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Saturday, June 15, 2024

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Support 48 Hills! Here’s why

Our top stories of 2016 show why local, independent media is more important than ever.

Since we launched in 2013, 48 Hills has been a vital voice on a local scene dominated by bland corporate media, sensationalizing online outlets, and national chains. We’re the only daily independent progressive news source in the Bay Area, and remain committed to our ideals of deeply reported news and arts coverage, a diversity of voices, unique takes on cultural events, and a dedication to our readers to counter “fake news.”  


But we can’t do it without you! We rely on your donations to keep 48 Hills going. Please support us today and keep alternative, independent media alive — especially in this time of national corporate takeover and the rise of the most heinous elements of the American psyche on the cultural and political stage. Below are some of our most popular stories of 2016, showcasing our hard-hitting reporting, in-depth analysis, and first-on-the-scene cultural coverage. Your tax-deductible donation will secure more essential reporting like this in 2017. Thank you for your support! 

The Panama Papers and SF’s housing crisis

Super Bowl City is utterly stupid and boring

Plan that could lead to massive displacement moves forward, quietly

50-year-old gay bar The Stud faces closure as rent triples

Five myths about the homeless problem in San Francisco

Lawsuit against Burma Superstar: “Think of the life of people who make your food”

Full coverage of the Frisco 5 hunger strike against police brutality

Full coverage of the stand off at Standing Rock 

Another fire destroys more low-cost housing in the Mission

Black Lives Matter, others pull out of SF Pride Parade

Mexico City: The fallacy of “cheap”

Why the Chron is SO wrong about an eviction

SF Latino, LGBT communities march in solidarity for Orlando

Open source tech meets indigenous Oaxaqueños

Who is moving into — and out of — SF?

Airbnb makes half its SF money with illegal listings

Palo Alto and the tech shop of horrors


  1. Btw the nonprofit’s name is San Francisco Progressive Media Center, not Company as the website says. You can also search by EIN: 463355789.

  2. When you say that you are “the only daily independent progressive news source in the Bay Area” what do you mean by that, particularly the “daily” part?

    To me a concept like “daily” only makes sense if you are printing a paper version. In that sense the Bay Guardian was weekly and the Chronicle and the Examiner are daily. Otherwise you are only “daily” in the sense that the site is available every day, like any website. From what I have seen you add stories when you have them rather than every single day.

    There are other local sites and sources that have a left-wing angle. “Beyond Chron” is the obvious one (but doesn’t allow comments). “Fog City Journal” is another but seems to have gone quiet of late. And SFist, although derivative, takes a relentlessly liberal line.

    Yours is the best overall, without a doubt. But it’s not the only one.

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