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Friday, October 22, 2021

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Arts + CultureMusicParty Radar: All together now

Party Radar: All together now

Hotline bonanza connects the indie dance scene. Plus: Burger Boogaloo, Tiger & Woods, Kassem Mosse, Tycho, Todd Terje, more.

PARTY RADAR Besides the Bay Area’s storied legacy of house, techno, soul, and garage rock parties stands a younger, yet just as vibrant, one of indie dance — its contemporary history dating back, oh, most likely to the launch of one of our longest-running parties, the 22-year-old Popscene.

The scene’s taken some wild turns, from notoriously decadent (Blow Up in the 2000s) to perfectly chill (monthly Britpop delight Club Leisure, this Saturday featuring Britain’s miniskirted Blow Up party). Echoing the post-disco, New Wave 80s — when clubs played deliriously poppy songs that were just edgy enough to not make mainstream radio — the indie dance scene carries over the colorful, angular aesthetic of that era (including some peacocking British hairstyles), but, strangely, turns its back on the introspective, acid irony of many of its anthems’ lyrics toward a full-throated nostalgia for dancefloor bliss.

So it’s a big, bright deal when representatives of 10 of our biggest indie dance parties — Popscene, Club Leisure, Fringe, The Queen is Dead, Harder Better Faster Stronger, Last Nite, Club Gossip, Boy Division, Turbo Drive, and Indie Cent — come together for a huge quarterly blowout called Hotline (Fri/30, 9pm-3am, $10-$15. DNA Lounge, SF. Tickets and more info here). 

The first installment, back in March, more than fulfilled the dreams of anyone wishing to wig out to Grimes and Morrissey back-to-back. But the ongoing impetus of the party is a deep, community-minded mission to help save a classic part of SF nightlife. 

“The idea for Hotline has been years in the making, but was really kicked into action when news that one of San Francisco’s most beloved alternative dance clubs, DNA Lounge, might be in jeopardy of closing,” DJ Blondie K, aka Kristin Graff, of the lovely Fringe party at Madrone Art Bar told me.

“There is a cult-like following for the small, neighborhood indie dance parties, and as fans of the music, DJs in this space are often supporting each other’s events. I think we were all curious if we could join forces, combine our individual communities, and give them a large-scale night club experience celebrating the music we all love,” Blondie K continued. “At the same time, we wanted to bring some attention and financial support to DNA Lounge.

“The first event was nothing less then magical, and now we are working to make it sustainable. Bringing in Popscene, the longest-running indie dance party, this time around definitely completes the circle and we couldn’t be more excited for round two!”

And yes, there’s even an actual hotline (I’m having rave flashbacks): 1-877-8HOTLINE.

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TYCHO + TODD TERJE Norwegian space disco prince Terje returns to blast us off with his live act The Olsens, while local hero Tycho overwhelms with his sunset-sunrise sonic soundscapes. Fri/30, 7:30pm, $55. Greek Theatre, Berkeley. Tickets and more info here. 

KASSEM MOSSE One of the most respected producers of heady, immersive techno (with a surprisingly light touch) comes to the As You Like It party to play live, with Mor Elian and Experimental Housewife. Fri/30, 9:30pm-4am, $15. Monarch, SF. Tickets and more info here.  

STEREO ARGENTO “BLOOD! GUTS! A BLACK GLOVE! A BLADE IN THE DARK!” This is what you get when you mix ambitious drag with classic horror flicks like Suspiria, Videodrome, Santa Sangre, and more. Plus dancing! Must be seen to be believed, wear something stain-proof. Fri/30, 10pm-4am, $5-$10. The Stud, SF. More info here

KEV CHOICE One of our great activist musicians, deeply rooted in the nightlife community, comes to SF Jazz for “a new musical excursion into hip-hop, jazz, classical, soul, R&B, trap, and beyond.” Fri/30, 8pm, $20-$25. SFJAZZ. Tickets and more info here

’60S PROM NIGHT A very cool throwback night featuring the music of Ladies of Motown (including a live Supremes tribute act) — dress up and throwdown, proceeds donated to Black Lives Matter. Fri/30, 9pm, $5-$10. Brick and Mortar, SF. More info here

SEXITUDE What started out s a parody ’80s dance troupe — rainbow leg-warmers and all — is now a full-on “shameless dance party,” with DJ Homebrew, Black Benatar hosting, and lots of spandex looks. Fri/30, 10pm, $7. Oasis, SF. Tickets and more info here.    



BURGER BOOGALOO The annual two-day rock megafest takes over Oakland’s Mosswood Park: hosted by John Waters (yay!) and featuring Iggy Pop, Redd Kross, Nobunny, Personal and the Pizzas, and so many more. Fri/30 and Sat/1, noon, $69-$129. MossWood Park, Oakland. Tickets and more info here

MASSIMILIANO PAGLIARO Skinny Milano-via-Berlin comes to the Lights Down Low party to bring some disco-house sparkle to the usually bananas proceedings. With Trevor Shane and Richie Panic. Sat/1, 10pm-late, $12 advance. Monarch, SF. Tickets and more info here

NONSTOP BHANGRA The wonderful monthly bhangra party hosts its annual “Crash an Indian Wedding Party” party, including dancing through the streets of SF! Sat/1, 9pm, $15. Public Works, SF. Tickets and more info here

GENE FARRIS Chicago house legend has grown and adapted to the underground’s various sound’s throughout his storied career, but he’s still the one to get the floor jacking. Sat/1, 9:30pm, $10. Audio, SF. Tickets and more info here

POWER BLOUSE Each month, drag goddesses Juanita More and Glamamore transform a drag newbie, live onstage, into the creature of her fantasies — and then makes her lip-sync a really complicated song! It’s a hoot. With DJ Rolo. Sat/1, 10pm, $5. Powerhouse, SF. More info here.    

GO BANG! One of the city’s loveliest, most welcoming parties — a monthly, fairy-dusted piece of disco heaven in SoMa — also hosts some pretty excellent DJs, this time around featuring Jimmy DePre and celebrating DJ Stave Fabus’ birthday. Sat/1, 9pm-late, $7-$10. The Stud, SF. More info here. 



TIGER & WOODS A once-mysterious duo that helped jump-start the disco edit scene of the early 2010s with burbling, joyous reworks of ’80s British soul-funk gems are back for an “open air” appearance outside at the Midway. The party’s a collaboration between As You Like It and Polyglamorous, so there should be a great mixed crowd. Sun/2, 2pm-9pm, $15 advance. Midday, SF. Tickets and more info here.  

SWAGGER LIKE US It’s the fifth anniversary (already!) of this most-excellent queer hip-hop party that’s currently ruling the musical zeitgeist. And hey, it’s on a patio! With special guest TT the Artist who is incredible. Sat/1, 2pm-8pm, $10. El Rio, SF. More info here.

AFTERNOON DELIGHT The cutest monthly Sunday afternoon patio dance party in Oakland welcomes Steve Fabus, No-Fi, and Suppository Spelling. Dance! Sun/2, 3pm-8pm, $10. New Parish, Oakland. More info here

HOODSLAM Crazy-fun amateur wrestling! Poor karaoke! Day drinking galore. PLUS live music by all female Oingo Boingo cover band OINGA BOINGA? Sign me up, slam me down. Sun/2, 2pm-6pm, $20. DNA Lounge, SF. Tickets and more info here.   

[Sponsored] Need a car to get there? Rent one in your neighborhood on Getaround. Sign up today, and enjoy $50 off your first trip: http://get.co/48h.  


Marke B.
Marke Bieschke is the publisher and arts and culture editor of 48 Hills. He co-owns the Stud bar in SoMa. Reach him at marke (at) 48hills.org, follow @supermarke on Twitter.
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