Corporate welfare already stole our taxes on the real

From Politricksters to lying lawyers,

social workers to akademik researchers-

EVERYONE is eating

from this poor people’s meal

By tiny, daughter of Dee, mama of Tiburcio

On this, the anniversary month of the War on Poverty, can we finally start to speak truth about the increasingly violent war on us poor youth, adults and elders in America?

To be clear, as much as people lavish praise on the original War on Poverty, it was rooted in a white-supremacist, scarcity model, and even at that was considered “revolutionary” in the nation launched by settler colonizers on stolen indigenous land (who then made their filthy dollars by stealing and killing all of our fierce, beautiful, brilliant, indigenous Turtle Islanders and Afrikan peoples to do their free labor).

Originally, the New Deal was created to provide limited support to white widows of war veterans, anyone outside of that narrow, racist, sexist, classist stereotype was considered aberrant, crazy, or incorrigible.

These positions of “outsider” fit nicely into the agendas of the original purveyors of the poverty industry, the settlement house social workers who on one hand “helped us” poor folks with their charity crumbs and on the other set up laws to criminalize us like the Ugly Laws of the 19th and 20th centuries, enabling them to create more and more industry on the backs of us poor folks. (more after the jump)