By Tim Redmond

It’s getting to be a war zone out there, a class war zone – and if the mayor hasn’t noticed it, the signs should have been clear long ago. But let’s take Ed Lee at his word, that he wants the tech companies and their workers to be “part of the solution.”

It’s not going to happen with a few hours of volunteer legal help from Twitter attorneys or a new app to solve homelessness or a Google Housing Hackathon. But it’s the holiday season, and we’re all thinking of others, and I hate war of all kinds. So let’s agree: There are ways that tech folks could be part of the solution. Let me suggest a few.

1. Don’t be part of an eviction.

Notice I said “don’t be part of an eviction.” That means more than “don’t evict a tenant.” It means don’t buy or rent any apartment or house or condo or TIC that was made available to you by a prior eviction. (more after the jump)