It now appears that the National Park Service will not block the white supremacist rally Saturday, and the event will go forward at Crissy Field at 2pm.

There will be counter protests all over town, starting Friday. There’s a map of all the events here. 



A labor group led by the ILWU will March Against to Crissy Field, starting at Marina Green at 10am. Details here.

There’s a March for Equality at Harvey Milk Plaza at noon.

Cleve Jones, the longtime LGBT activist, has set up a site to raise money  for local groups that oppose white supremacy and are doing important work in the community; it’s modeled after a town in Germany that used Nazi rallies to raise money for groups devoted to the downfall of the Nazi cause.

You can find his page here. “When all the dust is cleared and this is over,” Jones told me, “I want to be able to say that the white supremacists came to San Francisco and raised a lot of money to oppose their agenda.”

Not everybody can or should go to Crissy Field to directly confront the soldiers of the far right wing.

But as Alicia Garza told us, multiple tactics are a good thing, and a coordinated response that takes place all over the city, with different types of events, is the best way for the city to make the white supremacists feel unwelcome and to counter their messages of hate.

The idea that violence is coming from these folks is not just a theory. Garza posted on Facebook today a set of threats she’s received on Twitter:

So this is very real. Please be careful out there. There are tips for attending the Crissy Field event here.

The National Park Service has vowed to fence off all access to Crissy Field except through the Marina Green entrance, where all visitors will be screened for weapons. Not sure how that will work; it’s a big area, and will be hard to control.

Every police officer in the city will be on duty, and a lot of them will be on overtime. This is going to be expensive, and while Ed Lee says he will send the bill to the federal government, that’s not exactly how these things work.

Garza was on Your Call this morning, and she and Shannon Bolt noted that that the city is spending a lot of money to protect the white supremacists’ right to free speech. The organizers of the event are not, as far as I can tell, being told to reimburse the city.

At least, I hope the white supremacists and their armed “security” crew get the message and leave their guns behind.

Garza also noted that “ignoring hate does not make it go away. The point of white supremacists coming here is to put on display their ideology of hate and say they can do it in one of the most progressive areas in the country.”

We will be reporting from Crissy Field and the other rallies, live on Twitter and on Facebook as well as at

  • No_Diggity

    ‘Ignoring hate does not make it go away’

    Well, it does make it go elsewhere, LOL.


  • curiousKulak

    Black Block will not be able to refrain. Urine water balloons. Pepper spray. Paint balloons. Shoving. Grabbing. Aerosol torching. (some of the tactics from Charlottesville). Hopefully, the cops will screen a lot of that; but with a wide perimeter, unlikely to get all.

    While it might be said the alt-white's appearance itself is the provocation (how far away are they traveling from? James Field drove for 8 hrs across 3 states), my guess is BB will take physical measures to instigate and provoke retaliation and violence – claiming Victimhood and eschewing blame.

    Soccer hooligans … with a political bent. Just add a schizophrenic with a muscle car, and it could turn horrible.

    • Rosh HoshHosh

      Equating systemic racism and the fight to end it with a sports team rivalry is not rational.

      • curiousKulak

        "sports team rivalry"? Is that what soccer hooliganism is? Sports rivalries are universal; you're saying that behavior is as well?

        Hey, I avoid the whole Coliseum area due to low level aggression from Raider fans. And thats not anywhere near 'soccer hooliganism'. No, it seems like the current political climate has devolved past football aggro towarde Manchester United levels.

        Nor sure exactly how such street nonsense equates to "fighting racism". Seems to me more like simple fighting – with a poilical theme. Look at all the violence and vandalism delivered on Oakland every time there's controversy not directly related to Oakland. Its simply violence. To put lipstick on it only sullies the cause. IMO, of course. But you'll probably Mace me for saying so.

        • Rosh HoshHosh

          Racism is not a political theme.

          Joey Gibson – who has a fervor for violence – initially welcomed hate groups at rallies he organized. He has emboldened people like Jeremy Christian– the racist who went after a teenager for wearing a hijab and then proceeded to gruesomely kill two people who attempted to intervene (this was shortly after Christian had attended a Joey Gibson organized rally). It may be "simple fighting" in your opinion, but that would be a naive opinion.

  • Don Sebastopol

    Gibson and Patriot Prayer deny they are white supremacists.