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Friday, September 17, 2021

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UncategorizedWe're taking a short summer break

We’re taking a short summer break


By Tim Redmond

48hills is taking a short summer vacation break. Since we’re such a small operation, with minimal staff, the only way we (well, I) get any time off with my kids is to put things on hold for two weeks.

We will be back after Aug. 1, with lots of big news – and this fall, a redesign of the site to make it look more like a newspaper, which it is, and less like a blog.

We’ve been at this a little more than six months. I launched the site as a digital daily in December, and the response has been amazing. I am so thrilled with the level of community support we’ve gotten – while I’m working on selling ads and (I hope) getting grants, so far 48hills exists because of you. We are, at this point, entirely funded by donations.

The IRS has approved our 501 c 3 application, so all contributions are tax deductible.

We’ve accomplished a lot in a little time. Since the launch, here are some of the big stories we’ve done:

We did the reporting legwork and broke the story of the sex scandal at St. Francis church (which the Chron’s Matier and Ross picked up with no credit)

We did the interview and investigation that became a statewide story and led to changes in the Victim’s Assistance Comp. rules

We exposed the “handshake deal” that allowed Google buses to avoid parking tickets

We investigated how Airbnb got a pass from the city for so many years

We helped sponsor a major forum on housing issues, leading to this

We investigated the stunning story of a local golf club that still discriminates against women

We broke the story of how much the city is losing in tax deferrals

We broke the news about the “other” Twitter tax break

We did the definitive story on the collapse of a building owned by a friend of the mayor

We offered ways that the tech community can be part of the solution

We exposed how the DA was trying a 14 year old as an adult (on flimsy evidence)

We examined whether San Francisco needs a new jail

We broke the story of the gunshots that killed Alex Nieto

We exposed how the Giants are getting a sweetheart deal on the waterfront

We revealed the inside story of the campaign to build luxury housing at 16th and Mission

We skewered some of the dumbest and most ridiculous ideas of the local tech world

We showed how the city is letting developers off the hook for millions in taxes and fees

We exposed how the city is allowing office space to destroy blue-collar jobs

We were all over the City College story

We explained why the city is in a housing crisis and why building more market-rate housing won’t solve the problem

We exposed the real story behind a chain store moving into the Castro

We showed how the allies of the mayor were trying to oust a good police commissioner

We exposed Uber’s tax-avoidance strategy

And so, so much more.

And all the while, Caitlin Donohue told you the best and most fun things to do every day.

My goal is to turn 48hills into a sustainable digital daily newspaper, and we’re off to a great start. See you in a couple weeks.


Tim Redmond
Tim Redmond has been a political and investigative reporter in San Francisco for more than 30 years. He spent much of that time as executive editor of the Bay Guardian. He is the founder of 48hills.
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  1. Much appreciation Tim! I just discovered 48 Hills through an excellent article by Zelda Bronstein in the latest “Nation” issue.

  2. I’m glad to know that you’re objective, and that you see both sides of the issues discussed here.

  3. It’s not about ego. It’s about restoring balance, considering diverse viewpoints and promoting objectivity.

    Every issue has two sides, but you wouldn’t know it from reading some of the pieces here.

  4. Thanks very much, Tim. It’s amazing how much you’ve accomplished in so short of a time. Thanks for your effort, and thanks for bringing to the fore the work of other talented journalists, like Zelda Bronstein, Tiny, and others. Have a good vacation

  5. You need to get yourself a new shtick, David.

    This one really isn’t getting purchase here or elsewhere.

  6. Thank you for your concern, but it only takes a few minutes to debunk most of the ideological puff pieces here. So sadly this is not even a part-time gig. More of a distraction and the provision of a public service.

  7. If nothing else, 48Hills is eligible for tax-exempt status for keeping you occupied and off the streets.

  8. Yes, in the absence of a paper paper, 48 Hills is a good section of a composite, off the web, local newspaper.

    Cheers for the dedication, Tim.

    . . . now about those land values that no journalist seems to want to celebrate as community-generated . . .

  9. Have a good vacation, Tim! You deserve it – you’re doing a great job here continuing to report relevant news to the community!

  10. Generally, to get 501c3 tax-exempt status, a non-profit’s main purpose should not be to peddle political influence. So charities, foundations and do-gooders get the exemption, but political parties, lobby groups and action committees do not,

    I’d say you’re sailing pretty close to the wind there. A more balanced, objective and less partisan approach would remove the doubt.

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