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Monday, October 25, 2021

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News + PoliticsCrimeWashington Post -- not the SF news media -- exposes lies about...

Washington Post — not the SF news media — exposes lies about Boudin

The inaccurate reporting and social media just continues, as most of the major local media stands by or goes along.


The Washington Post has finally done what San Francisco news media, by and large, have failed to do: Explain that much of the media narrative about District Attorney Chesa Boudin is not only biased but factually wrong.

In a June 14 story, opinion columnist Radley Balko takes particular issue with the way KGO Reporter Dion Lim has been covering – more accurately, attacking – Boudin.

The folks in DC, 3,000 miles away, seem to be able to get the story right.

Balko puts it in the context of an overall backlash against progressive prosecutors, but he gets into some great detail.

There is, for example, the story of Harry Mulholland, who scared off some people who were trying to carjack a 75-year-old woman’s vehicle. Lim reported that all charges against a 16-year-old arrested at the scene had been dropped – creating a social media furor that has helped fuel the recall drive against Boudin.

But as the Post reports:

Lim’s resulting article went viral, especially after right-wing agitator Andy Ngô amplified it on Twitter. The story resonated with Boudin’s critics, and with critics of the reformist prosecutor movement more generally. For them, it seemed to be a manifestation of everything wrong with “restorative justice.”

The problem is that Lim was wrong. The charges against the assailant were never dropped. In California, as in most states,juvenile cases are generally sealed, so state law prevents the DA’s office from discussing the case with the public. But in phone interviews, both the victim and Mulholland tell me they were informed by Boudin’s office that Lim’s story is inaccurate, that the juvenile not only still faces charges but thatshe also had a court date last week.


Another criticism of Boudin is that his office failed to bring enough cases to trial last year. But the pandemic closed courtrooms across the country, including in San Francisco. Most jurisdictions in the United States saw only a fraction of the trials they typically hold each year. Boudin’s charging rates for both violent and property crimes are similar to that of his predecessor, according to Mission Local. And as Boudin points out, San Francisco police made arrests in only about 10 percent of burglaries last year. A DA can’t file charges if the police don’t make arrests.

The KGO reporting has been consistently hostile toward Boudin – and often inaccurate.

Here’s one example: A 45-year-old parolee was arrested after a hit-and-run that killed two people.

In an interview with the New York Times, Boudin said that the man’s mental state was dubious, citing an earlier incident where he was randomly punching cars.

That became a KGO Tweet:

But the comments Boudin made about a “temper tantrum” weren’t at all related to the killing; they were a description of the man’s state much earlier in the day.

Here’s what the Times actually said:

In the hours before the attack, Mr. Watson had a string of setbacks. He left his home because of a family dispute and got in a traffic accident in San Francisco at 2 a.m. He was cited by the San Francisco police for running a stop sign and reckless driving and then slept that night in his car. On that morning a number of security cameras in the area captured Mr. Watson banging a car with his hand, according to Mr. Boudin, the district attorney. “It appears that the defendant was in some sort of a temper tantrum,” Mr. Boudin said.”

When a public defender tried to correct the flaws in the Chron’s reporting, her comments were removed from the paper’s website.

Another example of an inaccurate attack is here.

Here’s the latest, from the SF Chronicle and Suzy Loftus, who lost the race for DA to Boudin:

A man was arrested this week on charges that he stabbed a 97-year-old Asian woman on the edge of the Tenderloin. The Chron notes that he was awaiting trial on prior burglary charges – but had been released from jail.

Loftus took the story to social media, where she blamed Boudin:

But Boudin isn’t at fault here. He specifically asked that the suspect be held in jail without bail. A Superior Court judge denied that request and released the man.

All of these stories become grist for the right-wing recall machine, funded by Big Tech. The major media here in town don’t seem to want to take time to fact check.

Tim Redmond
Tim Redmond has been a political and investigative reporter in San Francisco for more than 30 years. He spent much of that time as executive editor of the Bay Guardian. He is the founder of 48hills.
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  1. Funny how the Chronicle has gone quiet since Boudin filed 15 robbery, grand theft and burglary-related charges against Lugo-Romero. And Gorn, Boudin is targeted because he is willing to prosecute police who commit crimes. The SFPOA can’t allow thar.

  2. It is a power play for the control freaks that want to dominate our lives. Try to find a politicians who is not trying to dominate and force change on you.

  3. Campers,

    Chron invented ‘gray listing’ (Eve Batey I think) to avoid publishing me.

    You write something and it appears but few days later when no one has commented a friend sidles up at a bar and explains I’m the only one who can see my reply.

    Why complain, they do it to Noam Chomsky too.

    Go Giants!


  4. Thanks Tim. Boudin is being subjected to an ongoing AstroTurt slander campaign that is largely being carried out bt the same bad actors who hyped Trump. Same insane lies, childish name calling, same clearly fake upvotes, and same logical fallacies. I suspect it is SFPOA, as it is also similar to the Mirkarimi slander. The Chronicle should be ashamed.

  5. Whatever’s going on here, one side is energized, organized, setting the agenda and the other side is listless, lackluster, unappealing and reduced to reacting against whatever the right wing throws their way.

    Boudin is in the crosshairs because he had the temerity to run for public office and in in San Francisco without spending decades kissing the diseased asses of the Democrat Party hack parade.

    Like Mirkarimi before him, the standards for interlopers are unattainable, and enforced relentlessly with serial whackings. Boudin is being whacked.

    Politics has always been asymmetrical. But we’re seeing an asymmetry being played out here that leaves most of us no defense against rampaging right wingers.

    San Franciscans must organize against this cavalcade of municipal corruption, the designated stakeholders do not have our backs.

  6. Tim, just curious, what do you think about the recall currently at 41k?

    Do you think the recall will be successful given the media basically lying to the public?

  7. It’s getting to be like the anti–Ilhan Omar campaign. Any story, however false, gets traction if it pushes the narrative onwards.

    Is big tech really financing the recall? That I don’t understand. Usually around here big tech and other capitalists don’t care about conservative hot-button issues that don’t affect their bottom line.

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