Have you read these? Our top stories of 2018

Two elections, two mayors, tragic fires, #metoo reckonings, big wins, hard losses, and more marked a tumultuous year

It’s been a wild rollercoaster of a year, which from some vantage points seems like several very, very long years. Two elections, a contentious mayoral race, tragic fires, protests against a corrupt and unjust administration, continued #metoo accountings, and much more made on-the-ground reporting more essential than ever.

Prop C won big in the November election, showing that taxes on multi-million dollar corporations to help the homeless can draw broad support.

Thank our readers’ support, we kept the flame of local journalism alive in these times of relentless corporate media spin. Here were our top stories of 2018—please become a 48 Hills member or donate to support our mission to keep the independent, alternative, no-bullshit spirit of the Bay Area alive. Below is a list of some of our most read and shared stories of the year. 

After the Camp Fire, which destroyed an entire community, let’s not bail out PG&E again

 Planning Commission rejects condo application after 100-year-old was evicted

Farrell as mayor: How did this happen?

Tenants living in squalid conditions in building owned by SF’s largest landlord

The big right wing money in key East Bay Assembly race

Chronicle reporting on Kim backfires

SF planner blast Wiener housing bill that would up zone entire city 

Power, patriarchy, and the imperfect guru

A peek at pre-Internet SF

Tech and real estate money pours into SF mayor’s race

Breed, Wiener endorse transphobic School Board candidate

What’s going on with the Armory?

The mayor’s cruel lie about homelessness

A bad week for the YIMBY narrative

Prop C will define progressive politics in SF

RIP Tamale Lady, savior of a tipsy generation