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Uncategorized BREAKING NEWS: A new waterfront initiative will test local...

BREAKING NEWS: A new waterfront initiative will test local politics


By Tim Redmond

In the wake of the stunning success of the battle against the 8 Washington project, waterfront advocates  were set to file a new initiative Monday morning that would mandate a vote of the people before any developer could ask for increased height limits on Port land.

The measure’s sponsor, Becky Evans, is active with the Sierra Club, but is filing this as an individual. She will almost certainly have the support of the coalition that shot down 8 Washington, and early polling, I’m told, has the concept ahead by more than 2-1.

“8 Washington was the proxy battle,” Jim Stearns, a political consultant working on the new initiative, told me. “This is the real thing.”


Marke B.
Marke Bieschke is the publisher and arts and culture editor of 48 Hills. He co-owns the Stud bar in SoMa. Reach him at marke (at), follow @supermarke on Twitter.


  1. […] With a new ballot initiative in the works for June that would require all projects that exceed waterfront height limits and a demonstrated lack of public support for the sort of luxury highrise housing that the Warriors intend to build as part of their project, it seems as if the palace on the piers is less and less likely. […]

  2. Here is another reason that the future of San Francisco Development and the Waterfront is important.

    As more people recognize that burning fossil fuel creates Climate Change, they will realize that it is an environmental mistake to blow up useful and substantial structures like San Francisco’s Candlestick Park sports stadium. Reasons:

    a) “Embodied Energy” (“EE”): = The extensive fossil fuel consumed to create it – A 2010 EIR revealed that Candlestick Park represents enough fossil fuel to operate a department store for “1,000 years.”*,

    b) Destruction Energy: = New fossil fuel needed to destroy it (dynamite, torches, heavy equipment) and,

    c) Trashing Energy: = More new fossil fuel consumed to deal with the remains (trucks, heavy equipment).

    Only raw land will be left. Then, an “entitlements developer” will start consuming even more new fossil fuel to build new infrastructure and condos that he could have easily located on nearby acreage he strategically reserved as vacant for bonus speculation. Thus, politics and irresponsible planning would trash a civic asset that still has great potential: strength, good location, historic meaning – – and a replacement value of $One Billion.

    Instead, if Candlestick is rejuvenated, the landmark will become a beacon of wise Conservation and Sustainability. It’s never too late for a Moratorium. The heavily propagandized “decrepit” seats, urinals, drainage systems, light towers, etc. can be wisely replaced, thus providing immediate “green” jobs for real people.

    If Candlestick is blown up, then after a few years, we may wish we had it back as an exciting world-class soccer stadium / events venue with a rare energy-saving and protective retractable overhead covering.

    Richard and Judy McRee,
    San Francisco

    * Reference: 2010 Hunters Point Environmental Impact Report – Letter #48, pages C&R805-807

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