Supervisor Scott Wiener will be a featured guest this week at a Chinatown banquet sponsored by a group whose leader has made some remarkably transphobic statements and is part of a coalition that opposed gender-neutral bathrooms in public schools.

Josephine Zhao is a founder of AsianAmericanVoters,org and Better Housing Policies, according to her Emerge profile. She is one of the more radical landlord-rights advocates in the city, and even showed up to protest when Mayor Ed Lee and state Sen Mark Leno announced a bill to limit Ellis Act evictions.

She has been a strong supporter of Wiener, and has appeared with him at events.

Scott Wiener and Josephine Zhao campaign together
Scott Wiener and Josephine Zhao campaign together

According to the Chinese Language press, her group Better Housing Policies is hosting a banquet for Wiener Thursday.

In September, 2013, according to a translation of a World Journal article, Zhao appeared at a press conference opposing AB 1266, a measure by then-Assemblymember Tom Ammiano that allows public school students to participate in athletic teams and use bathrooms consistent with their gender identity.

Zhao’s comments:

Josephine Zhao, representative of the Asian-American Voters Organization stated that AB 1266 protects only 2% of those students who are transgender or questioning their sexual identities, yet offends and violates the rights and privacies of the other 98% of students.  Allowing male and female students to share bathrooms and showers will lead to public moral issues, violence, and even create conditions for more incidences of rape on school campuses.

The group she was a part of was trying to qualify a referendum to overturn the law.

The Sing Tao daily also covered the event and quoted Zhao saying the same thing.

Wiener has introduced a bill banning the city from doing business with North Carolina because of a state law the overturns local ordinances allowing trans people to use the bathroom of their choice.

He is running ads on Facebook promoting his stand.

And yet, it seems, he is fine going to a fundraiser held by a landlord activist who suggests (like some people in North Carolina) that gender-neutral bathrooms will lead to rape and moral decay.

I asked Wiener about the situation, and he told me he would give me a comment if I quoted it in full, which follows:

I don’t agree with all my many supporters in the community on every single issue, just as Jane Kim doesn’t agree with all of her supporters on every issue. I have a long record of support for the transgender community, including legislation expanding trans access to health care and obtaining funding for trans youth, for the trans march, and for the trans film festival. Indeed on Thursday my legislation banning city contracting with North Carolina and other states with anti-trans bathroom bills will be heard in committee.

I do not for a second doubt Wiener’s sincerity and his long record of supporting the trans community. But it’s hard to understand why, after his North Carolina bill is heard, he will be sitting with Josephine Zhao — who appears to support the positions of the right wingers in North Carolina — at an event promoting his candidacy in the Chinese community.


  • Porfirio666

    Throwing poo at candidates who rub elbows with people you don’t like.

    A hack-journalist tradition.

    • Do Something Nice

      Yes, this is about throwing poo and not about Scott being a fucking hypocrite.

  • Senor_Wences

    The hits just keep on coming.

  • Do Something Nice

    The bigger story is Equity California’s being a corporate whore and funneling those corporate bucks to support Wiener.

    I’m not a fan of Kim, but I will be voting for her.

  • Don Sebastopol

    Why not take the money?

    • ChrisSF

      Why take the money?

  • chris12bb

    Nothing on Kim taking money from PG&E ?

    • Geek__Girl

      Well, given that that claim is, at best, a distortion, there is little reason to actually mention it. She got money from a group that happened to have received money from PG&E. There is no evidence that PG&E specifically asked that she get money it had donated, or even that money that PG&E donated went to Kim.

      • NG

        As opposed to Jane’s claims that Scott is beholden to Chevron or big oil because EQCA gets donations from them despite the fact that he has the strongest environmental record and the endorsement of the League of Conservation Voters? Huh?

        PG&E actually has a vested interest in who from the city in which it is headquartered is representing it in Sacramento. What the hell does Chevron care about a state senate race?

        • njudah

          um duh, there’s like, a big refinery in richmond that keeps exploding, and oh yeah, climate damage being done. that’s what the “hell” Chevron cares about a state senate race.

          • NG

            Umm okay, yeah, so let’s make the guy who’s made the environment a legislative priority win. *rolls eyes*

            And what’s PG&E hoping to get from Kim?

  • Werther deGoethe

    Wasn’t the “I can’t help who supports me” excuse the same one Trump gave for cozying up to David Duke?

  • Jon Schwark

    Kinda like how socialist-progressives are allied with Norman Yee, who cant find a place for a navigation center in his district.

    • Wow, “socialist-progressives,” did you think that one up yourself?

      • njudah

        as opposed to the republican progressives i guess

    • Foginacan

      Could it be he also can’t find a major reason for one?

      And District 7 isn’t a stranger to halfway housing.

      Everyone doing their fair share, trolling a community because they live in single family homes – you are espousing the worst brand of Progressivism.

      What you didn’t disclose is the astroturf organization you work with secured funding through a D7 candidate running against Norman Yee. You shilling for Joel is the reason he’s unelectable.

      • Jon Schwark

        Show me the navigation center in Norman Yee’s district (he voted for 6 in the city, and a “state of emergency”) and I will take you seriously. Maybe. If you use your real name 🙂
        Also, if you examine the YIMBY Party slate card this election, you won’t see Joel on it. I think he disappointed too many people in our group by opposing AHBP and calling for bicycle licenses and insurance. So whatevs Anonytroll.

        • Geek__Girl

          How many homeless are in his District? Do you really think homeless will want to be out there, away from resources?

          • Jon Schwark

            Do you really think homeless families and the working evicted want to be warehoused in conditions of concentrated poverty with mentally ill, ex-cons, crackheads and drunks in the Tenderloin? Is it possible that making the problem less concentrated would help all of them? By saying that only a few neighborhoods should take navigation centers and supportive housing (which is almost always group/multi-unit housing not allowed in RH1 single family home zoning) you are actually inadvertently espousing a pretty extreme form of economic and racial segregation. It isn’t actually surprising that thats how it ends up, as many of those neighborhoods were actually formed with the express purpose, written into neighborhood covenants, of keeping out blacks, jews, hispanics, etc. Look up how Westwood Park was formed if you don’t believe me.

          • Foginacan

            “inadvertently espousing a pretty extreme form of economic and racial segregation”

            Reminder, you’re supposed to be concerned with a *temporary* navigation center.

            Acting as if Ocean Avenue, and the surrounding areas of D7 have been virtual white only country clubs and exploiting big adult concepts such as segregation, to fight your feeble war against RH1 zoning is slimy even for you, and SFBARF.

          • Geek__Girl

            Wow, talk about a straw man argument… First off, the Navigation Centers are ONLY available to long term, hard-core homeless. Even one night in a shelter makes someone ineligible for six months. Second, these people need access to services which are actually concentrated South of Market. Having to travel from the Richmond to see worker for CAAP would be a burden for them. And they want to be able to go places that are familiar.

            Yes, zoning has been used for segregation. But there was a lot more to the abuses of the past, most of which Weiner and his supporters are doing a very good job of adopting. In fact, the same rhetoric I heard used against blacks in Alabama, in the Sixties is repeated today against the homeless.

        • Foginacan

          You’re unscrupulous, Jon Schwark.

          The endorsement is posted on the YIMBY site, under the flyer.

          Drew Dewsnup : 7/28/16 9:58 AM
          The results – Joel Engardio won by a landslide.

          Only 2 districts currently have Navigation Centers.

          But your criticisms are only focused on D7 and Yee, without answering why you think D7 needs to prioritize a navigation center in the first place.

          D7 already hosts privately run services, like the halfway houses, and more than one unlisted women’s shelter, okay tough guy.

          • Jon Schwark

            Not unscrupulous, dear anonytroll, I just looked at the flyer and assumed it meant we didn’t make an endorsement. There were a lot of us that were pretty over that. If he didn’t get endorsed on the YIMBY party mailer, that means we aren’t actually telling people to vote for him with our money, so take that however you want.

            3 districts have had or will have navigation centers, basically taking our turn. If Yee wants to vote for them he should be willing to put one. And spout off all you want about people in his district, but this is who shows up to oppose 50% affordable housing at the Balboa Reservoir CAC meetings:

          • Foginacan

            BARF/YIMBY abuse anonymous accounts across the internet and have their own glaring demographic problems with diversity.

            You had 8 districts to harp on instead and have yet to name one reason a navigation center there is a priority.

            Westwood Park is not a redlined area. It’s a part of one of the most ethnically diverse neighborhood corridors in the City.

  • danimalssf

    it is amazing that the Beast on Bryant gets approved unanimously, Jane Kim pulls her tent measure, and Campos is all of a sudden cool with tent removals in the Mission, and not a peep from Tim Redmond. Instead he writes weak sauce like this? Yawn. And this from the guy who was complaining about people being honest just the day before?

  • baruchzed

    And keep in mind. this guy is in the Clinton camp.

  • Tony Medina

    His attack ads on Jane Kim will backfire.

    • Sanchez Resident

      I hope you are right, I really would like for Ms. Kim to be in Sacramento in January.

  • Artivist

    Scott Wiener is a DINO. He might as well be a Republican. His attack ads on Jane Kim are sickening. I can’t wait for this creep to lose in November and his slackjawed face be gone from my TV and Facebook screen constantly. Jane Kim ran inspiring ads that rejuvenated my spirit. Scott Wiener’s ads make me want to punch his face. Especially since I know the truth about him and his hatred of homeless people and being in bed with developers.

  • Josephine Zhao

    We will not stand to be divided.

    I invite Mr. Redmond to learn more about me and my members before smearing my work and the work of the my community. – Josephine

    • ChrisSF

      I notice that nowhere in your article do you deny making the vile statement that allowing transgender students access to facilities based on their gender identity would lead to “public moral issues, violence, and even create conditions for more incidences of rape on school campuses.:” Please explain why you believe transgender people accessing single sex facilities based on their gender identity create these problems.

  • njudah

    no one seems to be asking the real question – why on earth would you promote someone on the Board of Supervisors to anything?

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