Monday, June 14, 2021

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News + PoliticsA love letter from London Breed

A love letter from London Breed

The Board of Supes president calls us a "bullshit-ass blog" and tries even more to distance herself from the mayor

Sup. London Breed wasn’t happy with the stories we did this week, and she sent us a rather harsh response:

So, when I vote one way, the way you disagree with, I’m the mayor’s bitch, but when I vote the way you want me to, it’s because I have a challenger?

So if this is true:
“In the past four years, on the vast majority of contested votes, Breed has been on the side of the mayor’s 6-5 majority (until last year, when the majority shifted and a tenant lawyer, Dean Preston, challenged her from the left).”
then how does this happen?

wow Tim, you are really a piece of work! Honesty?  you don’t even fact check your own bullshit ass blog!

As my grandmother used to say “I’m going to pray for you, cause you got the devil in you”


Thank you, Sup. Breed.

Sup. London Breed chats with Sup Scott Wiener at the mayor's State of the City address
Sup. London Breed chats with Sup Scott Wiener at the mayor’s State of the City address

Just for the record: I have never suggested that Breed was doing the bidding of the mayor, or that she was doing the bidding of her campaign contributors. I have never ascribed any motives to her. In fact, the last time we had a discussion in person about one of her votes I disagreed with, I put it to her as clearly as I could: “I never said you were corrupt, London. I just said you were wrong.”

(I never questioned her motives in endorsing Julie Christensen for supervisor last fall, but I do question her judgment: Seriously, politics aside, can anyone really argue that Christensen was a better supervisor than Aaron Peskin?)

What I have said is, I think, demonstrably true: For most of the past four years, she has, generally, been part of the 6-5 board majority that, generally, supported the agenda of Mayor Ed Lee. On closely divided votes, she typically sided with the mayor’s allies – Sups. Scott Wiener, Mark Farrell, Katy Tang, Malia Cohen, and David Chiu/Christensen. Sometimes, some of the progressives joined her (for example, when she supported the Google buses). Sometimes, she was a clear swing vote on a critical tenant issue. She appointed the moderate Lee allies to key committee jobs; if there were two “parties” on the board, she was very much part of the one that was more likely to support the mayor.

This election, she is endorsing candidates who tend to be more on the mayor’s side and less on the progressive side (for example, Marjan Philhour over Sandra Fewer in D1, Ahsha Safai over Kimberly Alvarenga in D11, Josh Arce over Hillary Ronen in D9).

In the past eight months or so, the board majority has changed; Peskin won, and the progressives, who tend not to support the mayor’s agenda, have control. Breed is also facing a challenge from the left in a left-leaning district. And Mayor Lee is so unpopular that anyone associated with him is in political trouble — particularly in D5.

For whatever reasons – and I am not suggesting any motive – Breed in the past few months has been more often voting with the progressive majority (note the link she cited above).

Every political observer I know has noticed this. I can’t explain why. I am happy to assume that Breed has become a more regular reader of 48hills — the “bullshit-ass blog” — and has become convinced that the progressive agenda is more effective at solving the city’s problems.

I do suspect that her advisors have told her that the best way to get re-elected is to be as far away from Ed Lee as possible. But there are really two parties, two sides, in the city right now, and she has made clear with her past votes, her committee assignments, and her current endorsements that she’s on the side that is closer to the mayor.

If I’m wrong here, Supervisor, you know how to reach me.


Tim Redmond
Tim Redmond has been a political and investigative reporter in San Francisco for more than 30 years. He spent much of that time as executive editor of the Bay Guardian. He is the founder of 48hills.


  1. Londonfrown you gotten reelected for job not done,your going shun comment! Goal is to become mayor 2020,well your rival whom Scott adamant whom gotten elected Senate” Wiener
    never gave. Care about housing crisis forgotten,Micro-Housing is Scott legacy is horrible both.
    Using minority status actually encouraging the majority not people corporate associations to
    gentrify San Francisco. Simply chosen mayor of 2020 either darling Scott or David Chui whom,
    eyeing governorship really Scott. If Gaven runs for governor shall become his Lt.governor?
    Londonfrown audacity decry racism during campaign no I’m not insane just lame not trying to
    defame London. Wearing (hootie “attire” stereotypical) to community London, using statistics this
    accustomed perception of progress? Jjust showing gender and color,votes nothing more to endure district (5) and (8) didnt’ escape. Gentrification where is BMR units,I no awaited props for development anyhow. Scott your fake mistaken LGBTQ society to be impartial,for yourself many don’t understand this. Pass laws on parks and nudity where housing policies,Scott chosen controlled no sold yourself. Friends appreciate Jerry Brown,David Geffen,Peter Thiel and Chris Hughes response to antics empowerment. I’ll say this both of gentrifying politicians using heritage by 2020’s districts you presently represent diversify by income and cartels London. Your puppet of ACRE,BOMA S.F,SF Small pro and NAIOP mayoral office,Scott looking fill this role co-share CAAA! Londonfrown pious dishonest where jobs for district (5) ?

  2. Why was Antonin Scalia embalmed in Texas and no autopsy performed.
    Why was he declared to have died by natural causes by phone?
    US court finally said that “Vaccines resulted in autism” a few years ago.
    IF your father is a Muslim then you are a Muslim, dems da rules. Obama is a Muslim unless Barack Obama Sr. was not his father, who knows?
    Born in the USA?
    Obama himself was the original birther, his literary bio said “Born in Kenya” and he used it for 23 yrs.
    Who is racist? you
    Who is dumb as dirt? you are
    And you are a propagandist.

  3. But “The Deplorables” are going to win, then what will you say?
    Hillary’s going to prison along with Bill and Chelsea for the Clinton Foundation massive fraud.
    Ask the Haitians, the President of Haiti said the Clinton’s stole billions from starving people. Hillary’s brother got the first gold mining permit in Haiti.
    See what they have looted out of Africa.
    Hillary’s IT guy is being questioned tomorrow after he posted on reddit asking if anyone knew how he could change email name for a Very VIP person.
    would be funny if not so tragic.

  4. Breed opposes Prop D (vacancy appointments); Prop H (Public Advocate); and Prop L (MTA appointments and budget). Despite her claims to be something other than Lee’s closest ally on the Board, her opposition to three sensible (and democratic) propositions that would give the mayor less control over city governance refutes her claims.

  5. He’s a very good man?
    He has a obnoxious personality and is petty. If you knew him I am pretty sure you would not like him not many do.

  6. Yes, not a good fit. She actually grew up in the neighborhood. People who have lived their entire lives in the neighborhood shouldn’t hold public office there. Bad for democracy.

  7. Peskin was D3 supervisor. Most people in the district were familiar with him & he won by a wider margin than was expected particularly with so much money spent on negative ads against him.

    If so many people didn’t support Peskin, someone with a chance to win would have run against him. Nobody is. Even the Chron endorsed him.

  8. Mark, It is wrong to disparage anyone using a sexist term. Male animal names when attached to men or male sports teams are usually positive, but female animal names attributed to women are usually negative. Some examples that come to mind: Stallion, Bull, Snoop Dog, Stag are all vaguely positive and virile. Meanwhile, women get called negatives like Bitch, Nag, Old Mare, Heifer, Cow, Sow, Minx. It is as insidious as it is wrong. Please don’t be a part of the problem, but rather a part of the solution.

  9. What false nonsense you’ve written here! Aaron is 100% for the real San Francisco, not the toxic play land for “developers” it’s become. He’s a very good man, true to his word, and definitely for the people!

  10. Thank you, Tim. You spelled out the opportunistic feces ridden trail of London “It’s all about me!” Breed perfectly.

  11. I made a narrow comment on Tim’s nonsense claim about Sup. Breed’s judgment; it was a single example of his general tendency to use weasel-words and loosely phrased association fallacies to malign his political enemies. That’s not changing the topic; that’s in fact exactly what Sup. Breed was complaining about (albeit less articulately than I did).

    Tim attempts to paint Breed as having lost her temper and he suggests that he did nothing wrong; it’s an “aww shucks” routine that belies his intentionally misleading attacks.

    Breed probably shouldn’t have used the word “bullshit,” I agree. But that’s style, not substance. I thought it worthwhile to point out at least one instance of bullshit in this very article.

  12. Peskin is unfit to lead, it’s true….but the problem with the Peskin stories is most have been off the record, and no journalist has truly pursued it.

    Comparing the two isn’t exactly helping Breed.

  13. Yeah, we should spend time figuring-out these Trump voters who polled like this:

    -65% think President Obama is a Muslim, only 13% think he’s a Christian.
    -59% think President Obama was not born in the United States, only 23% think that he was.
    -27% think vaccines cause autism, another 29% are not sure, 45% don’t think they do,
    -24% think Antonin Scalia was murdered, another 34% are unsure and just 42% think he died naturally,
    -7% think Ted Cruz’s father was involved in the assassination of JFK, another 38% are unsure and 55% think he was not involved.

    But let me summarize: They are racist and dumb as dirt.

  14. It’s odd that you cosmicwonderful are attempting to divert this specific discussion of London Breed’s totally unbecoming and inappropriate meltdown by bringing up an old story about Aaron Peskin. The focus remains on Breed. On her record, her legislation, her performance and her behavior. People in D5 are unhappy with her. This tantrum is embarrassing.

  15. Well I guess that is much easier than trying to figure out why they support Trump. Just dismiss them. That way they don’t matter.

  16. You’re missing the point. Tim nonsensically suggested that “politics aside,” nobody could argue that Christensen was better than Peskin. And then you listed some political reasons you think Peskin is better. Irrelevant.

    Personally, I find your reasoning unconvincing. But I don’t go around saying, “Politics aside, could anyone argue against the fact that Peskin is terrible for San Francisco, and he cloaks himself in populism to defend the NIMBYism of rich conservatives who are lost in a fog of nostalgia for how they think the city used to be?”

    Even though he is, and he does, and they are.

  17. 43% of the D3 electorate thought that Christensen was a better supervisor than Peskin. Others thought that Wilma Pang would be better and at the end of the day 48% of the voters were considered irrational by Tim’s standards. Included were the voters of Telegraph Hiill. Those who were most familiar with Peskin and Christensen voted for Christensen.

    Also, it is probably true that Tim never actually SAID that Breed does the Mayor’s bidding, but he’ll instead do things like this. Here is the picture that he ran with an article critical of Breed’s committee appointments on July 10:

    Ed Lee is never mentioned in the article. Can someone who isn’t bothered by Tim Redmond’s sleaze explain why he is in the picture, smiling next to Breed? Are there no pictures of Breed alone?

  18. Once again, Breed goes “Conor” (if you know her aide, you’ll get it).

    She also likes to go “Willie Brown”: no matter what I say I did that was wrong, I can get away with it because … well … I’m me.

    Breed recently flew to DC to try to convince the US Department of Housing and Urban Development to change their rules to accommodate her (misnamed) neighborhood preference plan, but at the same time she flouts breaking that agency’s established protocol.

    At a Hayes Valley Neighborhood Association meeting in late July, Breed admitted that she broke the law by not following federal guidelines when her office worked with the Housing Authority to move a large number of homeless families into public housing. She was at least self-conscious enough to ask Northern Station Captain John Jaimerena and at least one other police officer to close their ears before she made that statement.

    Obviously I’m glad she found housing for the families, but it’s arrogant and hypocritical for her to boast about breaking federal law then turn around and demand that same federal agency bend to her rules. One wonders how many families who had long been on the established wait list got pushed aside for this. Did she in fact apply her own neighborhood preference concept in this instance?

  19. I certainly know there were a lot of people who made worse comments about Chris Daly when he said something in that vein … actually, there are a lot of people who still criticize (and dismiss) him no matter what he says.

  20. If Peskin had written that, it would be front page news at the Chron and emergency rooms would be overflowing with pundits, he city’s “elite” and anti-progressives who have injured themselves by shaking their heads and having grand mal conniptions.

  21. What comparing “politicians, with regard to their job performance as elected officials” means cosmicwonderful is: holding politicians accountable for their decision making, their records, their votes, and their legislation. I also like to check the SFEthics website to see who is doling out cash and whether or not they live in the district a supervisor is supposed to represent. London Breed has implemented pretty much every single thing Ed Lee asked her to. She is a poor fit for D5 and is not well liked here.

  22. “politics aside, can anyone really argue that Christensen was a better supervisor than Aaron Peskin?”

    Politics aside? For a comparison of politicians, with regard to their job performance as elected officials? What would that even mean?

    Claiming you “question [Breed’s] judgment] on the basis of her endorsement of Christensen is asinine. All you’re saying is that you disagree with her politics. Just say that.

  23. But her writing this nasty letter was beneath the President of the Board of Supervisors. Bad judgment. She shouldn’t have responded. She’s made it worse for herself now.

  24. Breed’s diva tantrums are unbecoming. Also: the profanity is unnecessary. I guess now we know why she won’t debate her opponent: she doesn’t want to be questioned about her record or held accountable for her decision to be Ed Lee’s chief and most consistent ally on the Board. It’s all there for anyone to see. A record is a record.

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