By Tim Redmond

When Sup. Scott Wiener showed up at the Castro tenants convention, he was doing what any good politician would do in an election year: More than 250 of his constituents were gathered to talk about what is probably the number one issue on all of their minds, and it would be foolish not to make an appearance.

He sat there quietly through the whole event, taking notes. But while Sups. David Campos and David Chiu were making the rounds, talking to tenant leaders about which of the proposals might become law, and how, and generally meeting a receptive audience, Wiener seemed a bit isolated: This wasn’t his crowd.

In fact, tenant groups have never supported Wiener, and he certainly hasn’t played a high-profile role in marching against or fighting the high-profile evictions in D8. As one person put it to me, “here he was worrying about naked people while so many in his district were getting forced out of town.”

All of which raises the issue: Will Wiener have a serious challenger this fall? (more after the jump)