My thoughts on last week’s battle of the Davids Assembly Debate at SFYD are mostly a rant that I’ll spare you the brunt of. I do, however, have to take a moment to tip my hat to both of the boxers in the ring for agreeing that the mayor shouldn’t be the one appointing their replacements. While it appears that voters aren’t as hot to the idea of curbing the mayor’s power to appoint his own check and balance as our Assembly candidates, keeping the idea at the forefront of public discussion is a must.

Last weekend’s March Against Women & Rational Thought (aka the March for “Life”) turned San Francisco’s major thoroughfare into the last place in the world any decent person would dare be caught. Fortunately, San Francisco is fighting back against ignorance, thanks to Supervisor Campos, who will be introducing a resolution this coming Tuesday declaring February Women’s Health Month.

To combat the annual injection of idiocy that the Pro-“Life” picnic brings, Women’s Health Month will use actual scientific facts (imagine that) to educate San Franciscans about the importance of women’s health with a particular focus on the impacts of Covered California and the expansion of Medi-Cal. A month based on empowering women to make their own decisions about healthcare while disseminating positive information about Obamacare? If those Walk For Lifers were still in town this month would surely make their angry heads explode.

My little neck of the Mission just got safer and more sightly. A big gathering this week celebrated the completion of all of the work that has driven everyone around Caesar Chavez crazy but has left us with a far friendlier street than we started with. Lots of greenscaping and sidewalk improvements were in order after residents complained that the street was 1) hideous and 2) almost impassably dangerous for pedestrians and bikes. Now that our beautification is complete I can’t wait to see what sort of dumb, caps locked name realtors give to the neighborhood.

MOVIE TIME: I feel fortunate to have missed all of the Grammys, save for Beyonce’s opener, and, for once, have little to say about the topic du jour of my Facebook feed for this week (ditto: Coven).

My Sunday night was instead spent watching Beautiful Darling, the 2010 documentary on Warhol Superstar and early trans pioneer Candy Darling. While it’s a little shocking how dated the language used to describe transgender issues can become in four years, the film was very moving and yielded more precipitation from my eyes than San Francisco has seen all Winter.

Tom’s Top Two Things To Do This Weekend

1)    Take It Back Fest. Saturday, February 1st 3-8pm at El Rio.

Two and a half years ago, a couple of the Bay Area’s finest musicians and all-around people, Adal Castellon and Brontez Purnell, were gay-bashed outside of an Oakland Club. The incident drew local and national attention. The fight for justice is carrying on, and this Saturday local bands like Queen Crescent and Brontez’s Younger Lovers will be playing a benefit show at El Rio to help raise money for the legal defense against the bashers.

2)    Puppy Bowl! Or the Super Bowl. Or whatever. But given that the Niners aren’t in it you’re probably better off with the puppies.