave, and chivalrous knight. Bathed in the glow of my computer screen in my parent’s dark basement I defeat the great dragons of progressivism that threaten my kingdom. I am beloved by many fair maidens. I am Sam! Sam I am!

  42. South Africa still exists, last time I checked.

    And they do not have that great Jewish spirit and intellect that so defines our faith

  43. No, Guest, Sam convinced me that the phrase “neighborhood political power” is an oxymoron.

    Those of us who have tried and failed to halt the economic growth of our local economy cannot simply try and blame journalists for our own failings.

    The blizzard of new development projects going up in the Mission cuts me the quick, but I recognise that as my failure and not anyone else’s.

  44. Of course you’ve admired Tim as he’s been front and center of neutralizing neighborhood political power which has cleared the field for neoliberals.

  45. Greg, the gibberish generator still made more sense than many of the serious posts on SFBG.

    For the record I am sorry that I outed you as a healthcare worker and thereby enabled Sam to divine your true identity. I promise to be more discreet in the future.

  46. But you have only to look at the superior performance of Jews in professional and intellectual fields to understand that our people will always prevail in the battlefield as well as the courtroom or operating theater.

    We are 1% of the nation with 10% of the brains. Our enemies have been trying to destroy us for decades and we have vanquished them all.

    And we have nukes!

  47. To some extent, but I have long admired how Tim takes risks to put the progressive agenda out there, while many merely carp and whine from the sidelines.

    And his commitment to free speech is near legendary.

  48. Tim is too encased in the amber of his social milieu that it clouds his political judgement. He will wring his hands and excusify to enable the political losers to become the political martyrs that they hope to become.

  49. Israel’s days are numbered by its own choices if they cannot prevail against Hezbollah and are having conniption fits over the prospect of having to submit to the ICC. They’ve played a crap hand well, but their luck is running out due to their poor choices. Not to worry, there is always a Brooklyn!

  50. True but, that said, I would never underestimate the military effective of the Israeli fighting machine. They have fought a number of wars against their neighbors since 1948 and have clear and easy victors each time.

    Although I have mixed feelings about the state of Israel, my own Jewish heritage cannot help but admire the sheer ruthless effectiveness with which Israeli military assets are sweated to produce the goods no matter what it takes.

    Every day is a battle for the survival of the Jewish state, and criticism of our tactics must be judged in the context of that framework.

  51. The IDF got its ass kicked by Hezbollah a few years ago. IDF only wins against opponents that are pathetically weak. Such is the fate of the bully, relegated to irrelevance through illegitimacy.

  52. Those on the left who place emphasis on what divides us rather than what unites us are detrimental to the cause of progressivism. Julia’s race-based identity politics divides the progressive community and dilutes our attempts to improve social and economic justice for all of the community, rather than just her favored ethnic cliques.

    It is the refusal of many of the SF left to accept my more nuanced analysis that have led to the series of progressive defeats that we have seen over the last decade.

    So I agree with Sam, albeit for different reasons. Tim should not give the oxygen of publicity to those who seek to destroy our movement from within. Identity politics is a fifth column in our midst.

  53. We should all post as “Sam” from now on, in order to reduce the impact he has on this forum. It’s a shabby tactic but the overarching imperative is to dilute the neoliberal agenda here, so I am calling for civil disobedience on this important matter.

    Je suis Sam

  54. BB, Julia is a professional race-card player. She has made a career out of writing identity politics rants and trying to stir up racial tension. For amusement take a look at her twitter feed – it’s an endless tirade of racist comments about white people.

    The odd thing is that she is a member of the model minority, but writes like a racist black or a self-hating white liberal. Although she is only half Asian so that might explain it.

    Anyway, she always writes race-based puff pieces, so I wouldn’t take this too seriously.

  55. No, it’s marcos doing the imping. He pulled the same stunt over at SFBG which ended with everyone posting as “Guest” or “Anon”.

    marcos takes the view that unless we all continually reaffirm his delusion that he is the intellectual giant of the local left, he sees no value in this place, and would rather try and ruin it than participate honestly.

    At this point he has effectively given up on politics, and just blames everyone else on the left for selling out. He sees locations like this as part of the problem and wishes to sabotage it.

  56. 4th g/en, it’s marcos imp’ing me. Which just goes to show how low he has sunk. Pathetic.

    Greg has many flaws, of course, but this is not his style. He’s a straight shooter, but just wrong a lot. Whereas marcos takes everything personally and sulks every time he starts losing a debate.

    Greg’s big flaw is desperately trying to censor every opinion that he personally disagrees with. He really should get his own blog rather than try endlessly to imtimidate Tim into micro-managing content and suppressing free speech

  57. What? You miss me, 4thGen? I’m no troll, so I just can’t be as prolific as Sam.

    For what it’s worth, I kind of like the new Sam. He’s a breath of fresh air, IMO. I don’t see the big deal. The comment section has already been trashed, so what’s a few nuggets of imping in a sea of troll feces? Hell, perhaps it’s even time for a return to the gibberish generator. Slogging through the same troll garbage is tiresome. But rearrange the same words a bit, and you have first class entertainment.

    But to answer your question… no, it’s not me. Not my style.

  58. Is that you, matlock? I recognize that liquor-soaked logic anywhere! I know it’s Friday night, but I’d wait a couple hours between drinkin’ and postin’ if I were you. Not for our sake. Hell, it’s more entertaining this way. I’m just concerned for your liver. Anyway, glad to see you back. The current crop of trolls makes your disjointed syntax and awkward leaps of logic seem erudite by comparison.

  59. What is your point? If these pathetic asswipes experienced a day of Shin Bet interrogation they wouldn’t be back out on the streets harassing commuters. We can only wish OPD imitated the IDF’s means – they’ve won every war in which they’ve been involved.

  60. Someone is impostering Sam. I hope it’s not GREG, but funnily enough Greg hasn’t chimed in here…hmmm. We in tech know how to find out who the imposter Sam is.

  61. Essentially authoritarian dictatorships that don’t controll all aspect of life are better than totalitarian dictatorships that do.

    The mix of religion and politics require Iran to remain in third word status, no matter how much American leftist cheer the batty ranting of its leaders. As bad as the Shah was he is no Ayatolla, the Ayatolla legacy has consigned Iran to an ongoing slow motion disaster.

    The workers paradise of North Korea will forever be third world.
    South Korea sadly had it’s authoritarian dictators but has moved on and is a thriving nation.

    Second and third world terms annoys the leftists not because it is descriptive, but because it notes their ideological failure. Apologists for dictatorship like Helms and Kirkpatrick fell behind too as countries moved forward, just showing that the far left and right cant get anything right.

  62. Sam makes up fantastical stories. But his sad, hollow life has no meaning. Pity him. He has no friends. Indeed he has no meaningful relationships with other human beings, other than perhaps his parents. He lives in their basement and spends all day, every day trolling on his computer. That’s it. That’s all he does and that’s all he has. That is the extent and the meaning of his terribly unhappy life. Fact.

  63. At a certain point it all becomes a unthinking pose for the left. America’s various invasions and schemes are terrible to say the least. With a theory of everything it’s all connected, not because there is a connection. American low level criminals and rioters are akin to Kurds manipulated by Kissinger and Nixon(if these shouters even know about that.)

    American foreign policy has been terrible, american domestic policy has been terrible, so that means career criminals in America are akin to screwed Kurds in Iraq. Something like that.

    America wrongly invaded Vietnam/Iraq(which I agree), criminals in America should get a pass because of that.

  64. No, terms like “third world”, “developing markets” ad “emerging markets” are all in common currency to describe those nations that are neither Western and advanced nor communist and backward.

    Although in practice there is little distinction between the poorer communist nations and the emerging capitalist nations, except that perhaps the latter have better prospects.

    Also, the middle east is often also referred to as west asia

  65. I always thought that “third world” was verboten as it was a construct of the cold war era global northern empires to divide the world amongst themselves. First world was the capitalist countries, Second world the communists, and the third world was to be divvied up or fought over.

    Similarly, the “Middle East” is a reference to location relative to mother Europe as the metropole.

  66. Ha.

    Normally phrasing like “successful asymmetrical action, now that takes a rare breed of pompous, self-important douchebaggery” would immediately make me think it was marcos.

    But I happen to know marcos has far too much integrity to ever post under a fake handle. So sadly I must inform you that the statement stands.

    I have far too much respect for marcos to ever believe that he would disrespect Tim by posting under multiple handles. He is often wrong, but never stoops that low.

  67. A handful of people shutting down a transit system is nothing to be proud of. Any drunk a-hole can practically shut down an entire airport by saying the right thing at security check-in these days.

    I will give you this though, afterwards calling it a “successful asymmetrical action”, now that takes a rare breed of pompous, self-important douchebaggery. Congrats.

  68. Thanks for imp’ing me, Marcos. Real mature.

    But my point was that Guest is obviously new here, and his political naivety indicates a lack of experience and sophistication in the field of local politics.

    I was merely helping to enlighten him.

  69. Matt, Thanks for the info. It does appear that the Anti-Defamation League has links to USA anti-terrorist training. My bad.
    Regardless, I still think that it’s a mistake to broaden the focus of the protests.

  70. BART police training Philippine National Police in counter-terrorism? — Seriously? — Is this what BART cops do with their vacation time?

    Is this why the Philippine Police will be wearing adult diapers during the Pope’s visit? As a counter-terrorism measure?

    Claiming that “Israeli Defense Forces have trained the U.S. police departments” sounds over the top ridiculous to me. Highly unlikely.

    Including Arabs, Muslims, all people of color, with a dash of anti-semitism thrown in for bad measure in the demonstrations outside the Federal Building in Oakland?

    Big Mistake! The demonstrations should just be about the injustices perpetrated by our justice system, i.e., the Michael Brown and Eric Garner cases wrt American Civil Rights issues. End of story.

    Now a small faction of these demonstrations are about international issues, instead of domestic issues? — Tactically, an extraordinarily bad decision. And the mark of a movement that is destined to lose. I.e., unless “the movement” can divorce itself from “the taint” brought by these small factions.

  71. Is that necessary here? “Guest” made some incorrect statements and I refuted them. It was a public service announcement.

  72. Except that the transit system was not shut down. BART has been running normally all day. A couple of stations had very temporary closures, that’s all.

    Sure it consumed some police resources. I feel sorry for any victims of real crimes today that suffered poor response time because of the selfish acts of a tiny minority of people.

    This “movement” makes Occupy look like a resounding and persuasive success, and that takes some doing.

  73. There were easily five times that many BART police and staffers mustered into service as adjunct security.

    That makes this a successful asymmetrical action if a handful of people can shut down a transit system because the authorities overreact to legal conduct.

  74. 15 protesters?

    Wow, Julia, there will be fear and quaking in the corridors of white power and privilege everywhere.

    Lucky for the rest of us that they left their spoons at home, because that would have been the coup de grace.

Comments are closed.

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