I went to Super Bowl City, and now you don’t need to. There’s nothing there.

Welcome to NFL City
Welcome to NFL City

Nothing, that is, unless you like to pay $8 for a Bud Light and $20 for a small lobster roll. Or you want to see a lot, lot, lot of police officers, many in full military gear with assault rifles. Or line up to have your picture taken with a headless statue of a quarterback. Or line up even longer for a zip line that runs about 30 feet over a fake Golden Gate Bridge in the enormous CBS Sports complex.

That’s about it. Seriously. For a tourist attraction sponsored by a $10 billion operation, it’s really, really worthless. It has no relationship to San Francisco at all; it’s entirely a corporate theme park that would be much more at home in some Mall of America than at the foot of Market Street in one of the world’s great cities.

If it’s supposed to be attracting a million people, the Host Committee needs to be doing a bit more work. When I was there around 4pm Monday, it was pretty empty.

Here are some of my photos and reflections:

Security is high, as you might expect. Metal detectors at the entrances, all bags are searched, and there’s at least a few cops on pretty much every corner of Market from Civic Center down to Embarcadero.

The SFPD is ready for an all-out invasion

Some of the cops are dressed to fight a full-scale invasion. There are police dogs sniffing everywhere, and a dog (and cops) guarding the entrance to the Federal Reserve Bank, because no matter what else happens, we have to protect the Federal Reserve.

I saw cops riding around in what look like armored golf carts. I met a federal agent who was send in, with his dog, from Cheyenne Wyoming. There were cops from Berkeley (and who’s paying for that? The officer told me that Berkeley was supposed to be reimbursed, but at the last minute that changed.)

This federal agent was brought in from Wyoming, with his dog
This federal agent was brought in from Wyoming, with his dog

The good news is that the MTA has human beings directing traffic, so cars and buses were moving, a little. Maybe someone got the message.


Inside the “city,” there’s really nothing except corporate booths promoting corporate products and really overpriced food and drinks. Bud Light rules the roost – there are stands and signs everywhere, and even a very special place where they built a wall and a very strange and slightly disturbing sculpture out of Bud Light cans. “More than 1,200 cans,” the woman in the booth told me. She didn’t know if anyone actually drank those beers or if the cans were produced empty. Nothing against Bud Light (and as my friends know, I have nothing against Bud Light), but … $8 a pop? At the foot of Market Street? Where you can walk about five minutes and get a whole sixpack for that? It’s $8 at the Giants game, too, but at least you get a Giants game.

Umm ... okay
Umm … okay

The City Attorney’s Office cracked down on Verizon trying to use the Embarcadero Center for an illegal billboard. But the NFL and Visa are doing the same thing, and since that’s all part of Super Bowl City, it’s apparently legal.

This corporate promo billboard is apparently perfectly legal
This corporate promo billboard is apparently perfectly legal

A huge amount of acreage is controlled by CBS Sports, which spent a small fortune creating a high-tech booth, a fake football field, a fake Golden Gate Bridge, and a really short, kinda stupid zip line that goes above the fake field, where the On Air Talent (men in suits) was playing with footballs and trying to pretend that there might actually be news to talk about.

What, there must be some news here, right?
What, there must be some news here, right?

Oh, and a chance to bond with headless quarterbacks.


I get tourist tacky. I get Fisherman’s Wharf. When my kids were little, they liked to ride the F-Line out there to look at the sea lions and the boats and have those amazing fresh greasy sugary mini-donuts. At least it made an attempt to be part of San Francisco. But this effort isn’t even tacky. It’s just …. embarrassing.

The city is paying $5 million to support Super Bowl City. It’s a total waste. There’s a nice stage, and maybe some good performances, but other than that, I don’t even think the tourists are going to get all that excited about getting ripped off for nothing.

And what’s going to happen tomorrow when a few thousand people show up in solidarity with the homeless population? At least then the people who come to Super Bowl City will get a taste of San Francisco.

  • John Parulis

    God, the city is losing its soul one corporate brain by one corporate brain. So sad.

  • AhmadChalabisFoRealz

    Hey, surprise, Tim doesn’t like something! Spend the money and head to Moscone…the NFL Experience is cool….but when it is 70 degrees and sunny on Friday and tens of thousands of people are buying stuff outside of super Bowl City, please complain about that too…

    • Kenneth Noisewater

      Must. Buy. More. Useless. Crap.

      • AhmadChalabisFoRealz

        Support. Local. Business. Or. Just. Tax. Rich. People. Your choice. I. Guess.

        • LetThemEatPanCake

          Wait, what? Ahmad, what are you trying to say: that we should or shouldn’t support local businesses and/or tax the rich?

          Obviously going to Super Bowl City and buying $8 Bud Lights is the opposite of supporting local businesses.

          And the word is local businesses in the area are actually hurting this week. The traffic scares/nightmares have actually made the surrounding area a bit of ghost town.

          Anyways, support local businesses AND tax the rich. And don’t go to Super Bowl City!

  • hiker_sf

    You know, I don’t care if it is interesting to me. I have a lot of interest that would be tiresome to others. But my interests don’t cost the city $6 million, displace hundreds of thousands of commuters for 3 weeks, require a secret government to avoid obeying laws and regulations and make ridiculous claims about how we are going to see high revenues.

    Oh, and today, Ryan Murphy of the Broncos, was sent home to Denver, probably to avoid being cited in a prostitution sting.

    • fiona64

      Yep. He was rounded up in said sting … and sent home.

      Ask me how surprised I was that a pro jock was possibly fooling around with women who were being trafficked. Go ahead. Ask me.

      If all of Santa Clara County had a chance to vote on this pig-in-a-poke stadium, it would have gone down in flames. Now, the entire Bay Area is f*cked because of the City of Santa Clara believed the hype. Ugh. Too bad they didn’t pay attention to what happened in Oakland and how much the city lost behind the NFL’s empty promises.

      • Greg

        How do you know the sex worker was being trafficked? I don’t follow sports, but I googled the case, and the only thing I can find about trafficking was that the sting was carried out by an anti-trafficking task force. These task forces have to make arrests to justify their existence, but it doesn’t mean there’s any actual trafficking involved.

        I do agree about the stadiums though.

        • fiona64

          The anti-trafficking TF is not your everyday Vice department. That’s why I know.

          • Greg

            Yeah, and they need to justify all the money they get, even when there is no trafficking.

            Like I said, nowhere does it say that the sex worker was trafficked.

          • fiona64

            You really will go to any lengths to excuse the shitty behavior of pro jocks, won’t you?

            Read this on your own time: http://sports.yahoo.com/news/detainment-of-bronco-ryan-murphy-calls-attention-to-prostitution–human-trafficking-025839273.html

            Pertinent quote: Over the past several years, more and more attention has been paid to
            prostitution and human trafficking during Super Bowl week. Santa Clara
            County has spent years building awareness of these issues, naming
            January 2014 as “Human Trafficking Awareness Month” and putting up
            billboards alerting people to the problem as the Super Bowl drew near.


            Seems that trafficking is a known problem around the Stupor Bowl. Hmm.

          • Greg

            I can’t stand pro jocks, but hiring a sex worker is not evidence of “shitty behavior,” unless they knowingly hire a child, or the worker really was trafficked, and trafficked against her will.

            Otherwise, sex work is just, work. Leave them, and their customers, alone.

            This country is completely unable to deal with sex in any mature manner. There’s a whole agenda against victimless crimes like drugs and prostitution, that has to create victims where there are none, in order to justify the existence of all these task forces and phony baloney nonprofits.

            They want you to believe that every sex worker is some kind of slave forcibly dragged from some third world country, or some drug-addicted 13-year old runaway beaten up by her pimp every day. The reality is very different. There was an article recently (I think SFGate) where they revealed that any sex worker with an out-of-town number is automatically considered “trafficked.” Um, no. Independent providers are going to go where the money is -big games, big conventions always attract entrepreneurial-minded providers. If we’re going to have a capitalist orgy, at least the NFL and Bud Light shouldn’t be the only ones allowed to make money.

          • fiona64

            There was an article recently (I think SFGate) where they revealed that
            any sex worker with an out-of-town number is automatically considered

            Citation needed. And don’t tell me to do your homework for you.

            Look, dudebro … the bottom line is that Vice squads all over this country are well aware that trafficking INCREASES during the Stupor Bowl. This jock got caught in a sting of a *known trafficking situation.* Ignorance of the law, as you are trying to claim, is no excuse. “But she said she was 18” is bullshit in the face of evidence to the contrary.

            I’m sorry that the only way you can apparently get laid is to pay for someone to do you, okay? You have my sympathies. Perhaps counseling will help you overcome your issues.

          • Greg

            “Citation needed. And don’t tell me to do your homework for you.”

            Here you go. It’s from Sfist, gathered from a variety of sources

            The money quote:
            “Arizona State researchers who tracked online sex ads leading up to the
            Super Bowl in Phoenix in 2015 assumed that non-local phone numbers came from pimps trafficking women from elsewhere”

            Why make that assumption? Why not start with the assumption that they’re indy providers?

            “Look, dudebro … the bottom line is that Vice squads all over this country
            are well aware that trafficking INCREASES during the Stupor Bowl.”

            Dudebro? O-k. So, my dear misinformed purveyor of conventional wisdom, one thing you have to know about this conventional wisdom -it’s often wrong. From the same article:

            “Snopes says much of this is bullshit,
            however, and part of a repeated duping of the media by
            anti-prostitution activists and others. They cite the Global Alliance
            Against Traffic in Women, which states,

            The hype around large sporting events and increases in
            trafficking for prostitution is often based on misinformation, poor
            data, and a tendency to sensationalize. Despite the lack of evidence,
            this idea continues to hold great appeal for prostitution abolitionist
            groups, anti-immigration groups, and a number of politicians, scholars
            and journalists. …”

            I would add to that, various anti-trafficking task forces, which have a vested financial interest in over-hyping the problem.

            “Ignorance of the law, as you are trying to claim, is no excuse. “But
            she said she was 18″ is bullshit in the face of evidence to the

            Where was I claiming that ignorance of the law is an excuse?

            And where was it stated that the provider was underage?

            I was speaking hypothetically, and I said nothing about the law. I’m well aware that all sex work is illegal in this highly sex-negative and religious country. I was talking about right and wrong. I see nothing wrong with hiring an adult provider. A child is a different, if you know it’s a child.

            “I’m sorry that the only way you can apparently get laid is to pay for
            someone to do you, okay? You have my sympathies. Perhaps counseling
            will help you overcome your issues.”

            No issues with that. I just believe in freedom, that’s all. Most civilized democratic countries have long ago given up on the idea of criminalizing sex work. As usual, we’re last when it comes to social progress.

            I’m sorry you have to resort to shrill emotional ad hominem attacks. You’re probably the sort who storms out of the room when you don’t get your way.

          • thecactusman17

            There has never been a proven rise in sex trafficking in relation to the Super Bowl, in any location. Same with the World Series, NBA Finals, Olympics, etc. etc.

            The human trafficking increasing during sporting events is, at least in the United States of America, an urban legend that has never been proven accurate when the dust finally settles. While there may be sex trafficking going on in the areas, there is no significant evidence that it waxes or wanes with the presence of pro sporting events. San Francisco is a very long way from the Mexican border where most human trafficking occurs in the USA.

            What IS provable is that a group of very dedicated activist organizations have made the story a major part of every recent major sporting event, getting increased funding for human trafficking divisions throughout the country.

            Now, this is not to say that there isn’t some good being done here: America definitely has a human trafficking industry, and police organizations should definitely be aware of it and work to stop it. But the idea that a massive wave of sex slaves washes up on the shores of Ocean Beach the weekend before the Super Bowl is a myth with no basis in reality. If any actual human trafficking is found to have occurred in relation to this bust specifically due to the Super Bowl, it will be highly unusual situation and the first major case discovered since these stories began.

          • hiker_sf

            The federal government disagrees with you.

          • fiona64
      • Greg

        That Oakland still has three major pro-sports teams is stunning and really the only thing that town has going for it. Doubtful they will have any of them in ten years time, however

        • hiker_sf

          Too bad there isn’t a major port located in Oakland.

          • Greg

            The subject here is sports.

            Oakland port and airport are run by an agency and not by the city of Oakland, but I’m sure you knew that.

            If you think Oakland is the poster child for civic competence then you are entitled to that opinion.

  • furillo

    Two years ago New York and New Jersey spent $37 million to host the Super Bowl and related events. Is it worth it?

    The NFL boasts about an absurd $500 million benefit to the home city because they assume that the hotels would be empty without them. But independent studies consistently find a benefit of $25-$50 million.

    Something else to think about — San Francisco had to compete with Houston and Miami to get Super Bowl 50.

    Houston was trying to get its 3rd Super Bowl (and succeeded in getting next year’s), Miami was trying to get number 11. Los Angeles has done it 7 times, Tampa 4, San Diego 3, Phoenix 3, Atlanta 2. Minneapolis was able to get number 2 for 2018.

    So the combined leadership of those 8 major cities don’t understand municipal economics as well as 48 Hills does?


    And what about the $13 million in grants from the NFL’s 50 Fund to local non-profits?

    • variable

      Exactly. The city as a body politic is investing in a chance for its citizens to profit wildly from tourists and prestige. Hell, the Uber rides and AirBnB bookings alone will make up for the paltry sum SF is paying, but that won’t go back on the books as a direct reimbursement, so people act like SF got taken for a ride.

      Heck, I suppose I should stop throwing birthday parties for my kids since the dividends will be distributed over the next 50 years. Gotta get back what I’m paying now or it’s No Deal!

    • redroverover

      Yes, about that $13 million. An economist called that out that corporations are likely donate to non-profits anyway anyway, except they might have diverted their typical donations to the NFL this year to get Super Bowl prestige (and likely also tickets too, I think).

      Listen to the panel here; Sup. Mark Farrell get called out 47 minutes in: http://www.kqed.org/a/forum/R201601250900

    • flight505

      “So the combined leadership of those 8 major cities don’t understand municipal economics as well as 48 Hills does?”

      Exactly. Most municipal “leaders” buy the garbage the corporations spew. Even Ed Lee no longer is touting the $350 million the city is sure to get from this thing. That’s why he turned it into a civic celebration instead of a corporate event.

      Virtually all of the money that is spent in SF will leave town. Think all the profit on those $8 Bud Lights will be showered down on anyone who lives and works here? Budweiser is owned by InBev. Though on paper a Belgian company, InBev is a multinational conglomerate with no interest in anything other than maximizing profit (it’s required that they do that). Same with the hotels who are charging obscene prices for rooms.

      That mayors and city council members believe (and spew) the lies about great streams of cash is only because they buy the hype – and get the gifts. Or they profit from it … immensely.

      Tell me how many of the host committee advisory committee members aren’t just in it for the fame and fortune and nice seats at the game.


      • furillo

        @flight505, it seems that you missed it but I was listing the cities that have hosted the Super Bowl multiple times and are interested in doing it again. They have first hand, direct experience with what is involved.

        You are asking me to believe that you understand the economics better than cities that have been through this 3 times and would like a 4th? They’re THAT stupid and you’re THAT smart? OK.

        I can help you with one thing…nobody expected the sale of beer at Super Bowl City to cover the municipal costs. But if you do the math on the city’s 34,000 hotel rooms jumping from 80% occupancy to 100% for 3.5 nights while charging much higher rates you get back about $3 million right there. Then there are the Airbnb deals, of which 14% is remitted directly to Treasurer Cisneros. Then there are airport fees and gross receipt taxes on the local activity.

        The University of New Orleans researched the 2013 Super Bowl and found that it produced $480 million in spending and $13.9 million in direct tax revenue to the city of New Orleans. Phoenix has produced similar studies.


        • flight505

          Yeah because if the a political body wants to do it again, it must be a great idea. I know, daddy W had a great war in Iraq, so baby W’s war will be even better … be a great investment, create world peace, not isolate the US, etc.

          When the same groups of people with unchanged financial interests do something again, it might not be because it was good for everyone.

        • hiker_sf

          And yet. . .

          Super Bowl Windfall Not Paying Off For Phoenix Business Owners


          Super Bowl host city of Glendale still reeling over sports deals

          My favorite line in this article: “Despite his claim that the city will lose money on the game, the mayor said he’s aware of the name recognition that goes along with hosting the Super Bowl. He believes having the city’s name broadcast to an audience of more than 100 million people will bring visitors, even if the city’s planned hotel district didn’t take off as originally expected.”


          There are hundreds of similar articles about how the Super Bowl doesn’t always provide a net profit. And any profits have to be offset by the loses that many businesses are experiencing.

          • furillo

            Well look, you have anecdotes about small business owners who were disappointed and I have academic research from multiple cities into the overall impact on taxes and local economies. It ain’t as great as the NFL claims but it is several orders of magnitude above $6 million.

            So we both have what we want and need to prove our points.

            And did you read the Glendale story that you linked to? It was about their other sporting efforts to lure teams, not the Super Bowl. His gripe about the Super Bowl was:

            Super Bowl visitors are mostly staying in Phoenix and Scottsdale and only showing up in Glendale on game day, meaning the city won’t see much of a boost in tax revenue.

            Meaning perhaps that when Super Bowl visitors stay in a city that it does see a boost in tax revenue?

          • hiker_sf

            You are ignoring that the Glendale story is a story about city leaders not being fiscally responsible. You put forth the theory that because other cities want the Super Bowl, it must be good – or something. But especially with sports venues and sport events, it is not always the case.


          • I think we know one at least one person getting a “benefit” from the Santa Clara Super Bown – are you paid by the hour or the post?

        • Greg

          I think a lot of the “benefit” goes to friends of politicians, if not the politicians themselves. For them, there’s a real benefit. For the rest of us, not so much.

          • Greg

            Speak for yourself. Many people here are thrilled and honored to be hosting a world-class event

          • Greg

            The first two words of my post should indicate that I’m speaking for myself.

            That said, take a look at the pile-on above to “Godyourboring”‘s whine that the city will never host another large event. The comments on the internet -here and in other places, the protests, the creative disruption of the tacky Stupidbowl “sculptures” -all this seems to indicate that a lot of people think as I do. I can’t think of another city whose residents have given the Stupidbowl such a -ahem -“warm welcome.”

            And I for one am damn proud of San Francisco for it!

          • Greg

            Outside of the usual left-wing circles I am not hearing any complaints. We heard the same thing during the Americas Cup, which was a success. And now Superbowl 50 is going well. A world-class city should be able to put on a world-class event, although even I think that this city dodged a bullet by not getting the Olympics. We’re not that world class.

        • redroverover

          Your math is bullshit. $3 million in revenue from the numbers and assumptions you use means each room is $900. That’s almost QUADRUPLE the “average daily rate” (ADR) for San Francisco hotels in 2016 (http://www.sanfrancisco.travel/sites/sftraveldev.prod.acquia-sites.com/files/callahan%20slides%202014.pdf).

          Plus, I’m sure you didn’t figure that less than half of the 14% hotel tax actually goes into funds that “Treasurer Cisneros” can use to pay off the expenses we’re stuck with. Much of the hotel tax goes straight back to tourism related expenses, even if we have Super Bowl costs from SFPD, SFFD, MTA, etc.

          So, to get the $3 million in revenue you think is so simple, each room will be over $1800. Thus, bullshit.

    • hiker_sf

      Spending at least $6 million in taxpayer funds – so far – for $13 million in donations to organizations that taxpayers may or may not wish to support, by an organization that has no oversight,

      As the last few years hotels in SF have been near 80% occupancy in February, and as many of regular tourists (not Super Bowl tourists) are not here now because hotels jacked-up their prices, I look forward to seeing the net benefit to San Francisco. Because last Sunday, a sunny day, Fisherman’s Wharf was almost empty. Last year in February, it was pretty busy.

      Also, do these donations reduce the tax burden on the revenues gleaned by the NFL during this event? If so, then that tax relief needs to be deducted from the $13 million in donations to show the net benefit.

      • furillo

        Well the additional hotel tax generated by going from 80% to 100% and jacking up the daily rates on the city’s 34,000 rooms is easy to calculate. It is between $2.5 and $3 million. Then there are the Airbnb deals, 14% of which are transmitted directly to Treasurer Cisneros. Then there are SFO fees, sales tax, gross receipts tax, restaurant money for Healthy SF….

        In other words, you’ve got a lot of denying still left to do.

        What you guys like to do is to pick out a single item, perhaps non profit grants or sales tax, and point out that they alone may not justify the total cost. What you can’t seem to understand is that there are multiple revenue streams involved producing a cumulative benefit.

        Cities like New Orleans and Phoenix have conducted independent studies (by local universities) and have found that they enjoyed significant municipal direct and indirect benefits. Not anything close to the silly $500 million figure that the NFL floats but closer to $25-$50 million.

        I could provide links to the study but sense that it would be a waste of effort.

        • hiker_sf

          No need to link. But many cities, including Phoenix, end up with significant infrastructure upgrades. Here, we get wear and tear.

          And what you fail to acknowledge is that hotel occupancy in Phoenix and nearby cities is usually under 60%, meaning that Super Bowl tourists were not necessarily displacing general tourism. That isn’t true in San Francisco. So yes, multiple streams need to be counted but they need to be offset by the baseline revenues from last February to see a net gain or loss.

          And at what cost to San Franciscans? Were hundreds of thousands of Arizonans displaced every day for 3 weeks for this revenue? I doubt it. That has a cost, and I doubt that these individual costs in aggregate will be included in the analysis.

          Another question that needs to be answered: Is San Francisco’s public infrastructure for sale? If someone wants to give San Francisco $50 million in trade for closing Market Street, Howard, Folsom and Justin Herman Plaza for 3 weeks are we going do that?

          I think we need a ballot measure to prevent secret negotiations for major events that will affect San Franciscans.

      • AhmadChalabisFoRealz

        You are really concerned about the $13 million going to local non-profits because it has no oversight? Which of the recipients of the 50 Fund so concern you? I mean, it is publishing its recipients for all to see. Go here: http://impact.50fund.org/ then get back to us about what outrageous grants have been made…I recognize that this is much harder than spouting off about “an organization that has no oversight,” but it will help your case…

        • hiker_sf

          Thanks for posting that link. I didn’t realize that the $13 million was for the entire Bay Area, not just San Francisco. Of the $7 million already donated, San Francisco organizations only got $1.5 million. This is worse for San Francisco than I thought.

          • AhmadChalabisFoRealz

            So, which groups shouldn’t have gotten money? You have twelve pages of grantees (i.e. available for public scrutiny). Start naming the problem ones (that were implied by your “lack of..oversight.”) Here’s your chance.

          • hiker_sf

            I never said that groups shouldn’t have gotten money. I said that there was no oversight.

            But the claim that SF’s expenditure of $6 million – so far – is OK because of the $13 million in donations, most of which do not benefit San Francisco charities and organizations is ridiculous.

          • AhmadChalabisFoRealz

            And I didn’t say that either…What I am waiting for is a complete report that shows how much money flows back to SF before deciding (as you have) that this wasn’t a good economic investment. That case hasn’t been made one way or another. Yes, the city has spent $5M-$6M. But we don’t know yet what the tax returns say…SuperBowlCity can suck all it wants and there can be corporate logos everywhere….but if the tax returns show a net positive, that will factor into my analysis (as will the reverse). However, you have your mind made up, apparently, in lieu of facts…which is usually how things go around here…

          • hiker_sf

            We don’t know the returns, and we don’t know the total expenses.

            A robust contract could have eliminated some of this. What we have now is ‘the check is in the mail’ promises from event supporters and still a $12 million unpaid bill from the America’s Cup that tells me if SF can screw this up, we will.

          • AhmadChalabisFoRealz

            Exactly, we don’t know yet…But football is certainly different yacht racing…the faces I have seen of families in Super Bowl City very much look like the faces of the Bay Area: black, brown, Asian, middle-class…the exact kind of crowd the people around 48Hills supposedly care about…

          • You can blow it out your ass any time now, moron.

      • furillo

        Even if the hotels would have been 90% full without the Super Bowl you still have a lot of denying to do, because of the increased rates. There are 34,000 total rooms so 90% is 30,600. If the price goes up by $150 for 3.5 nights you’re talking about an additional $16 million just because of the increased rates. So that is an extra $2.25 million in TOT taxes.

        Then you have the other 10% of the rooms and the Airbnbs….then you still have sales tax, gross receipts, SFO landing fees…the non-profit grants that would have gone to Miami or Houston…

        Like I said, you still have a lot of denying to do.

        And what is up with everyone calling Super Bowl City a playground for billionaires? It’s a free event full of families. Billionaires wouldn’t be caught dead there.

        • redroverover

          WTF are you talking about dude? You think that hotels get to gouge everybody just because the Super Bowl is in-town? First, the NFL requires that the host city get signed anti-gouging agreements from hotels (http://www.bizjournals.com/twincities/blog/sports-business/2014/04/super-bowl-bid-includes-a-long-list-of-hotel.html). Second, travel agencies, corporate travel planners, etc also have agreements and pricing planned and locked in months ahead of time, if not more. Your math is ridiculous, so just stop.

          Indeed, there’s Super Bowl Shitty which is a corporate theme park with all the sponsors trying to sell people stuff. Its a joke of a free event so that the a**hat Host Committee can distract us to say they provided something for the community. The billionaires are having their VIP events everywhere else in our city, and $5 million is nothing to them, but they still make us pay it anyway.

    • defhigh

      City leadership are generally corporate tools.

      Is anyone honestly surprised that people are upset the city cleared out homeless camps to make room for a corporate playground for billionaires?

      You don’t know San Francisco man.

    • Laurel Denver

      Thank you, Furillo, for injecting some sense into Tim Redmond’s ridiculous anti-everything wasteland.


    San Francisco is a corporate theme park.

  • leetramp

    I appreciate the article, but how about changing the title. You’d probably never think if calling it “Superbowl City is so gay” or “so retarded,” so how about a bit more creativity and less elementary school name calling.

    • patrick fry

      come on, don’t be lame

    • You have a point, Leetramp. I need to rethink the use of “lame” (and not because it sounds like a 12-year-old girl. My daughter is 13 and she and her friends don’t use “lame.” That’s so yesterday. But it does sound able-ist and I appreciate and understand that concern. How about: Utterly dumb and boring, which is also accurate…

  • Hey, Tim, where can you get a Bud Light for only $8 at AT&T Park?

    • defhigh

      Last year the micros were $11.25 or $11.50 I think, I don’t know about the pisswassers.

  • Greg

    Something tells me that you went there with the express intention of hating it. We all see what we want to see – it’s a human failing. When I was there I saw lots of children clearly enjoying it. If you went during a school day perhaps you would not have seen that. Everyone loves to see kids having a good time, even progressives.

    • defhigh

      My kids don’t need a $6 million dollar corporate-bullshit theme park to have fun.

      They like the beach.

      • mamiel

        My son enjoyed getting players’ autographs at NFL experience very much. But clearly your kids are more enlghtened. I’m not sure if the liberals on this page realize how elitist they sound.

    • Nick Jones

      So, you freely admit that the children you saw enjoying themselves probably were not? They were forced through the NFL Death March, pallid, taciturn, and all ready exhausted beyond their years; but because you’re a person who gets a pardon for a dollar and has freely embraced the nouveau “Sports as Religion” mentality of SF you saw them as enjoying themselves. It’s okay, you’re a failed human.

      • Greg

        Yes, people like sports. Shocking, isn’t it?

  • chris12bb

    It is of little surprise Tim drinks Bud light. I think that disqualifies him from writing on other peoples tastes

  • Bob

    I didnt realize that Tim was actually a 12 year old girl. Like, for reals! This super bowl stuff is totes super lame!
    Come to 48 hills for the hard hitting progressive journalism from a mature perspective!

    • Kurt Vonnegut

      and thanks for revealing to everyone that you’re a 12 year old boy, Bob. It’s ironic that you thought acting juvenile was the best way to accuse someone else of acting juvenile.

      • Bob

        Except Im not publishing a blog touted as the official voice of progressive San Francisco

        • You can fuck off now. TIA…

          • Bob

            And they said you could only ever say one thing!

  • God Youreboring

    For those concerned about San Francisco being selected to host such a large event, don’t worry. Between the vandalism, protests, and constant bitching (about everything from the price tag to the fonts used on the signage), its pretty clear The City won’t be selected to host another large event in the near future.

    • defhigh

      Good riddance

    • Kurt Vonnegut


    • Ofthedoor

      Is that a promise?

    • jimi008

      Well, then maybe it wasn’t a total waste after all!!

    • Can we get assholes like you to stay out too???

      • God Youreboring

        Homer Simpson would never be your friend.

        • Piss off already – nobody’s interested and nobody cares.

    • Yay! Good riddance! Host the Super Bowl in Middle America where it belongs. I hate the super bowl!!!

    • Greg

      I sure hope so!

    • Dynamic iFiction

      Thank God! Who are these politician-bozos that continue promoting these wastes of taxpayer money, all in the name of PROFESSIONAL CORRUPTION-SPORTS? And, yes, Superbowl 50 was EXTREMELY BORING (and full of corruption … can’t wait until they vacate the win due to PED abuse). THE NFL IS A HYYYUUUUUGE JOKE!!!

  • Pvt. Hudson

    Whoa. SFPD cracking out the 40 round PMAGS… Never seen cops use extended mags before, I thought they were mostly for mall ninjas.

    • defhigh

      I thought the same thing. So one officer/soldier here can kill 40 people himself alone. What are the expecting, an invasion?

      An invasion of anti-football jihadists? JFC.

      • Greg

        They ARE the invasion. Downtown looks like an occupying army has taken control.

        • Greg

          It’s counter-terrorism. This is a national event with little to do with the city. Overwhelming force is needed to mitigate risk

          • Greg

            You sound like some of the yahoos in Iowa who think ISIS is going to come attack their high school basketball game.

          • Greg

            The Boston marathon terror attack wasn’t so long ago, and there have been other attacks since – some carried out and others thwarted through aggressive policing. Better to be safe than sorry.

          • Greg

            Funny you mention the Boston marathon… I was in Boston not long ago. I went to see the USS Constitution. Nice ship, but serious paranoia! Airport style security. Worse actually, because there were multiple unnecessary layers of it. This weird handstamp system that MUST go on your left hand, otherwise, as the Gestapo kept barking in their heavy Bahston accents, “You won’t get into the yahd!”

            So I ran the gauntlet and got my stamps, and after that, once I was in the yahd, but before entering the actual ship, I got out of the crowd heading in, to take some photos of the outside of the ship. I then proceeded to go in. In front of me now, there were different sheeple than the ones originally around me (because I had taken some time to take pictures), and these sheeple seemed suspicious. They were talking in whispers among themselves, occasionally casting a glance my way. At the last level of security (this must’ve been the 4th or 5th level), just before getting on the ship, they whispered something to the Gestapo rent-a-cop. He checked my ID, for what was probably the 3rd ID check (this is a FUCKING SHIP people!!!), and then proceeded to let me pass… at first. But then… using the completely unexpected (yeah, right) sneak attack ninja tactic they taught him in rent-a-cop school, he goes after me to question me some more.

            I passed the extended interrogation -apparently my stamp was too light for the good Samaritans who took it upon themselves to scrutinize other tourists, and they decided that I needed to be worked over.

            After calmly dealing with the Gestapo officer, I caught up with the good Nazis who snitched me out and told them, “Excuse me, but what gives you the fucking right to do what you just did? I’m not some kind of criminal, and you need to mind your own business.” Lest you think I’m a bully, the guy was bigger than me, but I was mad as hell. Beer-bellied dude starts giving me some crap about Boston bombing, if you see something, say something. I just said “Fuck the Boston bombing. You don’t do that to other people.” He says, “What did you just say???” getting all in my face. I calmly looked him in the eye and said, “What are you going to do, hit me? You wanna hit me now? Go ahead.” His companions pulled him away.

            Fucked up. If this is the price we have to pay for “protection,” I want no part of it.

            Maybe we should try not wrecking other countries instead. I think that’ll protect us a lot better from the inevitable blowback of US imperialism.

          • Greg

            You know, I’m really not surprised that you get subjected to extra security. Your entire attitude is anti-police, pro-terrorist, anti-American and you are endlessly bleating about your “rights” when the rest of us all understand the need for these checks and for more overt security at sensitive locations. I’d have probably snitched on you too.

            In fact I have considered reporting you to Homeland Security purely on the basis of your expressions here of anti-America, pro-terrorist sympathies, and your subversive and seditious comments. Be careful out there, and behave yourself

          • Greg

            You sound like you’d make a good Nazi. Go ahead, asshole. Report me to whomever you want. You don’t intimidate me.

          • Greg

            LOL, A Godwin’s retort so soon?

            My point was that get more searched more because your attitude stinks and your views are repugnant to decent Americans. Your fellow visotors probably reported you because you could not resist making anti-American comments and were snarky and critical. I bet you get searched more at airports as well. Good.

          • Greg

            Nope, I didn’t say a thing. They were just brainwashed paranoid sheep of the sort that all totalitarian dictatorships rely on to maintain control -like yourself. They became suspicious of me solely because I re-entered the crowd to go back in after taking a detour, and the fact that my stamp was too light for them to see. No one else chose to do that at the time, but it was not against the rules. My point was that it was none of their business to scrutinize my appearance or behavior. I hope that by confronting them, it might make them think next time, rather than risk getting into an altercation.

          • Greg

            Rationalise it however you want. But they saw something wrong with you, we see here something wrong with you here, and clearly our brave security forces and sworn peace officers see a need for additional scrutiny of you as well.

            Now, I doubt you are a terrorist because you lack the guile to conceal your anti-American pro-terrorist sympathies. But I bet a scrutiny of your financial records might show monies going to Hamas, Hezbollah and other banned terror organizations. I’ll bet you have visited Cuba, Venezuela, Arab/Axis nations and maybe even North Korea. And your views probably mean that you have some dubious contacts who wish us harm.

            Your appearance? Don’t know but you admit to being born overseas and that English is your second language, so you may have an accent or skin tone that raises the perceived threat level. Your dress may indicate elevated concern. Your comments and behavior, likewise.

            I feel grateful and safer that you are under additional surveillance.

            I NEVER get that kid of security attention so clearly you are sending out messages that I am not.

          • Greg

            “we see here something wrong with you here”

            Speak for yourself, Sam.

          • Greg

            I was speaking for all the people who find you to be suspect. If you are on watch lists and subject to extra security, it’s your fault.

      • Pvt. Hudson

        I mean, most departments have a SWAT unit, and many regular patrol cars have had ARs in them ever since the ’94 Bank of America robbery. I just think more than 30-round mags are kinda gimmicky and usually the domain of neck-beards.

        • defhigh

          I know I feel safer knowing that beat cops can literally hose down an entire city block full of fans out celebrating!

    • Greg

      Pvt, that is nothing. You should see the ordnance that special and black ops currently have deployed in the city. I pity any bad guys who try and spoil our party.

  • Nick Jones

    “I am shocked, SHOCKED, to find that there is gambling going on in here.”

  • BetweenTheLinesSF

    “There are police dogs sniffing everywhere, and a dog (and cops) guarding the entrance to the Federal Reserve Bank, because no matter what else happens, we have to protect the Federal Reserve.”

    I may be biased because I have a loved one who works there, but I think the fact that they need to expend resources to protect what is unarguably an important government institution (even if you hate the Fed, you have to admit some sort of attack on the SF Fed would create a nation-wide panic) for two weeks for a single sporting event, 40 miles away, actually supports your point.

  • Y.

    And, South Bay hotels/BnBs aren’t raking it in.
    San Francisco AirBnBs, neither.

  • Ben

    Pathetic. I’m boycotting and calling it “Super Bowel Shitty” — apparently, I’m NOT that far off the mark — what an UTTERLY empty corporate piece of waste. So UNLIKE the San Francisco I used to know and <3

    • AlbertoRogers

      you are boycotting the Super Bowl?? oh, in that case, they better cancel the whole thing.

  • Jennifer Sant’Anna

    Imagine the creativity, innovation and fun that could have been had if the local museums had been invited and funded to develop the activities for Super Bowl City? The Exploratorium, The CA Academy of Sciences, The Tech, The Computer Museum and more. We could be exploring the history of football design, testing models of tackling force, learning about the physics of throwing, viewing the evolution of slo-mo. Oh the fun that could have been had! A lost opportunity by CBS for sure. Corporate perspective and greed sucks the fun out of everything.

    • AlbertoRogers

      the physics of throwing is fun?

  • AlbertoRogers

    Cancel them all. Pride Week. Fleet Week. Chinese New Year. Bay to Breakers. Outside Lands. St. Patricks Day. Veterans Day. And no more World Series appearances you Giants, d’ya hear us! The People’s Politburo of Cultural Purity will forthwith approve and permit all gatherings and activities in San Francisco…except of course Critical Mass, they can do whatever the hell they like.

  • Bob

    Pretty hilarious that the title of this blog post was changed after posting. Good to know we can get through to you, Tim.

  • DY

    It is overrated. The NFL experience is better but for $45 it’s a little pricey. I still think it’s worth it because how often do you get to experience this? Everything is over glamorized although it is fun to watch live filming and famous people. Even though it cost 5 million local businesses got a boost and people are happy and enjoying themselves. Even if Super Bowl City is overrated there’s so much to do outside.

    • mamiel

      My kid liked NFL Experience and got some autographs. I agree that it probably was somewhat overpriced.

  • Dynamic iFiction

    It’s EXTREMELY STRANGE how cities can justify throwing millions at corporations and their projects, all in the name of boosting the local economy, but when everything is accounted for, the cities always come out BIG LOSERS, while the corporations skip away with millions in profits. This is money that has essentially been taken directly out of the pockets of the taxpayers, and handed over to the millionaire business owners. Did the event actually add any revenue to the city’s treasury? No, but … it was a big to-do where some snotty rich people probably got laid… #whoopee #GoCapitalistSocialism

  • Jamie Je

    created a buzzfeed off of super bowl city and the security you mentioned… got some great shots… check it out! Titled “5 Ways Guys With Assault Rifles Won the Super Bowl”


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